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  1. Absolutely. That's actually how they sold it before release : physic should define how the plane flies, not numbers in a config file. I remember the creator of X-Plane saying that their plane editor was a red flag if it promised you could tweak the values to make it realistic. And I thought he was just jealous, but he was so right...
  2. I don't have to prove my points, you can find extensive documentation about the lack of load factor realism. Just try some steep turns. About thermals, why don't you fly near thunderstorm cells - or even inside cumulonimbus clouds lol.... and check for yourself. I havent flown in MSFS for a long time now so maybe they did fix the broken weather model and the thermals. Maybe they added real stalls? I only remember the team saying in various Q&A that they had to "tweak" realism because some people were complaining that it was too complicated. Now about me, I'm not trying anything, look at my history I am not here to bash MSFS. I told you, as soon as I got MSFS I was so thrilled I uninstalled absolutely everything else. I spent hours flying in MSFS and having a lot of fun but I progressively grew bored and disappointed. The eye candy effect that almost made me cry of joy at the beginning wasn't enough and I didn't find it challenging and fun anymore. It was just completely ridiculous on so many levels and I kept thinking "well that's because it's new, it's still kind of a beta, let's wait for A2A to release something and let's hope the promised flight model will get out in a big revamp". After years of constant flight simming I stopped launching MSFS because of how boring and frustrating it was getting. I didn't have time to reinstall P3D and re-create my perfect setup so I made a very long break. I have now installed XP11 a few months ago and finding some fun and challenge again. Basically, MSFS put an end to 6 years of flight simulator passion for me. Maybe it will get better but I don't trust their interest in aviation anymore. To each their own. MSFS is revolutionary in many ways, I only believe their team wants to satisfy a very large audience because that's where the money is. Maybe (I'm almost certain, actually) third parties will progressively find their way to make it the ultimate flight sim. Currently it's just a big joke.
  3. Without proper load factor simulation, nor proper stalling, nor weather simulation whatsoever (no thermals, no turbulences, unrealistic winds simulation, and so on...), I consider MSFS flight dynamics worse than P3D. As soon as you get out of the enveloppe in MSFS, you can fly almost as if you were playing in GTA. In MSFS anyone can unrealistically STOL land a XCub in ridiculous crosswinds and terrains after a few hours of "training" and it's the same with all the planes. Planes look on rail, a bit like in FSX/P3D and most of the movements are fake to give an impression of realism. Of course you have to tweak and install way too many plugins and quality airplanes in P3D to achieve an acceptable simulation level, but it's not possible yet in MSFS. Maybe when A2A finally release their first product for MSFS we will finally see something worth it (for me). For now, I have switched to XP because I unfortunately uninstalled my perfect P3D setup as soon as I got MSFS and getting everything back would take days of tweaking. MSFS looked so amazing in the first few hours...
  4. Cloud turbulence is nonexistent. Only turbulence I ever experienced are from terrain. Can’t wait for a fix or for a real weather addon because it kills immersion.
  5. This is probably the case yes. What mislead me was that the report was shown as « 5 minutes old. » It isn’t impossible that there are some technical issues behind this kind of lag.
  6. I think that you missed the point I wasn’t talking about MSFS but about Meteoblue. A 7 minutes old METAR from an international airport stating there are strong winds in the middle of a global warning for strong winds is hardly inaccurate. Meteoblue showing calm winds with a weather updated at the same time as the METAR, that’s unexpected inaccuracy. I’m not talking about forecasts here.
  7. Absolutely. I don’t trust forecast models. They are just helping in decision making. I was only pointing out that Windy was showing the obvious: strong winds. When there is a strong winds national alert a day before and all sorts of warnings about strong winds everywhere I was worried/surprised when I saw that Meteoblue was completely out of the loop.
  8. I’m sorry but giving me this intention is just so stupid. This is Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 forum and the sim uses Meteoblue data for its live weather. I’ve watched the promo video where they explain how they model the entire world weather accurately and it’s just awesome to watch. Now I remember that in the video they were saying they also used world METARs in their model and I was just pointing to the fact that LDDU airport had strong winds and Meteoblue was the only weather app out of 4 others I use that was showing calm winds. I thought this was problematic enough to address the issue. Edit: the weather was also updated at the same time as LDDU METAR when it showed 8kts winds instead of more than 20.
  9. Wasn’t planning to fly tonight, just checking METAR if that’s ok with you.
  10. Indeed now it does. Weather data was shown as updated at the same time as the METAR but it wasn’t accurate. Also if I look at the wind map it’s still not accurate...
  11. Just checking the iOS app and comparing datas: Most recent METAR at LDDU : LDDU 171900Z 04020KT 340V080 CAVOK 29/12 Q1011 TEMPO 03020G30KT So it says winds at 20kts gusting at 30kts. Now I launch my iOS Meteoblue app and it says winds at 24km/h. So the real winds are double to triple what Meteoblue shows. Windy that also uses forecast models shows winds at 18kts with gusts at 24kts so Windy is accurate. There is also an official alert by the Croatian weather forecasters for high winds. It’s even available in the iOS Weather app through weather.com Based on this, Meteoblue is proving to be absolutely inaccurate.
  12. Hello, I am used to fly multiplayer with a friend and, as we want to practice ATC together and both to buy Pilot2ATC, we are a bit frustrated because we can't here what the ATC says to each other. So our flights are usually punctuated by me or my friend asking "Did they answer? What did they say?" Of course there are always our readbacks but as we are noobs we sometimes take a "long" time to answer, and anyway it breaks a bit the immersion. We usually use Discord to talk to each other. I was wondering if there would be an elegant way, or just a workaround to be able to also share Pilot2ATC sound?
  13. Hi, In my experience MSFS doesn't import .pln waypoints and I can't even see all of them on the map. But I have found that if you type the name of the waypoints in the world map search bar, they exist and you can add them manually! This way you'll get all of them in your avionics.
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