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Hello Guys


I am still have some difficulty with selecting SID and STARS. If I wanted to depart KDFW and arrive at KLAX what would be my SID at KDFW and STAR at KLAX. I use mostly RUN 36L at KDFW.


I am currently looking at each and every PFD from AirNav and it is taking awhile. If I am looking at it correctly would WORTH 6 be an okay SID or no.




James Allen

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Hey James, it really depends on the winds and the active take-off and landing runway. I can tell you that the WORTH6 is a very good choice for departure, as it applies to both north and south runway departures. As for KLAX, it depends on the winds, if you are using a "Real-world" weather setting, be it FSX, Active Sky, or REX. For landing westbound the SEAVU2 is a good arrival. For eastbound landing the DOWNE4 is good. Also, a little bit longer and more southern is the OCEAN2, and a more northern would be the REDEYE2. It also depends on where your flight plan takes you in relation to the airport, as in whether you are planning to enter directly east, northeast, or southeast, and choose appropriately from there including the active landing runway consideration. Airports like LAX have a ton of different procedures for them, and your best bet is to look at all of the STARs and approaches, and start narrowing down what is appropriate to the flight you are about to undertake in regards to what runway direction they are operating, and what direction you are coming from. Then, once you have a general decision made, you can program your FMC accordingly.


Kyle Hennessey




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Time of day adds a factor at KLAX where they have arrivals for the midnight shift. Preston's response is spot on: Check out flightaware.com, select find a flight and enter KDFW and KLAX. AA flew PODDE4 ABI J4 INK J4 EWM J4 TNP SEAVU2. Note most departures at KDFW used by carries are now RNAV. Also, the preferred direction at Dallas in South and West at LAX.

Dan Downs KCRP

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why dont you just look at flightaware.com for same flight?


thats what I do.. I fly the exact flight plan of a real world flight

Mike Avallone

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