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  1. Luis Felipe Pech Pacheco

    Strange lighting issue P3D v4

    issue continues in V4.2
  2. Luis Felipe Pech Pacheco

    P3D v4.2 GTX 750 Ti Settings

    i have a i7 3gn 3.4ghz and a gtx 750ti, so pretty much the same how yours or even less powerfull processor... i run p3d v4.2 with all settings in middle and i have good resault, some minor stutternes sometimes but nothing annoying, even in complex airports with AI traffic and complex aircraft, for example i can be in Flytampa rebooted KTPA with a 737 PMDG and ai traffic in 100% with an OVC and RA in WX and i still have arround 20-30 fps and i can go up to 60fps in other sceneries or cruise level, p3d is very well optimised LM did a great job about it, amaze me the fact that i can not run fsx but i can run p3d almost as smooth as fs9... i have ORBEX base,open LC, vector,hd trees, freemesh for all world, ai traffic, AS or p3d, ASCA, PMDG747, aerosoft CRJ7/9, envtext envshade, and many sceneries from flytapa and others... run freemap also at the same time....
  3. Luis Felipe Pech Pacheco

    menu selection problem after P3D v4.2 upgrade

    Had the same, and also Massive stuttering, i unistaled fsuipc and problem solved!
  4. Luis Felipe Pech Pacheco

    cloud shadows gone after update to p3d v4.2

    hi all hope someone have the solution, after uptading p3d from v4.1 to v4.2 cloud shadows just vanished, i have checked all for cast and recieve shadows in the sim menu, i had delated shaders, didnt work, i repair client and content and didnt work also, i unistalled and installed clinet and content and no result, i have crated a new prepar3d.cfg and also no cloud shadows...if someone had and solved the same issue pleas let me know!! thanks for your help!!!
  5. Luis Felipe Pech Pacheco

    Cloud Shadows disappears while panning view

    stills happen even for P3D V4.1 looks like we will never get rid off that!
  6. Luis Felipe Pech Pacheco

    Wrong METAR

    i was having the same, metars loaded into the sim by asnext was not matching current metars, then i realized metars by AS had diferent past dates.... then i notice that the software had switched to historical wx... now each time i run AS wx engine i must activate live wx because it switches all the time for historical....
  7. Luis Felipe Pech Pacheco

    WX Advantage Radar for P3Dv4.1 available

    im sorry if this is not thew correct place to post it, but im just a newbie in this forums things, i´ve been having some problems with REX, i have REX essential+overdrive and use it for P3Dv4, no issues at all, i use the weathr engine without any issue all perfect... then i decidesd to spend my salary on several ORBX products, more specific: base pack, OLC, and vector, after installing all those ORBX products, REX weather engine stopped injecting weather into the sim, i notice that Orbex installed some weather themes i wonder if the prblem is related with that?... each time i load Rex weather enging it opens the sim himself (how normal)but he not load the weather into the sim anymore... i tryed find answers on the web but noting clear so far.. if anybody have had the same issue maybe can share his solution! thank you very much for your help!
  8. Luis Felipe Pech Pacheco


    Hi David Kings, first of all let my congratulate you for such nice scenery, dont listen to all those who have absolutely not idea what is take to develop or create sceneries for MFS or P3D, im kind of how you just an entusiastic who like to create sceneries or repaints based in an empiric method, i totaly support you, continue working and keep up the good job, ... as MMUN is my home airport i would like to see it up to date, if you could hand me a tutorial on how to add the missing gates at T3 and the brand new T4, i would try do it and be more than happy to share it with you and the community, (even it will take me some time, since im not so familiar with P3D, i used to create sceneryes for FS9)or if you could do the update, i would be the first to pay for it! Thanks a lot for MMUN! [REMOVED]