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  1. I hear you but it’s not much of a difference really from doing the same calculation from the FMC values. The calculation is not the point here. I’m just pointing out to the fact that there's a much simpler and rather accurate way of doing that. It's up to @albar965 now 🙂 Regards
  2. Well that`s exactly my point! You have to deliver your position reports to the ATC in real time but that doesn`t necessarily mean you will use real time in your simulator.
  3. Well I`m mostly flying virtual airline flights which have specific departure times. That`s why 😕 I always have to change my sim time accordingly...
  4. Hello, If there were a real world UTC time info for the "next waypoint" in the progress tab of the flight plan, that would make things much easier for oceanic crossings in Vatsim :) There is already current UTC info. All I'm kindly asking is to add the same info for the next waypoint! Thanks for this beloved; free and great product @albar965 !
  5. That`s great news indeed! And I am also looking forward to the same news for the Justflight BAE 146 (p3dv5).
  6. Anyone have any freeware LICJ for P3D? The links at the fsiadt website are dead: http://fsiadt.blogspot.com/p/licj-x.html?m=1
  7. lol USD almost tripled against my currency in less than a year along with an inflation above 80% 😅 so you tell me! it`s one of the aircrafts that I have been waiting from the start but like you said. decisions decisions...
  8. WOW! Never expected such detailed answer. Thank you for your time! I'm so excited right now! I already love this dev. MCE is on my wishlist for a long while now. And around a year ago I sent the dev an email regarding whether it was possible to add custom playbacks to the MCE so that I could listen to various cabin announcements from different airlines. And in couple of hours he replied me with a very thorough email which since been flagged in my inbox to be used for the day I could afford to buy the product. And I think that day has come 🙂 count me in Gerald! I just want to add one thing: I already have the Justflight BAE 146 for P3DV5.. So I guess better sooner rather than later? 🙂 Best regards...
  9. Hello! I'd would like to know what I should expect regarding these aircrafts (all for P3DV5): Justflight BAE146 (released) Justflight A300 (to be "hopefully" released) Justflight B747 Classic (to be "hopefully" released) FSLabs Concorde (to be released) TFDI MD 11 (to be released) IFly 737 MAX (to be released) If the dev had any intention of working on these aircrafts I'm ready to buy MCE today.
  10. Hello! I wish you all the best regarding your product. I'm a P3DV5 user and intend to be one for a long while. I'm pretty content with p3dv5. Anyhow I'm very new to this hobby and this is the first time I hear about you. What will be the system depth of your product? Will it be called a study level aircraft? Failures maybe? Thx in advance...
  11. FALSE ALARM!!!!!!!!!! Apologies for everybody's time.. I've found the solution here: Obviously It has nothing to do with AI Ship traffic! All I needed to update some flight plans in AIG Manager. Thank you again for this great product. Bye for now 🙂
  12. Hello. This is more than one year later than the last post but here we go. I am a user of P3DV5.3 HF2. Before even knowing that such a great product like Global AI Ship Traffic exists and there was a website like flightsimnorway.com which includes the latest version of it, I first saw the product on flyawaysimulation.com couple of days ago and that's where I downloaded the product from.. without knowing that wan't the most up-to-date version. Anyhow after I copied all the files of flyawaysimulation.com version I cannot start the sim anywhere around KSFO. The loading screen freezes on “Loading air, land, and sea traffic…” at precisely 77% except when I drag my sea traffic sliders all the way to the zero. Then the scenery starts just fine. New York, Rio, Istanbul, Hamburg...all fine even with the sliders all the way to the right. But not KSFO.. for that I have to set my sliders to zero..Otherwise it won't start at all. Now that I’ve thankfully discovered the true website of the product I’ve downloaded the latest version right away.. and copied all the files with overwriting everything… and yet the problem persists for the KSFO area.. I even tried a nearby airport I think was KSQL or something.. and the result is the same… I wish I could delete all the files that belongs to the older version of Global AI Ship Traffic which I mistakenly downloaded...And copy the files from the updated version from the scratch but I don't know how to distinguish those files..(yeap no back up🤦‍♂️). I'm not a computer guy tbh.. Anybody could help me out with that?
  13. Same problem here. On navigation lights. Also on some ground flashing lights in airports. Also the "dirt" animation when you roll your gear over somewhere non-asphalt you get white boxes instead..
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