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  1. I stopped and restarted AAO and now it is working, sorry for the inconvenience. I have found in the past that sometimes this is required in order to get things working with MSFS.
  2. BeechCraft D18S with the Mod from flightsim.to
  3. Is it possible that the below Bugfix may have affected the ON/OFF Button Profile on the Stream Deck? Previously this was working, but now only the ON portion works the OFF does not respond. Bugfix: MSFS: event selection: Test with 0/1 not working for MSFS Input Events Example: Write Event: IE: ELECTRICAL_Battery_1 ON Value: 1 is working to turn on battery. However: IE: ELECTRICAL_Battery_1 OFF Value: 0 is not working to turn off the battery as it did before.
  4. Could you provide more information on what this is and how we would use it with perhaps an example? Thank You...
  5. This script works perfectly for toggling the door open or close. Latest Honda Jet 2.0 1·(L:HJET_EXIT_OPEN,·Bool)·-·(>L:HJET_EXIT_OPEN,·Bool) Assign it to a button (Joystick, XTouch etc...) or make it an On/Off for the Stream deck. There is a spreadsheet with all the current bindings for the HJet available on FlightFX Discord Server under #hjet-important-information Hope this helps.
  6. Can you let Just Flight know this update is still not available on their website? Thanks...
  7. I noticed since the update to 2.80 that all my button assignments that call scripts have "script:" in their button name. Was this intended with this update or do I have something wrong in my installation? Thanks.
  8. Being a huge fan of everything I can I do in AAO, I have finally gotten my Honeycomb Bravo working much better with the Kodiak / Floatiak after the latest update from SWS version 1.3.5. The idea was to have Forward Thrust from the idle detent 0% to 100%, and BETA and REVERSE in the correct reverse direction 0% to -25%. Because there is no axis on the Bravo in reverse I had to simulate it with buttons as best I could. This is what I did: 1. Create Axis Assignment "THROTTLE1_SET" and assign to the first throttle axis on the Bravo. (You can use whatever axis you like but note the button numbers below will be different.) 2. In the RPN Script Editor, create a script (I called It) "THROTTLE1_BETA" with the contents: 14·(>K:THROTTLE1_DECR) This will move the lever into BETA range approx 11% of reverse thrust. (This is what the animation displays if you hover over it in the sim.) 3. In the RPN Script Editor, create another script (I called It) "THROTTLE1_REVERSE" with the contents: 32·(>K:THROTTLE1_DECR) This will move the lever into REVERSE range approx 25%. (Also what is displayed hovering over throttle in sim.) 4. Create Button Assignment THROTTLE1_BETA to the reverse detent on the Bravo. It should read as Button 23. 5. Create Button Assignment THROTTLE1_REVERSE to the Go Around Button on the Bravo. It should read as Button 28. The GA Button on the Kodiak does not appear to have assignment, so I used it. You can use whatever button you like. If it is or does get used later, I can still use this method just give it a long button press of say 1 second. That should do it, works perfect for me. The BETA is really handy in the Float Version of the Kodiak, not sure it would be good to use full reverse there. Both work well in the Kodiak wheeled version too. Hope someone finds this useful. -HardCat
  9. Just downloaded it from my JustFlight account!
  10. Understood, this is what I have done. As I said above it's just the physical movement that is different but useable for now. Thank you...
  11. This is getting better, currently throttle animation and bindings run Idle to Max Power 0% to 100% which is perfect. In order to enable reverse Button 23 gets toggled and this will set Beta to Reverse 0% to 25% which is also perfect. The only caveat is physically after reverse is toggled I must move the lever forward instead of back and to get back to forward throttle must toggle again. This is much improved, at least it is workable for now. I still may need to adjust limits and perhaps a small deadzone. I followed your directions to the tee so far, thank you!
  12. This procedure works great for throttle control on my Bravo Throttle Quadrant including the animation. Any thoughts on how to include the button detent to trigger going into the negative range to do the beta and reverse?
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