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  1. georgiosgiannoukos

    P3D4.2 Terrain

    Hi, I explain as much as I can. What is not realistic for me is that, I use Ezdok camera, and when I switch from VC view to external wing view, I see the ecenery textures to reload, or if I fly near the airport, the textures first are black and reload instantly. Here is i7-6700k 4.2 Ghz GTX 1080ti 32 GB, 512Gb Samsung 960 pro M.2 SSD Have no idea if that is normal which I believe is not, or has to do with my settings. have no problem with FPS,while in very dense scenery I get minimum of 28-30 Geo
  2. georgiosgiannoukos

    P3D4.2 Terrain

    Hello, if someone can explain me please according Terrain settings and Scenery aobjects in p3d 4.2 and if the non correct settings influence the loading of scenery textures in the sim even with the GTX1080ti, i7 6700k 4.2ghz. Level of detail radius Max Tessellation. Ultra Mesh resolution 5m Texture Resolution 15cm Scen complexity Very Dense Autogen........ High Autogen Vegetation Very Dense Autogen Building Density Very Dense Please Advise I will well appreciate. Geo
  3. georgiosgiannoukos

    [RESOLVED] Incorrect encoding P3D4.2

    Hi, and thank you so much for your express reply. Want you to know that the issue is been resolved. Thank you!!!!!!!
  4. georgiosgiannoukos

    [RESOLVED] Incorrect encoding P3D4.2

    Hi, please need advise, while everything is with correct encoding, I get a warning that, the following files have an incorrect encoding in Addon Organizer for P3D 4.2. C:\ProgramData\Locked Martin\Prepar3DV4\scenery.cfg How shall I correct for correct encoding? Please Help Geo
  5. georgiosgiannoukos

    SSD exclusively for P3d 4.2

    Thank you so much friends, now I understand. One more question, why while using Ezdok and changing the view from VC to external I see the textures to reload? Or while taking off and look back I see the Airport scenery to reload? Any solution?
  6. georgiosgiannoukos

    SSD exclusively for P3d 4.2

    For OS win 10 64bit is separate SSD 256 GB The New Samsung 960 M.2 512 GB is exclusively for the P3D 4.2 and it’s high number of sceneries.No other games or programs running on this PC. Thought while faster 6x the previous Samsung 850, should help in faster graphics loading. Thank you any way George
  7. Hello. Now I have my p3d in a Samsung 850 Pro SSD 256 GB read 520 GB/s and write 500 GB/s and it’s almost ful. i7 6700k 4,2 GHZ 32GB Ram GTX 1080ti I ordered the Samsung 960 Pro M.2 with read 3500 MB/s and write 3200 MB/s Is that new SSD worth for Better loading both p3d and graphics for the sim? Please Advise, thanks George
  8. georgiosgiannoukos

    Prepar3D 4.2 Textures

    Hi, any support please, why while I change any external view the textures reloading? Either the aircraft wing or the scenery textures? My graphics card is nvidia gtx 1080ti. Any support please? Georgios
  9. Today I installed the Al Lights and all Al Arcraft are without nav lights. before the installation never had a problem Aplease Advise Georgios
  10. georgiosgiannoukos

    PMDG737-800 Cabin PA Announcements

    Ha ha ha is it Successful for you?
  11. georgiosgiannoukos

    PMDG737-800 Cabin PA Announcements

    Hi, if someone can help me please, is there any add on or freeware for more realistic Cabin or cockpit PA Announcements for PMDG 737? please advise thank you
  12. georgiosgiannoukos


    Hi, anyone knows if there is any Cabin PA announcements files for the PMDG B737-800 NGX? THANK YOU
  13. georgiosgiannoukos

    P3D 4.2

    Rafal thank you so much, thank YOU
  14. georgiosgiannoukos

    P3D 4.2

    Hi, if someone please to help me after I updated the P3D to 4.2 my DL in Athens and Copenhagen Airports face upwards and I can not get an answer for this problem. Please if someone can advise me? thank you
  15. georgiosgiannoukos

    P3D 4.2

    Thank you guys for your advises I appreciate very much. I learn that there is no need for over clock my GPU GTX 1080 Ti Thank you