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  1. On my Cheseplane in the "community" menu is not active use FSX SP2 João Peralta
  2. Thanks for the prompt reply, but thankfully problem solved Thanks
  3. I give example I'm in the scenario of EGKK (aerosoft), then I open the RC4 I choose the flight I give ok and the scenario disappears I already tried in the scenario of LPPR same as what will be happening, I use FSX João Peralta
  4. I have FSCREW for Airbus but the voice of the female co-pilot does not have it, why? João Peralta
  5. Thank you very much for your help and I'm sorry for my English. I use 737/777 Pmdg and Airbus Aerosoft, I have already done an LPPT-LEBL flight and everything is ok. Thank you so much
  6. Thanks for the help to the first part. My Name : João Luís Lemos Peralta Let's go to the second when (I already installed) Diagnostics this window appears :
  7. When I try to install the DX10 I will see the two attached messages First : You do not have an fx_2.bmp in your FSX Dir/effects/texture directory
  8. I need help I want to buy the LFPG scenario. At Aerosoft you have one of Sim wings SimMarket has TAXIGATE. My problem is with OOM I have the Orly scenery of Aerosoft and I can not make a flight (FSX BOX) from LPPT to Orly with all the scenarios turned off is a nightmare I already gave up the scenario. My fear is to buy the LFPG from TAXIGATE and if it will happen to me. Help me please
  9. Sorry I do not want to get into controversy ... but as I have used since the beginning of EZDok and I have been using Chase since its launch I can give my opinion. I really liked Ezdok but it was difficult to find a configuration to work everything ok. In Chase I found something very good, very good and easy configuration. Soon for me I prefer 100% Chase I think I will not go back to Ezdok but that is my humble opinion ok sorry.
  10. It's all again ok after the upg 2.32. Now okay, ufff
  11. I already had Ezdok but I changed to cheplane and until today I loved it .... Now when I click on SHIFT and I am in the image of the exterior passes the following images does not let enter commands like SHIFT + 1 I am even ready to give up Attention I already did what they said in this forum : "Try resetting the control assignments in Preferences > General > Configuration > Reset Control Assignments" And nothing all in the same as sadness.
  12. In order to be done upg automatic for 2.30. Chaseplane was completely disfigured the 3D cokpit disappeared when I go to the outside I try to return inside the cabin disappears the last image of the interior ... I'm really disappointed with this change it was very very bad, Aerosoft A320 / 310/321 Use (excuse my English) When my image disappeared from the inside the pilot's side wanted to import from the a320 to a319 to nothing complete disappointment Use FSX SP2
  13. joaoluis

    OOM ´777PMDG

    I already discovered it is even Zurich Airport (Aerosoft), in fact I have the same problem with Orly. I made a flight today from EHRD - LGAV and everything ok, without problems is even the Zurich Airport ... Thank you very much for your tips Joao Peralta
  14. joaoluis

    OOM ´777PMDG

    Thank you already read yes anyway so I do not understand my Windows 7 is 64bit I have in FSX.cfg the proposed values and still nothing. I'm very disappointed I bought and threw money away
  15. joaoluis

    OOM ´777PMDG

    I apologize for my English. I try to start a flight out of Zurich, Aerosoft. Because when I am entering the data in the FMC the MSG starts from lack of memory a sadness already I downloaded traffic to 30% and nothing. Use : FSX / Box AS2016 ORBX Global Rex4 (cloud textures) Chaseplane. I bought the 777PMDG for nothing Joao Peralta
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