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  1. Hi, Jim. Thanks for your reply. Very appreciated, especially for a newbie like me. Here are my specs, and links for the product if you need to look at them for whatever reason. I have a MSI Intel H81 LGA 1150 DDR3 USB 3.1 Micro ATX Motherboard (H81M-P33) My CPU is Intel G3258 4 Pentium 3.20 GHz 3M Cache 2 Core Processor (BX80646G3258)(OC'd TO 4.2 GHz!!!) I have Kingston 8GB of DDR3 RAM, 1600mhz(I notice that it gets downclocked to about 1300 mhz on my motherboard)(Forgot the link) My GPU is a MSI GTX1060 Windows 10 OS, 64bit. The g3258 4GHz is a sweet deal for fsx, and for it's price. With unlimited fps and with ftx global and vector and high settings I get min. 22 FPS, AVG. 57 FPS and max 72 FPS. Set the framerate limit to 25. UNPARALLELED SMOOTHNESS! PS> When I said that my specs are low I jsut wanted to get the most performance option, but never mind!
  2. It's that my specs are low, so I need the abssolute performance settings. The only thing is aa should be x4
  3. Best dx10 fixer settings for performance? please, thanks!
  4. 6.5000000(or some other zeroes). Everything is set to high
  5. Is there an alternative of nvidia inspector for intel graphics? I don;t have a real gpu yet...
  6. Thanks! My specs are Intel Pentium G32558 3.2ghz oc's to 4.2 ghz and 8G of ddr3 mem. Dont have a gpu except the intel graphics 4600...
  7. So I was flying from Moscow to Germany, Frankfurt, and when I was over the polish territory, when I looked at the ground, I saw absolutely no trees, and everything was just a freaking palette of brown and white. When I was landing, only the scenery was visible. Everything else was blur. And by scenery I mean the airport Mega Frankfurt.
  8. This is sad news... Unfortunately, there is no re spawn button in real life. Rest In Peace. :(
  9. Hey guys, so, I bought steve's dx10 fixer ))))) So, which settings would you guys reccommend for performance? I would like to use 2x aa. PS, why in the WORLD does my fsx have jagged edges EVERYWHERE? My res is set to max, but something is still wrong... The trikes ropes are barely visible!
  10. Alright, so when I got my Chrome Book, I thought it had amazing performance, but when I looked at my specs, the processor was a celeron, and clocked at 1.40 GHZ! WHAT? And the ram was 2GB! WHAT????????? It performed very good! How is this possible?
  11. Heh, i might even overclock it al lteh way up to 4.5 ghz if i am lucky!
  12. Hi guys, I have just found out the best CPU, and a cheap motherboard: CPU: Amazon.com: Intel G3258 4 Pentium 3.20 GHz 3M Cache 2 Core Processor (BX80646G3258): Computers & Accessories and I can overclock it to 4.2 Ghz, as everyone says it's easy, and FSX will LOVE that! And the motherboard I want is: Amazon.com: MSI Intel H81 LGA 1150 DDR3 USB 3.1 Micro ATX Motherboard (H81M-P33): Computers & Accessories. Isn't it so CHEAP? Thanks guys sooooo much for your effort, and that solves my problem! :smile: :wink:
  13. then which cheap motherboard is compatible with any of those processors I listed above?
  14. alright, what cpu that will fit, and is good for fsx can you suggest that is compatible with this motherboard? (I am so sad, since the good cpu's don't fit, and the motherboards are costly)
  15. alright, which is the cheapest motherboard that is compatible with one of them, and which one.
  16. Hi! So I want to get this CPU: i3-550 (dual core / four threads, 32nm cpu) I have a mother board socket 939 and LPCIO ITE IT8732 If not, can I get the, X5460 (four cores / four threads, 45nm cpu) if not, X5650 - (six cores / twelve threads, 32nm cpu) IF NOT, E5640 - (four cores / eight threads, 32nm cpu) if not, i am trhowing in the towel, with: E5-2670 - (eight cores / sixteen threads) please help... I have 8gb of ddr3 ram, 1600mhz.
  17. Hi, so first, I am not sure i am in the right category, but, still. So, you recorded a video in fsx, and want it to be as "real as it gets". But you can't edit it. You don't know how, you don't know anything, like effects, windows etc.. Well, FOR FREE! I will make your video realistic! I know how to properly edit, so send me a video you want me to edit for you, and I will try to make it as quick as possible:) Email: airborisa380@gmail.com Again, this is freee! If I advertise, forgive me pls!
  18. then which card can fit except for intel graphics, without me buying another mother board?
  19. Hey, dude, I have ironically bought sony vegas 2 days ago! Thanks HighBypass!
  20. Hi! I have fsx se, and I NEEEED! DESPERATE of the 2.17 version of fsrecorder. My computer isn't fast, but I want to make as real as it gets videos... But since I can only use 1.331 (I think) In SE, IT doesn't have a render feature! I need those crucial frames! Please, can I have an alternative? NOT A SCREEN RECORDER THOUGH! But a flight sim recorder, that can render, or at least a software that can put those missing frames in there(No, I will not use Razer Cortex, so don't mention it please). On another note, sorry for using caps. I am just so sad and my emotions are sometimes out of control... Forgive me Jim, and other staff/mods of Avsim!
  21. naw, i just want to know if it fits... but i have an intel xeon e5 2670 turboed to 3.3 ghz
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