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Found 26 results

  1. The inspiration for the Disney castles and real life location shots for the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, a song me and my semi pro school touring choir would sing in concert when the movie was possible, and the song is on our first record album recorded in 1971 that I performed on, on the now defunct Astrolog record label. But that album and two others paid for our tours which covered more than ten thousand miles of the US and Canada. This marvelous scenery can be found here and for final perspective I have included a shot from one of my several visits to this castle. The forests are enhanced by Simheaven and the framerate is much better than the author predicted, even with autogen at its max... https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/50359-neuschwanstein-castle/ John
  2. Sometimes I like to take the edge off of my screenshots, and do something different with them. In these shots I just wanted the golden glow of flight in my theme, out of Quebec City Canada, which I visited almost 30 years ago... John
  3. Not often shared in this forum, scenery of Provo and the surrounding area and the beautiful Wasatch range in Utah. I flew the cousin of the Eurofox, the Kitfox, over this area in 2006 or 2007. But the Kitfox struggled to climb, even with a Rotax 912, due to the high altitude. However we were able to climb and our altitude was about the same as these screenshots. We did not fly from Provo, we flew from Spanish Fork since it was an uncontrolled airfield with little traffic nearby. In the distance on that flight we did see some air force traffic to our North... Spanish Fork airport is in the first picture, in this sim flight I took off from Provo and landed at Spanish Fork, then taxied back to the runway and took off again to the west to duplicate my Kitfox flight. So cool VSkylabs models microlights.. John
  4. I just love this little gyro that was recommended to me here. I have enabled my Xplane11 autogen overlay over my photoscenery, I love autogen in the farmland and desert, Many do not know that Arizona, in addition to having the biggest stand of pine trees north of our Mogallan Rim, also has farmland and crop circles that must have been left by the aliens in the movie signs, lol. Every time I see crop circles it restores my faith in our supreme being, Tom Allensworth...He is the one who inspired me to learn how to fly for real, along with the encouragement of my ex wife and daughter. My mother, RIP, was the one who warned me not to buy a light aircraft, she would only fly somewhere when I was with her because her first flight alone, the maiden voyage of a DC-10, scared her to death. She did not know that the wings were supposed to flex and she became a rivet counter, like I used to be with payware. After all, rivet counters are frogs since we all hatch from little tadpoles until we get our first kiss, the kiss of life and death, there are old pilots amongst us but no old bold pilots amongst us, because they jump out of perfectly good airplanes. That is why good airplanes for those of us who love GA have parachutes which is a segue into my gyro post since I have bored all my friends here asleep for the night............... As pilots love to say, here is my unarmed Little Nellie to commemorate one of my favorite Bond films, followed by Live and Let Die, For Your Eyes Only, The Spy Who Loved Me, and finally, Moonraker. When we lived in Burbank, Richard Kiel was my brother's best friend, but my brother kept me away from him, I could only see them together because Richard would visit my parents favorite Dodge dealership. My parents were Dodge and Ford fans, I was too but my fav cars were the 57 Chevy and the Chevy Malibu, but mine did not have the antilock brakes that came from jets, so I gave it up just recently. Antilock brakes are a must! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Kie
  5. Ok, it's not the one from Africa. The Phoenix is an incredibly efficient motor glider that can fly a long ways, very fast, and has many landing options at its disposal in case of engine out, being a motor glider. VSkylabs has made one for Xplane11 and it is much fun as a hand flyer.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phoenix_Air_Phoenix
  6. Nothing better for exploring Polynesia than a small amphibian..... And for context, a great film..... John __________________________________________________
  7. Propstrike Studio's free Machmell Fisheries scenery for Xplane11, along with the fine payware Icon A5 amphibian that can enjoy the great white north and the beautiful fjord like setting, and campfire smells I can just imagine for real life bush pilots. I have only flown along this coast at 35,000 feet on my way to Japan, my parents had the pleasure of cruising it with Royal Caribbean, and took a heli glacier ride as well along the inside passage. Their pics were beautiful, and if I were to take one cruise, it would be an Alaskan one, in the summer, so I could enjoy as much light as I can and also be near my Russian roots, since some of my family had such roots way way back. I am a smidgen Russian but a mongrel really, mostly Latin and Scotch-Irish, with a hint of Lithuanian, like the captain of the Hunt for Red October, a movie I helped make in a very small way back in '89 when I just before I went to Paramount to see it staged on the invitation of one of its writer's Larry Ferguson. The movie was as much about me, and my hopes for peace with Russia some day and China as well, and Larry put a message at the end of the movie, just for me, which is too long a story to tell. My contribution to Hollywood, and to keeping Russia in the forefront of trade in our world. John Start new topic
  8. Not often shown in Xplane11, beautiful Tennessee scenery flying towards the great smoky mountains. I stayed in Townsend TN just outside the park while I was assigned to work there and install a network and do network training for the Best Western Cades cove Inn. I drove my employee and I into the Smoky Mountains National Park, then on towards Dollywood on the way back to Townsend, just beautiful scenery. Another link for the wonderful Simheaven forests improvement for Xplan11 gracefully given to me by another forum member. It has added wonderful depth to Xplane11's autogen and landclass, in and of itself the best Autogen and landclass IMHO for any sim. http://simheaven.com/simdownloads/dense-forests/ https://www.bestwestern.com/en_US/book/hotels-in-townsend/best-western-cades-cove-inn/propertyCode.43178.html
  9. One of these days I will be back to P3D4.4, lol, but I am still enjoying the Microlight collection I purchased last month. This Gyro flies exactly as a gyro does. To take off first you engage the clutch to prerotate the blades, then you disengage the clutch once the blades are up to speed for a smooth, slow, rolling takeoff. On this flight, between Casa Grande AZ (former home of the Copperstate Airshow now held in Buckeye AZ) and Maricopa AZ a short hop away, I chose to land dead stick in Maricopa to see if it can be done, like a real gyro, using autorotation. The answer is yes, and one can touch down at 5-10 mph if one does the final right, as I did on this flight. Just like a real Gyro it handles chop very well. If you like Xplane11 whether with photo scenery or full autogen, and like short hops or an hour's flight, this is an enjoyable hand flyer which can fly hands off once trimmed. Thanks to the forum member that posted this aircraft and recommended it. John
  10. Then I thought about driving to the airport, picking up my Eurofox, and flying over Meteor Crater. Easy to find, take off out of Winslow, head due west or slightly south of it. You cannot see it coming unless you climb to about 4000 feet AGL or so John
  11. This VSkylabs aircraft is another simple pleasure, easy on the wallet, for those of us who like slo mo flight and hand flying. It is unique, when you throttle down the engine and trim for about 30 knots, more or less, while the aircraft slowly descends it recharges the simulated electric engine, making flights of all day long possible, although an hour is enough for me in about any sim aircraft. I've downloaded all of the Vskylabs aircraft I've wanted, and I have enjoyed them because they put a lot of effort into reasonably priced projects, focusing on copters, gyrocopters, light sport and ultralight. For Xplane11 that is superb because Xplane11's autogen is so nice to fly low and slow over. John
  12. Just one, a night flight just out of Fairbanks AK in the Icon A5 with the shimmering Aurora overhead to cast an eerie green glow atop the wings. The Aurora is not in Xplane11 as a default option, but it and shooting stars can be added by editing X-Plane.prf in the output, preferences folder and editing these lines from a zero to a one at the end, to read: renopt_aurora 1 renopt_fire_ball 1 The aurora will appear above 60 degrees north or higher--Fairbanks for example is at 64 degrees north The shooting stars are brief, but watch for them.... John
  13. I last crossed the channel and back from the Dover ferry, the busiest waterway in the world.... John
  14. VSkylabs Ikarus, fun Microlight, and Brett's Raven, "That's So Raven" a fun copter I have flown in real life, at an airshow some years ago in Goodyear AZ. The Raven in these screenshots is shown flying roughly the same route of my flight some years ago... John
  15. The Iconic LSA, the Flight Design CT, which is faster than a 172 and has more interior room up front, arguably the fastest, most efficient LSA ever made, even faster than the Allegro 2000 I took my Light Sport Lessons in. VSkylabs is up front when it comes to Ultralights and Microlights and experimental aircraft. The Flight Design aircraft is a certified, not kit built aircraft with a Rotax four stroke engine up front, quite smooth in the air, most of my flight hours have been spent with Rotax two and four stroke engines, but also some Continental engines. John
  16. Various VTOL. One is a payware 2-place copter made in Europe in real life, the other a jetpack inspired from Lost In Space and the real life jetpacks that date into the 60's. Last pic is a screenshot made from a rare Lost In Space TV episode, episode four of the series, before it became too campy. The first five or six Lost In Space episodes were very good Sci Fi melodrama, I always thought, having seen them when they originally aired back in the early to mid 60's. I should mention the jetpack can be downloaded for free from VSkylab's site, and is a great VTOL aircraft capable of zero speed takeoffs and landings for those who find copters too challenging in Xplane, or P3D. John
  17. I enjoy flights over the metro area and desert where I live. I also like showcasing both freeware and payware, the VSkylabs Eurofox and the freeware motorized Swift glider found at Xplane.org, a legal Part 103 ultralight. There was one near Tuscon I wanted to see, but at the time I was too heavy to fly it, sad because today I am now the typical 170# pilot--maybe I will find one again some day to fly in the rural areas of Arizona, or to soar, using my fixed wing and ultralight trike training. I have flown the Kitfox, the Eurofox's experimental cousin, near Provo Utah, I flew up in the morning on Southwest from Phoenix, my host and and CFI friend bought me a hamburger at Mickey D's then we went to fly it over the farmland south of Provo lake. Again I was a tad too heavy to fly it with my Phoenix CFI who would have given me lessons in it, in the high Utah altitude we struggled to climb more than 1000 feet AGL, it was the lowest I have ever flown an aircraft, as I flew it I did lazy circles over the lake and farmland, I was in heaven when I flew home from SLC later that evening as dusk was falling. SLC is my favorite airport given its juxtaposition to the Wasatch range and views of downtown Salt Lake and the views of Salt Lake itself when you climb out, and finally the views over the Grand Canyon and of Sedona on the descent towards Phoenix. John
  18. Enjoying the Icon tonight, very nice aircraft, handles great on the water, and in the air, like a Light Sport aircraft should, just wish there were more liveries for Europe, just one US livery but that does not diminish from enjoyment of another VSkylabs product... The Lake is lake Berryessa, used to ride my bike there from Napa for great exercise and a 4000 foot vertical climb enroute. Has a great seaplane airport near Moskowite corners, Harold Moskowite was a county supervisor and frequent Napa airport pilot from his private strip as he commuted to work at our civic center, use to chat with him from time to time with my friend William Garnett when we flew together in Williams Cessna 170.. John
  19. The dream of a personal air vehicle to commute to work, me commuting out of Casa Grande towards the Phoenix metro area in the Mini-500, over my homespun OrthoXP scenery. Simming hardly gets more fun than this! John
  20. My latest Ortho4XP rendering, the entire Hawaiian Island chain. When I took my wife and daughter there for my daughter's thirteenth birthday in 2012, we stayed at the wonderful Hilton Hawaiian Village for several reasons--it has the best beach in Oahu, many nice places to swim, a great tropical vibe, easy bus access to Pearl Harbor, and a nice fireworks show. Plus we went on the sub ride, my first and only time in a real sub, although the water was a bit hazy. We did see many tropical fish but my greatest underwater experience was snorkeling in Guam's lagoon in 1992. I was surrounded by thousands of fish in all colors. If you ever go snorkeling in the ocean, the trick is to wait until the tide is coming in, so you can swim against the current or parallel to it. You use underwater sailing techniques. Then when you feel you've had enough, you swim back and forth parallel to the current, and when you want to go back in, you simply coast back to the shore covering the bottom at four to five knots with no effort at all. I applied the same techniques when I flew in wind, I would fly out against the wind and when I had enough, I'd simply turn around, fly with the wind, and enter the pattern, then on landing I could land straight into the wind and my microlight or trike would touch down with a groundspeed much lower than its stall speed, making for easy on the brakes stopping or in the case of my trike, I'd just drag my feet like Fred Flintstone. John P.S. Note that I have enabled my overlay scenery so I can have autogen over my Ortho scenery, something not easy to do in P3DV4.4. I like Xplane11's autogen over photo scenery when over open country.
  21. VSkylabs Motorglider over the northern Napa Valley with my homemade Ortho4XP photo scenery.... John
  22. Enjoying PropStrikeStudio's fishery scenery again, with the Mini 500 from VSkylabs, personal transportation in and out of Bush Country, would be great for a commuter if there were more of 'em around... John
  23. Enjoying the lovely forests near Stroudsburg PA, not far from Allentown. A wonderful hands on flight in the Eurofox taildragger this time.... John
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