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  1. Reinstalled MSI Afterburner software and the precipitous drop in fps re-appeared. It appears as though the RSS server software which is part of that application may be the one to blame. There may be some sort of 'conflict' with this software and XP12 that's causing a huge drop in FPS. Has anyone else seen this occur?
  2. Just thought I'd pass this on in case....recently purchased a Gigabyte 4090 to replace my aging 2080Ti. In XP 12 I was getting about 15-25 FPS depending on graphics settings and scenery location. Yesterday I installed the latest Nvidia driver 531.68 from the 'Experience' app. Opening XP, I immediately started getting only 5-10 FPS (yikes). Uninstalled the driver as well as 'Experience' and installed 528.49 driver only - now XP is running at around 45 FPS at 4K triple monitor 🙂
  3. Initially I had the same issue. Solved, when I downloaded the 'eCommerce Installer' from the RXP web page. Ran the installer and selected the XP12 folder. Works.
  4. I was experiencing the same issue in P3D v.4.5; finally found the issue - seems as though P3D saves some sort of flight file automatically. I had turned on 'auto-save' in FSUIPC thinking that app would automatically save changes to any settings made in FSUIPC automatically. Turns out - P3D was auto-saving the 'flight file' which was causing the annoying stutter. So, the stutter I was experiencing within my hardware setup at least, has been solved!
  5. Thanks for this; it appears to have worked well
  6. I still have the PCJr. If I only had the video cable I could hook up the original monitor and some 5 1/4s I could be off and 'flying'.
  7. Dominique, You make some excellent points. I did enjoy brief pattern work at KHYA in the MSFS / Carenado Seminole the other day and the scenery was very good. The aircraft developers you mention are excellent. However, IMHO if you have excellent aircraft in a simulator that is 'very rough around the edges' to put it nicely, it's kinda like driving a Ferrari on a rocky beach in Maine - not much fun. Oh, BTW, we're practically tied - I've had a flight sim since 1983 on a PC Jr. with 5 1/4 disks (remember those?) Charlie
  8. The RXP software is a fantastic piece of work! Does that take the support from 'warm' to 'hot'? Hehe The software allowing integration to the RealSimGear GTN 750 brings both platforms to another level. Very good points regarding XP and P3D.
  9. I have been a flight simmer for well over 25 years, starting with the original MSFS, ATP, P3D v.4, and X Plane since v. 5. I believe that MSFS has a very long way to go for a number of reasons: no integration with RXP Garmin devices, e.g. GTN 530 or GTN 750 - sure, you can go out and get the other package, but why leave RXP out in the cold? Poor controller setup - I had to spend WAY too much time trying to set up my yoke and other equipment - fortunately, there are folks out there who post videos on how to tweak the settings. The developers should have programmed the setup similar to what it is in XP11 so that the button assignment would visually trigger the appropriate key on the controller itself for a true confirmation. Of all the devices, I believe the radio is one of the most used. I can't stand using a mouse or keyboard. Fortunately once again, 3rd party developer(s) wrote a driver so that my avionics panel could easily 'tune and switch'. But I have to start two other add-ons. And I still can't use my GTN 750 touch screen (see first bullet). Lack of triple monitor support - sure it may eventually be supported - 2023? Stretching a 'windowed' version to a modest size works somewhat. I'm in no rush to embrace the MS 'game'. A2A, PMDG, Air Foil Labs and Majestic (Dash 8) have done a marvelous job of writing code for their aircraft in the other simulators. Perhaps by 2024 MS and Asobo will reach the other major sims in their current iteration.
  10. I too have the Real Sim Gear GTN 750 and the AP - so far I believe all modes seem to work great in the 34; IMO an under rated aircraft (P3D) I highly recommend the arezone sound package Has anyone tried to increase the instrument lighting - during the daytime, many of the instruments are hard to read
  11. Frank Thanks for the info; I am aware that GPS is based on coordinates and not radio beacons. The airport in question CQX only has an ADF beacon, and as I understand it, they were required to hold a public info meeting to add GPS (although there is an RNAV for runway 24) which would necessitate the removal of a number of trees and require easements from some homeowners around the airport. Of course, the public thought that instead the runway was going to be lengthened (not), etc. etc. thereby permitting larger/more aircraft into this small airport. Here is a recent article for your perusal from a local newspaper https://capecodchronicle.com/en/5439/chatham/4980/Airport-Meeting-Moved-Amid-Controversy-Over-Master-Plan.htm
  12. thanks for the info; yes, I know ADFs are old and outdated. I do have an AP3000 that I do use to quickly tune an ADF if needed. The particular airport I use a number of times, only has an ADF transmitter which is also why the FAA is asking the real airport to upgrade to GPS.
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