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  1. I'm not affiliated with the project, but I googled this for you 😉 https://opencollective.com/flybywire
  2. My guess is that there's more/lots of telemetry data transferred to Asobo for the Beta, and the spinning indicator shows that an upload is in progress.
  3. Deleted, because already two announcements 😉 in the forum
  4. I paid 12,99€ including a discount. Instant buy.
  5. Not sure if you're serious, but Bielefeld already is a photogrammetry city in MSFS 😉
  6. Well, that was one smooth process. Downloading now.
  7. @Martyn JF Congratulations on the release. I noticed the Nav frequencies display (also DME, I think) not using a monospaced font - will you be fixing this?
  8. I just tested this with my installation (I had no regions in the cache) and it did not recreate. FS shows the cache as zero size after restart.
  9. I can't find a DME readout in the non G100 Cessna 172. Is this a bug/to be expected? Or maybe I'm just blind/ don't know where to look? Help, please?
  10. My guess is that you did not turn the avionics on. It's the fifth button in the button row, next to the alternators.
  11. But they do at 200 km/h which is the unit of the gauge...
  12. The NDA is still in effect in the closed beta, as stated in the latest development update. Quote: CLOSED BETA TIMELINE As a Special Thanks to all of you in the Alpha Community for your feedback and dedication to help make Microsoft Flight Simulator awesome, we are giving you early access to the Closed Beta build today. A reminder that the NDA is still in place for the Closed Beta. Enjoy!
  13. Come on man, what is your problem. If you don't want to preorder, then don't. What is the point of getting all riled up about what others do?
  14. Alpha leak was also 'offline scenery', the trailer version quite surely not.
  15. Here's a youtube video of a night approach into Renton in a C172. Looks not that far off from the bilibili-video!
  16. Nice find, thank you. Boy, that looks great... 😄
  17. Good for you. Enjoy your fat pipe. 🙄 Works for me, though.
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