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  1. Hello, I want to uninstall Rivatunner RTSS but I get a warning that the server is currently activ and process is aborted. Any advise please?
  2. That’s also good solution but so far, using Dave’s suggestions, so far so good. i give a few days and see how’s going with controllers. George
  3. Dave, thank you so much, I will follow your advise and report back ASAP geo
  4. Hello, someone please for help and advise how to fix a problem with the Sim. 1. Have my own profile in settings and most of the times the profile settings change with no reason to Default. 2. control settings have already exported both a) control settings and b) axis controls. many times the axis get lost with no reason. have axis alignment for a) Rudder Petals b) control yoke c) Throttle Quadrant Can someone please, if there is a possibility to resolve those issues, to help me? Thank you, Geo
  5. Hello, please if someone can advise me according my Nvidia Graphics card. My specs are, i7 6700k, 4,5 Ghz, 32 GB Ram, 1080ti. If I want to upgrade soon to RTX3080ti should it be worth for the upcoming MSFS2020? thank you
  6. Haven’t purchased it yet and I’m wondering if the usual p3d textures popping up in the distance is still happening in v5. Also the most important while all add ons and sceneries are installed, how is going to react. Still in previous versions happening night lighting and textures popping up everywhere. My Prepar3D.cfg is already edited as per Rob but still happening. thank you
  7. Hi, purchased UUWW Vnukovo. The jetways Does not work due to aircraft incorrect position. Any suggestions please? Also while panning in external view I have some light flashing, and ground markings. thank you Georg
  8. Hi, because my so little knowledge, as I understood this should not be live and it’s like the sceneries we purchased for example in p3d?
  9. In my area south coast a marina is under construction in google maps is exactly as it is today. In bing maps not even exist while started construction two years ago
  10. Very big difference between Google and Bing maps. I noticed in updated google maps looks so real...
  11. Anyone knows if the Bing Maps should have any update because as I noticed, it’s more than 7 years since been updated? Google Maps are already updated at list less than a year old.
  12. From today Yes, as I described before, I finally have access. Last Friday, was then while I couldn’t get access
  13. Clear cache and history, go to their www.microsoftflightsimulator.com and choose forum. Follow the login procedure and most probably you will succeed. i now have access since last Friday :)
  14. Hello, mine is been fixed for unknown reason.as Alpha insider I have access now to the forum. Bingo. i can tell that, I’ve cleared in my iPad, history and cache, I went into www.microsoftflightsimulator.com web side without to login and chosed forum, then asked to follow the procedure to login. That was....voila
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