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  1. The V/S- Button wheel freeze the changing for up and down after few minutes when flying and change the flightlevel more often. On my eclipse-yoke is programming a button for Autopilot ON/OFF. When I press this button it freeze immediately. Gr Harald
  2. My short-cut for HUD on or off is lost. G1000 VS inputs for up ond down don´t work . Gr Harald
  3. I always have CTDs when flyilng around EDDF with all aircrafts. Hotfix is installed.
  4. I have the MS Store Version. After last update I can not start the game as Administrator.
  5. The same here. No cloud dynamics (morphing, size and color changing ) that I can see. Have experienct with time 16x, 32, but nothing. Always the same clouds.
  6. Hallo, works now in the new C310 redux the fuel flow correctly (when switch to the main or auxiliary tanks)? In the actueull 310 fuel flow is always from the auxiliary tanks and the upper gauge does not change the quantity of the fuel, when I switch to a other tank (reading manuall).
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