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  1. Thank you very much, the GSX forum has now been sorted out 😊. As for changing the track numbering, I've had no response from MK Studios. John
  2. That's exactly what I did too, and it's still not showing up. It's a shame that the fact that it's FSX these companies forget, but not all of them. MK Studios, from what I've read on various forums, is like this, but I've never experienced it. 😪😪 Thank you John
  3. 🤧I use FSX with the LPPT mkstudios scenery and suddenly I've run out of Jetways. I've uninstalled and reinstalled everything the same. I've cleaned the XML files with the exception of LPPT and nothing. MKStudios doesn't even respond. As for the tracks, they're still numbered the way they were when I bought them from SimMarket and I can't see any updates either. Can someone give me a tip please? Joao
  4. Can anyone help me please, my SceneryConf editor worked fine, today when I open the page, it shows 258 error areas. I have gone to "Actions" and "Reset area" and nothing all the same a tip please thank you very much.😥 Joao
  5. Can anyone give a hint please, my SceneryConf editor worked fine today when opening it shows 258 error areas. I have already "Actions" and "Reset area" and nothing all the same a tip please thank you very much😥 Joao
  6. I have the Flytampa very heavy with 737Pmdg, it is still parked and the VAS is starting to give a signal, I am seriously thinking about changing to Aerosoft ( I use FSX SP2) João
  7. I have AS16 for FSX. Today 06/08/2021 msg appeared that is offline but I have internet ok (1Gb)...what could be never happened to me Joao Peralta
  8. We are already two, I have the same procedure, I already had some troubles so I ask for help and question, I have my FSX SP2 running beautifully with a considerable number of European scenery addons 70% installed (all cool) because here is the reason for the my fear. Thanks. Joao Peralta
  9. First of all thank you. My problem is whether it will interfere with my FSX and all Addons, because I have my FSX very fine-tuned. Joao Peralta
  10. Did anyone update WIN10 to Version 20H2? Did you have a problem with FSX SP2? Thanks Joao Peralta
  11. After updating through ORBX it was terrible, for example, community disappeared (FSX SP2 users) what they did everything was perfect now well a nervous breakdown😈 Joao
  12. How do I solve this problem according to the attached file João Peralta
  13. I have been on an email exchange with PMDG / suport and I arrive to the conclusion that they are not dealing with my problem I have already uninstalled everything and installed it again and nothing, the 777 and 737 is the same at the end of a flight time FSX simply blocks the image, leaving only the sound I have to turn off the FSX , I am really disappointed with PMDG after some good years😪😪 Joao
  14. The 777Pmdg the same happens 😪 João
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