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  1. Tony, If you are referring to BDO's WADD scenery I'm not sure about compatibility with V4 although there is a rendition from Aerosoft which is far superior and compatible with V4 which is currently available. As far as freeware, I feel I have tried just about every Aussie freeware product there is (unfortunately the site where alot of these files were hosted, OZX, is currently down and has been for some weeks now.) and to be honest there aren't many freeware airports remaining (for high and fast fliers) available which are fully compatible with V4. In saying that there are many that will still work and load (to a degree) from the FSX days, unfortunately it seems this is down to the users install and add ons as I have found that differing V4 installs have had varying difficulties in getting these to work properly, so worth investigation and trialing it on your end. I would definitely recommend any of Ant's offerings, especially YBNA, YBCG (orbx version recently released is far superior for obvious reasons) YBBN (same as previous) and I believe YBSU is one of Ant's offering's as well, you'll find that on the second link. If you install Ants complete package from his site you will find some hidden gems in there also. http://www.antsairplanes.com/scenery.html http://www.freewarescenery.com/fsx/australia.html
  2. Yeah just booted up a flight to have a look and compare and there is more shimmering in the difference for sure, but on my system at least it is a very very minuscule difference. As you said much less annoying than the windshield bug.
  3. Worth noting I'm running 8xSSGA and fiddled a little with anistropic filtering within Nvidia Inspector which may help mask those issues.
  4. None that I noticed, although this is only with 2-3 flights of testing and I wasn't keeping an eye out specifically. I have noticed the rain effect flickering when it first appears into view sometimes, although this was also present before changing to ClipMode=Minimum. Other than that nothing negative to report at all.
  5. Rob, There is a temporary workaround posted n the Fslabs forums for this issue. Believe if you go into the camera cfg and change any instance of ClipMode=None to ClipMode=Minimum it solves the issue, at least it has for me.
  6. I believe he is referring to the recently denounced FSW platform (which was 64 bit) rather than the "world" of flight sim.
  7. Just a heads up, the latest version (which I had installed prior to P3D v4.2) causes you to lose all cloud shadows.
  8. I found the fix, uninstall/delete URP and your shadows will return.
  9. I found the fix, uninstall/delete URP and your shadows will return.
  10. Ah okay, yep working fine for me once I rolled back to 4.1. Tried replacing some files from the shaders folder inside the p3d folder with some from 4.1 although that didn't seem to work, albeit a pretty rushed effort. I think the issue lies here somewhere, one of the files updated in 4.2 named shadowxx.xx has caused the issue, I just haven't narrowed it down yet. If you want to try fiddle around with replacing some of these, copy your shadow and shadow.fx files in that shaders folder from 4.1 and start replacing them in 4.2 one by one. I tried with all 5 or 6 of the files named shadow and it caused my shaders to not load, but you should be able to narrow it down if you try with individual files. If this happens to you just uninstall and reinstall the client and all your shaders will restore.
  11. Have this issue also, no fix found yet. I've gone back to 4.1 for now. Are you using an AMD card by any chance?
  12. Aware of that Warren, the issue is for people who have that checkbox selected yet still have no cloud shadows present....
  13. I also have this issue, have tried a full re-install and it persists. Any help would be appreciated.
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