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  1. onurksn

    iFLY vs. PMDG?

    Count me in on that too. I never had any short field take-off issues.
  2. Rafal and the other posters sums it up pretty well...I'd like to add TBPB by Max Kraus, RPLB by Ron Santiago and LIPQ 2009 by Alberto Pastorutti...I'm sure there are others though... :(
  3. onurksn

    Flight planning software

    Vroute is great for detailed flight plans and routefinder is very practical when you're in a hurry.
  4. onurksn

    Fake airline pilot arrested

    I believe that would be Catch Me If You Can"
  5. onurksn

    Fake airline pilot arrested

    Naturally... :( I don't know if licenses are verified during check rides or any other way but this incident raises a serious question. Are there others like him?My guess is that he can't be the only one. I don't even want to imagine what the outcome of this would be in case of an accident, luckily for everyone this guy's record seems to be clean which is probably how he kept going.
  6. onurksn

    Fake airline pilot arrested

    I'm not sure who is to blame here, certainly not the guy himself! :( How could he have clocked 10000 hours without getting caught flying for different European airlines... ? :(
  7. onurksn

    Edit Airport Information

    Jason,Afcad files go into the FS9/AddonScenery/Scenery folder or into the Scenery folder of your airport scenery with the rest of the .BGL files. Placed in either folder this will replace the stock afcad. I don't know about that particulier scenery you mention so I can't say whether it already has an afcad file or not.Give it a little test, for instance, close a runway for takeoff and landing (Top menu, Lists, Runways then double click on one of them to open it's properties) and observe AI behaviour. Be sure to close the runway at both ends or else it won't work. If they follow your modification then it's O.KBTW, AF2 comes with an excellent help file, don't hesitate to consult it, it's very clear and user-friendly (unlike most help files!)
  8. onurksn

    Edit Airport Information

    I bet this is Manchester. :( I tried to do exactly the same thing with LFBO (Toulouse) 2 days ago, 15-33 > 14-32, as a matter of fact there is thread on the same subject further down. I was very naive to think that I could do it easily with AF2...I found out the grim reality that I had to do everything Scott described above. Not simple at all.Very simple to change the comm freq. though, just modify it with the afcad program. You can even create ATIS for an airport that doesn't have one.
  9. >The only thing that i wish is that my AI did the same as well!>:-madYeah, I guess FS ATC and AI beat us all in illegal flying esp. with the way ATC handles approaches. I'm sure you've all experienced close counters with AI trying to "grab" your approach slot.Anyway, sticking to the subject, flying between skyscrapers is also pretty popular (try it with the Extra 300). Also I must add taking off from taxiways.BTW has anyone tried to be an AI wingman , I mean closely like wingtip stuff?
  10. Definitely, I flew several times under the two Bosphorous bridges in my city of Istanbul(about 200FT high). A few times upside down with GA aircraft. I couldn't manage that with heavy Boeings and Airbuses though, they didn't get through :D All in all I believe I've flown under them with everything in my hangar.Same here Nick, nowadays I find it much more amusing to stick to the regulations. (That sounds stupid but hardcore simmers will understand my point)happy landings
  11. onurksn

    737 GPWS

    Yeah, it does seem complicated! thanks anyway Mats
  12. onurksn

    737 GPWS

    Thank you very much Mats,While you're around can you give any advice on the callout issue by any chance:-) thanks in advance
  13. onurksn

    737 GPWS

    Ok Ross, here's what I found:http://library.avsim.net/search.php?CatID=...=0&Page=1&Go=Gohope this helps
  14. onurksn

    737 GPWS

    Ross, we should be able to get all the callouts from 2500 (twenty-five hundred only when gear down, down to 10. The same as in the original but with the correct voice.(I think it's a Honeywell product). I've also heard female voices too in a couple of videos but the aircrafts were classics not NG's. As far as I know we have EGPWS because we do get terrain warnings and so forth.I know that in the library there are callouts, old and new for Airbus, but I'll check for Boeing and MD since they're the same.Let you know if I find anything.
  15. onurksn

    737 GPWS

    HelloRoss, I'm glad you brought this up, the real world 737 GPWS voice esp. the altitude callouts is different than the PMDG one. There is a slight difference, I'd say that the real world one calls out "1000" in a more matter of factly manner and the dude sounds much more relaxed. Concerning the other callouts such as "terrain terrain", "pull up" they sound pretty much the same.I'd really like to get that very casual "1000" though.:DBTW, correct me if I'm wrong but I believe we have EGPWS on our PMDG 737.regards