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  1. Hello friend, thank you so much for your helpful help advise. I installed the previous version of drivers as it needs and now P3D5 is working as it should. one question, shall we wait for new fix for the latest drivers to install?
  2. Hi, unfortunately I always make a custom installation , removing the old and do I clean installation
  3. Simbol, yes I did update to the latest version. What can I do? Please advise
  4. Hello, I will appreciate your help according an issue with P3D5 Since I updated FSLabs A319,320 and A321 I get this issue. I Load the simulator but as soon as the welcome window loads it disappears and the sim shuts down. Any solution please Thank you
  5. New version of Gaming Services was released. Run the MS Store app in Win 10 and check for updates.
  6. New version of Gaming Services was released. Run the MS Store app in Win 10 and check for updates.
  7. Hello, need some advise please. After every update since release of the Flight Simulator settings and control bindings was fine without any issues. After the latest world update also everything, settings and control bindings was untouched, was fine. Today while I run the sim came an update and all my settings and controls need to reconfigure from the begging. What’s happening, have no idea. Any advise please? thank you
  8. Hi Stan, using 4SSAA still flickering, have no clue.
  9. I7 6700K 4,5Ghz GTX1080ti 32GB Ram, 4K monitor
  10. Hello, I will need some advise according flickering on some objects and also on taxiway yellow markings, witch is very annoying and unrealistic. Any advise please for a solution? Appreciate your help. Thank you, George
  11. Hello, please I need your help according True Sky P3D5 and the ASP3D. I have no idea how and if needs to deactivate one or the other to have the weather function in p3D5.1. I noticed some black spots on the sky and I have no idea if I’m doing right. I have the newest (yesterday released) version of Actine sky for P3D5 but the important is the settings in P3D. Please advise thank you
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