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  1. "Surf's up". There is always someone with a wee remark like that. Congratulations on being fairly high up, mate.
  2. I like to keep spoken and written English different. Having said that, I will sometimes use a "whom" when I speak just to enjoy the reaction!! 😁 Interesting post, my friend!
  3. As a self-effacing Glaswegian, I was being a wee bit tongue in cheek! 😜🙇‍♂️ I have been in Japan for over 25 years and passed a "3000 kanji" proficiency test about 12 years ago. The pass rate for native speakers (or "writers" is about 10%). People thought I was a weirdo! They weren't wrong. 🤣 I sometimes hear the number of 50,000 for kanji, and some of my older dictionaries might have something near that! In a parallel life, I would love to quit my job and live devote more time to learning them, however useless they may be! 😄 Nice to hear from another language fan! Have a nice weekend!
  4. Japanese is probably easier than Glaswegian!! 🤣
  5. scotcheggさん、宜しければいつでもその言語を私と一緒に使ってみてください。私の出身地はscotch的な場所ですよ!造船の町さ! (I have just invited Mr. scotchegg (whom I hope is also conversant in Glaswegian!) to blether with me in Japanese now and then 😄 ) What a beautiful topic this is indeed!
  6. None allowed on domestic Japanese flights. I still remember the Japanese guys I used to work with insisting on flying from London to Tokyo and back on JAL because it was the last airline to implement a total ban on international routes into Japan. I think that must have been around 1999.
  7. Oops. Still not great at this posting malarkey! Please ignore this post. Tried to do something else and ended up quoting myself!
  8. I am in complete agreement. I paid between 55 and 60 Euros for each of the boxed scenery as I live in Japan, and their support has pretty dire. Wing Creation just vanished and left their offerings at V2 or something. I look forward to the fresh input from other companies. I will stay with V4.5 for at least a few years (only switched to it from FSX in January) as I still am amazed at the cockpit shadows and the fact that my 4GB limit for VAS is now gone. With that and all of this new development on the horizon, I feel so happy I could start skipping and singing up and down the Alps like Heidi!!
  9. Their homepage only shows V4 compatibility (update v1.03 and v1.05) for the boxed version and SimMarket only mentions up to V4. V5 doesn't appear to be supported yet, mate. Pity with the DD Haneda announcement. I am rather keen on putting their version in instead. Will wait.
  10. I bought the DD Narita a few hours ago (bought it in 10 seconds without even looking at the features and pics) and just finished my first flight from it. I think it is an excellent piece of work and the latest charts match it as far as I can see. I must have used Narita in real life about 70 or 80 times at least in the last two decades. I have watched it change and grow, and it is great to have something that matches the airport today. The detail is really something. I look forward to the Haneda version with anticipation. Txxxxxbrain did a fairly passable job of Haneda, but their decision to refuse to offer the P3D upgrade for some of their other sceneries to loyal box owners who forked out exorbitant Japan prices before they made their SimMarket debut was bang out-of-order. As such, I look forward to binning it once the DD version comes out. DD Narita is an absolute belter of a scenery and I will be flying there a lot more now. P.S. I thought about waiting for the other one, but the support for the previous 6 or 7 DD sceneries I have made me take the plunge.
  11. That's the one, Father! I remember DELTA being called "Don't Ever Land There Again" after a mishap where the pilot landed on a taxiway!
  12. I remember a Belgian airline being described as Such A Bad Experience Never Again. Can't remember the name of the airline! 🤭 I will, however, miss the 747. Had some nice flights on AFR, BAW, KLM, JAL and ANA Queens to and from Japan over the years.
  13. I wear one any time I go out to work or buy necessities here. I don't like wearing them, but they will reduce the probability to some extent and it is simply a case of keeping your probability of infection as low as possible. Even if it is only a few percent. Living in Japan, wearing a mask is never anything out of the ordinary here, but on my trip to Ireland at the start of February I felt weird (and didn't bother wearing it) as nobody had one. Please look after yourself, Father. It is going to be a very different Triduum than we are used to for this year. Neil
  14. That is a fantastic piece of insight into the operation behind the scenes. I should pass it on to my Dad, as he often flies in them to EGJB. I remember the stick on the Flight1 version and was wondering if it appears on the Carenado one. Maybe not. I hope it won't be long before you are getting the number of aircraft ready for departure that you were before this pandemic. Thanks again for a very interesting addendum! Neil
  15. Few more tests and I realised that my thrust readings were only 79% or so. It appears that the thrust slider on my joystick is not reaching "max" (too much reliance on TOGA switches has kept this problem hidden until this aircraft). Even though the aircraft had exceeded the Vr speed, the low engine thrust was probably the reason why lift was not happening. Now, I am airborne even with a 90% load. Sorry for the cause being as embarrassing as it is and thanks for your help, FDEdev. Best regards, Neil
  16. That will be my next attempt. The A/P was definitely off. I will have another few trials (fingers crossed it is only one!) and see if I can effect some sort of change. Best regards, Neil
  17. Used a fair amount. I'm just using a simple Thrustmaster, but I had it all the way back without even the nose going up. Even with a climb (on the 6th try or something), the aircraft decided to pitch down and hard. Forward compartment was about 55% full but I have tried from 85% to 0% with that. I haven't seen much about trim problems on these forums, so it is obviously not that much of a problem for other users. At least not to the extent I am having. I'll have another wee try and report back. Thanks again, Neil
  18. The trim was in the upper "green" area of the indicator on the main panel. I think placing the cursor over that or something showed a "-2.9" figure. I will need to try again to see what it was. The first time I tried it was with the default setting and the result was rather ugly. Flaps are 15% and the Vr/V2 data has been checked. Even at 140, the plane wasn't going anywhere. The balance difficulty I refewrred to was the real airframe (I should have made that clearer) and I can see that there is only one section for PAX weight. I'll try again after the long haul now I am doing now is finished. Thanks for replying so quickly, Neil
  19. I was wondering if anyone could help me with how to trim the A72 500 Series that I bought yesterday. I am using P3D 4.5 and I am having major problems with getting it to leave the runway. I have tried from and empty to almost full payload. My first attempt was -2.9 trim and I have tried a variety of settings without luck. The aircraft either refuses to take off, or, after a few hundred feet, it enters a sharp descent and plunges into the ground. As a result, I have stopped trying on Vatsim! 😄 I have heard that the ATR 72 can be notoriously difficult when it comes to balance, but surely takeoff must be a bit easier than this. If someone could give me some pointers, I'd be very grateful. Many thanks, Neil
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