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  1. I wasn't disagreeing with you, I was genuinely saying you're entitled to it since it's your money, no snark or sarcasm intended 🙂 In terms of bugs and quirks they're pretty transparent about what they're working on - I really like the aircraft even in the current state, but I'm always happy to see a developer who is still dedicated to making the product even better through updates. - Known Issue Doc https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RX5JybmoLq-3ky-DIcd3IVg20HtJRPEr1cZ5gIzzpns/edit?usp=sharing - Development Roadmap Documentation https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BVx1ot91WbL10wZIWFcRdEEtAK9lZtGOnSOTjnNABEc/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, especially when spending your own money. As a fellow developer I would just say that the HondaJet is very impressive, there's a lot of custom things they do with systems that took a lot of talent to get implemented. - First aircraft to provide Navigraph functionality to Xbox users - Custom VNAV coding - Custom G3000 checklist - So much of the HJet's real world automation represented (autolights, flaps, etc) There's a lot more I'm missing, but it's one of my favorite aircraft to fly. Their VisionJet is great as well.
  3. HPG Hot Air Balloon can be set to follow a MSFS flight plan or current wind conditions. There is a 3rd option not mentioned here, but you can also go into the weather settings, set a direction and speed and use that to manually steer yourself.
  4. Thanks for the feedback, our team has already been discussing increasing the volume level for the internal views. I am asking this 100% genuinely, no snark intended....what exactly did we do to you to warrant this comment?
  5. Thanks for posting the announcement 🙂 Here's our official trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49F0mjNOba4&ab_channel=HypePerformanceGroup
  6. Glad we can change your mind, it's a far different experience than the hot air balloons of FSX. Especially with this Hype Radio application, I "flew" Catalina to Van Nuys in the ballon this afternoon will listening to some local So Cal radio, and the experience in VR is even better. I'm always proud of the work we do, but I'm in love with this project.
  7. Lol, I own it, I just can't decide which one I like more!
  8. I can't decide, I keep going back and forth between FeelThere and Asobo.
  9. Flying Fabio's videos were good to understand some quirks, but flight planning, approaches and everything else is the same as it's always been IMO.
  10. Phenom 300 scratched my itch a bit, but like you guys I am eagerly awaiting the Honda Jet, the Vision Jet too for that matter.
  11. Sorry I didn't see your post sooner CanadaOne, but glad you got it all worked out! Thanks for your support, I think the remaining variants are equally impressive.
  12. Muchly is a real word! ... even if I didn't mean to say it 😆 We email out when there's a stable release, and dev builds are notified via a Discord ping or the user checking the download center to see if there's a new dev build available. If you revisit the link that was sent to you after you placed your order you'll find the download center link there.
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