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Frozen fuel, oooppps

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Hi guys,yesterday I did a flight EHAM - CYVR (Amsterdam - Vancouver).Since I had work to do, I let her fly on her own, and came back hours later to check. (btw: PAX Aer Lingus livery)This is what I found:- Altitude 23000 and descending (down from FL 370)- speed prot kicked in- amber warning: fuel temp LO- Engine 1 and 3 out.- FMC message: "MULTIPLE ENG OUT"Can you guess what happened? Because I was away from the cockpit, and my co pilot was asleep or something, there was no one to descend to a lower (warmer) altitude when the warning "fuel temp LO" appeared.So the fuel froze!! (freezing point is -40C)The fuel temp was -53C, so I disengaged the autopilot and took her down to 8000 feet to find a warmer environment and switched on ignition override and APU (just in case). It took a while but then the fuel temp start to rise and only then I succeeded in restarting #1 and #3) took her (slowly) back to 35000; decided that I would not go any higher, to be safe. I kept on monitoring the fuel temp; it remained white, somewhere around -26C.To PMDG: My compliments. This add-on keeps surprising me every time.A question: Why did engine #2 not fail? ( APU was probably not necessary, but I thought it could not hurt!!).I think I will have to make an entry in the logbook! Bye bye bonus!!Take care,Wijnand (EHAM)

Wijnand Lindelauf (EHBK)



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Had the same thing on one of my first flights ovhd Russia - OAT went down to -79, TAT was -55 at FL350 !!first the warning FUEL TEMP LO - shortly thereafter ENG #1 went off and I descended to 31000 ft and restarted #1 with no problems.Interesting experience if you have no failures programmed.Obviously it was a wrong input of AS - shortly thereafter everything was back to the standart -50 of AS6.5 ...Karl-Heinz - EDDI/THF " Tempelhof "" The mother of all airports " - Sir Norman FosterNow CLOSED and history - its a shame !http://www.precisionmanuals.com/images/forum/747400.jpg

Karl-Heinz Wichmann - EDDI/THF "Tempelhof"

"The mother of all airports" - Sir Norman Foster

Now CLOSED - its a shame !


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Doesn't the MD-11 have a fuel heater?RhettFS box: E8500 (@ 3.80 ghz), AC Freezer 7 Pro, ASUS P5E3 Premium, BFG 8800GTX 756 (nVidia 169 WHQL), 4gb DDR3 1600 Patriot Cas7 7-7-7-20 (2T), PC Power 750, WD 150gb 10000rpm Raptor, Seagate 500gb, Silverstone TJ09 case, Vista Ultimate 64ASX Client: AMD 3700+ (@ 2.6 ghz), 7800GT


i7-8700k @ 5.0 ghz, 32 GB G.Skill TridentZ, 1080Ti, 32" BenQ, 4K res

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>Doesn't the MD-11 have a fuel heater?It does, but it is not a direct heater. First of all fuel can be circulated to hinder freezing (I think MD-11 has that), second the fuel is often heated through the heat exchange with electrical generators. But it should be obvious to anyone that these methods may not be sufficient in case of really low temperatures considering the massive amount of fuel in aircraft fuel tanks.Low temperature fuel operations are covered in the manuals.Michael J.http://img142.imageshack.us/img142/9320/apollo17vf7.jpg

Michael J.

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