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  1. I bought the FSR500 the day it was released, and I'm loving it. It ticks a lot of boxes for me: Beautiful modeling, great sound, just enough depth, and Raul is the prototype of a developer who takes great pride both in his product, and his after-the-sale support. I also have the BlackSquare Analog King Air for a more 'roots' experience, and the HondaJet for a faster, more automated experience. These are my main planes in the 'Executive Transport' world. I'm interested to see what the PC-12 brings to the table. We're so fortunate to have so many wonderful options in this sim. Part of it is the large user base. Without the number of potential clients (i.e. revenue) the better devs wouldn't be motivated to produce these excellent models that we can all pretend to fly around the world in. So I thank the devs, and I thank you all as well.
  2. I found the PMS GTN750 web page. The Vertigo is not listed as a compatible aircraft. However, I can download and install the Premium version as a trial - but it will only be active on Thursdays. Interesting. Per the author: This is why we offer you to test the product with a free license usable only on Thursday of each week. The free license number will be modified at least at the beginning of each month. Maybe it will work with the Vertigo. I'll find out next Thursday...😕
  3. I'm a bit confused. Are you talking about the fspackages-main download? Does that fix the G3X autopilot? That package has the WT Garmin mods, but as you stated in your original post, those have been deprecated and incorporated into the default MSFS Garmin panels. I still don't understand how to activate the AP in my Vertigo's G3X. I have the latest version of the aircraft (v2.0.2) but the AP is still missing.
  4. I bought the Gee Bee R3 on sale and flew it for the first time yesterday. Best $5.00 I've spent in a long time. The airplane is a hoot to fly. And the included liveries are simply gorgeous. I bought the Optica a while ago, and it's worth it at full price. No-brainer for $10.
  5. I upgraded to the 5800X3D from the 5800X. I recommend that anyone on the fence about upgrading from a lesser AM4 CPU (even the quite capable 5800X) do so before the X3D version becomes unobtanium. I saw a 30% increase in overall frame rate, and a very tangible improvement in frame time. Yellow spikes in Dev Mode FPS Display are pretty much non-existent now. CPU temps are about the same, maxing out while flying around 62°C. I haven't played with undervolting yet.
  6. I have a 5800X with base clock set to 4400Mhz. I'm contemplating replacing it with a 5800X3D (base clock 3700MHz, not designed for base multiplier OC.) I understand that it's the L3 cache that makes the X3D better for MSFS. And also that both CPU's have a boost curve. The X boosts to 4700MHz, while X3D is 4500Mhz. I'm betting that the cache will outweigh the loss of clock speed. I doubt I'll see much improvement in fps, but I have heard that users (especially those with VR) report a smoother experience, most likely due to the cache improving main thread latency. I plan to buy the 5800X3D and look at my temps, possibly undervolting if they get too high in order to keep the max boost where it should be. My 5800X almost never gets above 60°C (closed loop on a 240mm rad) so I doubt I'll have a temp issue with the X3D.
  7. A short DP 1.4 cable and a DP 1.4 repeater fixed the problem.
  8. I was setting up my new Reverb G2 and the WMR setup failed with Error 1-4 (Device Cable Not Connected.) Microsoft’s AI bot ‘Emmanuel’ was no help at all. I called HP and the tech I spoke to said the issue was the 3090 Ti and WMR not playing nice. I hopped over to the nVidia forum, and sure enough, lots of people having the same problem, which seems confined to the 3090 Ti. The regular 3090 doesn’t seem to have this issue. He said it had to do with the Ti being a hybrid of the GeForce and the Quadro. Something something about the card doing some encoding that WMR can’t handle. Very frustrating. A lot of time I’ll be skeptical when one vendor blames the other, but the nVidia forum seems to support his claim. He suggested a ‘bandaid’ until nVidia or Microsoft comes up with a fix: Buy a DisplayPort 1.4 switch and a short DP 1.4 cable to go between the HP cable and the 3090 Ti DP port. Something about the switch fixes the problem for most of the end users he’s helped. I bought a DP 2.0 switch and a 0.5m cable for about $45 on Amazon. I’ll test it out next week. I hope I don’t regret buying the 3090 Ti.
  9. Thanks. I submitted a help ticket, since I'm a new member (2 posts so far.) I wanted to edit my 1st post after it was approved, but didn't see any way to do so.
  10. IMDisk gives you a setting to store an image file when the computer is off.
  11. If you have enough RAM, create a RAM Disk and put your rolling cache there. Two benefits: 1.) RAM is much faster than even the fastest M.2 drive. 2.) NVMe drives do have a lifespan, and running the cache in a RAM Drive reduces the amount of data being constantly written to a physical drive, thus extending it's lifespan.
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