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Rickie Welsh


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Hi all, just a thought, i was reading up on CAT11 and CAT111 approaches and the book read, do not autoland on a runway that is not cat11 cat111 capable, thats understandable, i fly the b737ng and on entering the fmc dep/arr page the arrival runways dont stipulate if the runway is cat11 or cat111. all you get is ils rw16L for example and at KSEA runway 16L has ils, cat11 and cat111 but the arr. page does not indicate all three types. is there a way to overcome this. richard welsh.

Richard Welsh

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Hello Richard,In FS there're CAT3 approaches pretty much everywhere as long as there's an ILS. I just took a look at the IAP charts for RWY16L at KSEA. Well, the only difference seems to be the DH between the 3 CAT's. I'm not sure there's a page in the FMC which informs you of runways being CAT2 or CAT3 approved. You can get runway information as much as length/width, course and ILS FREQ but I guess that's about it. It's usually stated in the charts.Regards

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Hi Richard,This information would appear on your approach plates not your FMC. If you fly realistic procedures online you could download Navigraph nDac3 and purchase up to date charts for a very small fee. Or if you dont mind out of date charts a simple google search ie: KSFO charts will get you results.http://www.airnav.com/airport/KSFORob

Rob Prest


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There are very few exceptions where the different category approaches have different fixes, I don't recall ever seeing one in any of the sidstars that I produce. The key difference is how they are flown, and by who (special aircrew and aircraft certification is required).I always model the approach that has the lowest minima in my sidstars, so the CAT III is what you get when you select KMEM ILS36R for example. This also applies to RNAV approaches when selecting to use the Y or Z types. I list the specific approach, revision and date in the header of each file if anyone is interested. I use that when I update each cycle (ah ha! self documenting code).Hello Dolly,

Dan Downs KCRP

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Current free .pdf bundled charts sourced by the FAA are available from flightaware.com. Type in the ICAO code and click on airport information.

Ron Ginsberg
KMSP Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Puddles

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