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  1. The HPG H160 is our team's best work yet and it will be the most advanced helicopter available for Microsoft Flight Simulator. To show off the HPG H160's Automatic Takeoff functionality we enlisted Tactical Pascale to deliver a tutorial for the communality. The HPG H160 will be available next Friday, October 27th exclusively via the HPG website. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0dJYy3uWVU
  2. Thanks! We're trying to bring the fun stuff 😎
  3. No involvement from us on anything shown in the trailer 😉 I think we'll see better hardware utilization in 2024 that will make the sim less demanding, this helps explain why an overhaul was needed for a new client vs an update to the current platform. DCS recently got a multithreading update and the performance is night and day difference. You wouldn't fracture the install base without good reason.
  4. If other developers are interested in having their aircraft supported that's something our teams could discuss.
  5. I would say so, you're likely to get a grin on your face when you're flying the lead plane and see the SuperTanker come in to drop on the smoke lane you've drawn from the King Air. Our mission system automatically syncs with the Garmin maps. In terms of Windows 10 and 11 support no concerns there.
  6. I would argue against the project being labeled as low-effort, it's a project we've been iterating on since October of last year. The argument around cost is always a fair one, but I have to point out that this project is much more than a livery and some FX effects. Dreamsofwings did a great job on his channel showing off the value included here.
  7. Thanks for sharing! We really think people will enjoy this one, our testers are all pretty happy and of course. Lots of potential of where we can take this depending on community engagement. I do want to note that our timing is an unfortunate coincidence, we've had this project tucked away for months as we were focused on our H145 and a few other unannounced projects.
  8. It's a shame FPS tanks so hard in bad weather as I think the sim really shines in beauty there.
  9. DA62 was an early favorite of mine, what a beautiful plane.
  10. I like to support other devs so I pretty much buy every aircraft that gets released with the exceptions being ... well you know. Of course I spend a lot of time in our H145, but I always come back to the following as well when I have time: MilViz's 310 IFE's F-35 FlightFX's HJet and VisionJet Asobo's 787 and G36 SimWorkStudios Kodiak P42 FreedomFox GotFriends Wilga Just a shortlist of some of my favorites, omission of an aircraft doesn't mean I don't like it. I didn't list any of the the other helicopters I fly since all those developers are friends and I don't want to stir up any drama for leaving anyone out 😄
  11. We are happy to announce that after 6 months in development and testing that we've updated our HPG H145 helicopter to 2.0! This update comes with many new features, refinements and bug fixes - but most importantly our H145 now takes advantage of the native helicopter flight model implemented by Asobo in Sim Update 11 while also maintaining our custom stability and autopilot features that are found in the real world H145. We recommend all users who are updating to 2.0, or trying the H145 for the first time read our online documentation. This is a very advanced helicopter and our development team has put together a lot of useful notes to help users get started. A small selection of what is included in this update is provided below: Native Asobo CFD Flight Model (realistic with the AFCS both OFF and ON) Native AFCS with realistic trim and parallel actuator simulation New control settings for a wide range of input hardware Updated aircraft sounds New full screen mission app Added Aerosoft North Sea Landmarks - HEMS Medevac Missions (requires third party Aerosoft North Sea Landmarks scenery) POI databases (hospitals, helipads, MSFS world update POIs) on NAVD/DMAP page and the mission app map Forward-Looking HTAWS aural and built-in HAT (height above terrain database) at the correct increments and colors FlightControlReplay partner integration - for flight recording and playback - watch for future growth with this integration DMAP/NAVD map background and foreground layer selection Mission System features for higher fidelity missions (briefings, object management) Hype Radio app to listen to internet radio stations nearby to your sim location Hype Live Map with POIs and other live H145 players Bugfixes and general improvements
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