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Orbx NRM

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Hiya.. NRM is the only NA Region I don't own. I read mixed reviews (before the patch) of it but the overall impression I got I determined I might not like it. I basically don't want a repeat of CRM. While CRM is beautifully done it just isn't my cup of tea. :) I do fly it occasionally but it's not a "go to" region for me. I love PNW because of all the circuits you can run between nice well done GA airports and it is a nice grey area between completely rural and urban. I also do like Pacific Fjords it has a really nice inviting atmosphere to it with lots of cool seaplane bases and GA airports in nice towns. I hate big cities (read: Seattle) areas, but also don't want to fly in 90% flat wasteland either. I'm a suburban guy who likes taking day trips now and then to see some great scenery. I saw NRM had a huge patch which looks like it covers a good amount of the complaints it initially had.


I guess the question is out of the entire region how much of it is populated vs just flying over well detailed unpopulated geography? Will it stand a good chance of having everything I love and enjoy about PNW and Pacific Fjords? I'm feeling really `at home' in some key spots in both regions (which I have yet to even come close to finding in CRM) Only a few days left of the sale so figured I'd join in and add to the last minute "should I get it or not" Orbx questions. :LMAO:


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I reckon if you like PNW and PFJ, then you'll like NRM just as much. It covers a lot of the Canadian part, which is also quite mountainous with lots of nice valleys to explore. Also included are of course Idaho, Montana and part of Washington. Looking at the .kmz file, there are also 16 seaplane bases included. Many of the airfields have been given the "ORBX" treatment, too.


In fairness, I haven't yet flown around it as much as I have in PNW, but I've done a few flights there this week and really enjoy what I've seen so far.


I'd say at the sale price, if you've got the funds, then go for it - I'm sure you won't regret it.



Jack Johnston



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I find I like NRM much more so then CRM


NRM you have some real goodies.. Kelowna airport and boundary bay and lots of nice areas to fly there for sure.




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Bill, I'll offer the dissenting opinion. if CRM is not your thing, I suspect you're not going to be that happy with NRM - though I stil shake my head in amazement when people characterize the CRM region as "wasteland" and wonder if we're flying in the same places, so I obviously don't "see" the regions as you do/will. But, like CRM, there's a lot of open country, a lot of space between airports, and no ocean. PNW and PFJ it is not.


I highly recommend both CRM and NRM, as I find them not just spectacular in their own right, but also accurate representations of the regions they model with tons of flying options and challenges. In fact, I've been flying the new C90 up there the last two evenings since the patch. Last night was Jasper-Hinton, AB (CEC4) to Cranbrook, BC (CYXC) - basically right down the spine of the Canadian Rockies, and absolutely spectacular. But on the 220 NM or so flight, I think I flew over 1 airport along the way. Pretty much nothing but spectacular mountains. Based on your stated preferences, this may not be what you're looking for.


On the other hand, it does fill in a hole in your coverage and at the sale price, even if you only like a small bit of it, perhaps it'll be worth taking a chance.



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Decided to get it, now downloading it from the consistently awful servers..


U.S. Server: 33KB/s

UK 1 Server: 609KB/s


The other UK server I got 2000KB/s on but one of the files had a CRC error.. :angry:


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Just picked up NRM and can't wait to try it out after what has been discussed here! Are there any places you suggest to visit first?

Happy Flying,

Clem Wu




Beta Tester for OZx, Iris Simulations and Shade.

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