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  1. I'll have to dig in some old files to see if I still have them. Not sure why they disappeared here, but it was about 4 years ago now so they might have cleaned house a bit.
  2. I liked the original response better... :wink:
  3. Everything recent from George F. L. Charles airport and E. T. Joshua aiport, to the latest KMCO have been a massive step up from them. I don't have LZIB, but the others are great: http://secure.simmarket.com/taxi2gate.mhtml
  4. Love this thread, keep 'em coming gents :lol:
  5. Taken from the System Description manual 16.10.7: "When the altitude information is entered, the VNAV function will calculate the vertical path to that waypoint, based on the vertical speed entered by the pilot. Any subsequent flight plan waypoints will then be imported into the vertical flight plan, as vertical waypoints. The altitude restriction for those waypoints will also be taken from the flight plan if they exist. If not, they will be automatically pre-filled from the previous waypoints which had such restriction." This passage hints that there might be a way, if there is, I personally have not found it. My understanding and experimentation is shown perfectly by this photo from 16.10.7: In other words VNAV will go to one specific waypoint, and afterwards vertical guidance is free. That means you will have to control the descent using either Pitch Hold, IAS hold, or V/S. So, if you have a complicated STAR, you will have to enter the first constraint, then use other AP modes afterwards. This is just my observations so far, I'll experiment a bit more and see if I can come up with anything else. Otherwise it would be helpful to hear from someone with Dash 8 time, a reliable linked source, or one of the developers, just to clarify further. Best thing to do though....hand fly that STAR :wink2:
  6. No problem, let me know if you need any help with anything.
  7. Hi guys, Reading through here and other forums I see a few are having issues getting VNAV to work. Here is just a little tutorial I whipped up on my way to LOWW. Step 1. During cruise. Ok, so you're at your cruise altitude, and in my case this is 21000'. I brought up my 2D FMS. - Select FPL- what you are looking for are your altitude constraints and also the altitude you want to be at for your approach. For this example I'm going to ignore some of the constraints and only worry about getting myself at the correct altitude for the approach, which is the ILS 29 into LOWW. Use the NEXT and PREV keys to cycle through your flightplan to find a reference waypoint. - In this screen you will see WW951 at 3000 and I29 at 3000. BRK is technically my FAF, but, I want to ensure I'm at altitude a little sooner, so I'll use WW951 as my reference point. Step 2. Click VNAV on the FMS. - On the right you will see your future waypoints laid out. Use the NEXT and PREV keys to cycle through them, and find WW951 (or your reference waypoint. - Dial in the number associated with the waypoint, in my case "10", and press ENTER. Step 3. Now you will be at the VNAV PATH page. - You will see a white box and an altitude next to the TO waypoint, which is WW951 (or your reference waypoint). - Press enter. Now you will see the altitude box is highlighted. Verify it is the correct altitude that you want to be at that waypoint by. It is set at 3000' already. - Press enter. Now you will see the target vertical speed (TGT V/S) is highlighted. Input your desired vertical speed for the descent. - Press enter. Now, you've got yourself a TOD! Step 3. The descent. Okay, so now you've got your TOD, and you will see it on your ND. - When you are 2 minutes out from TOD, you will see your VNAV indicator pop up on the PFD. - Now, dial in your altitude into the autopilot on the AFCS, in this case 3000. - Click VNAV on your AFCS to arm VNAV. And that's it! At TOD, the autopilot will start the descent, so be ready to back out the power a bit! There may be other tutorials out there already, but I've seen this come up here and elsewhere a few times today anyways. This was a little hasty in putting together, but hopefully it will help a little bit! Just apply what I said here to your flight, and you should be good to go!
  8. I have to echo that this indeed is a nice, refreshing thread. It's interesting to read all of this input and honest opinions (and indeed, a lot more civil than I thought this thread would be as I was hesitating clicking on it). By far constructive criticism and some calling-out is needed in this hobby for buyer awareness. Now, to contribute, I will start by saying I hold nothing against any developer, I have a very high respect and regard for the time and work that anyone would put in to creating any addon to further the realm and possibilities of FS. That aside, and in my opinion I would have to say the first disappointment that came to mind when I saw the title of the thread was the CLS A330. I knew it was going to be a "lite" addon going in, but the want for an A330 for FSX surpassed that. Bought it, hopped in the VC, and immediately was floored by how poor the VC was. Honestly, I can't even find anything good to say about it, it really seemed a lot worse than I could have imagined. I revisited it several months after hangaring it that first time just to see if I was being overly critical at the time, and I wasn't, and immediately regretted the purchase, and have permanently had it hangared since. I gave CLS another shot with the MD-81/2/7, and was really quite pleased with it. My only complaint was with the sounds, but that was easily remedied by purchasing and installing the fantastic TSS JT8D soundpack. Area 51 also caused a bit of regret. I bought the UH-1Y, Kiowa, Chinook, and C-17 during a sale a while back, and again, poor VC's on all of them in my opinion. Also, the sounds for them seemed very constant, not variable especially during a flyby. The outside textures are pretty good, but I'm very much a VC guy, and that is where my priorities are in looking at quality. Though I did catch them on sale, I have very very rarely used them since, and wouldn't mind being able to get that money back and have put it towards something else. Lastly I would have to give a partial regret, which is the CS C-130. I say partial because everything about it, including the VC especially, is fantastic. My issue with this addon are the sounds. They have a strange warping sound in the cockpit, don't really change sound during power changes, and changing views and going back to the VC requires a cycle of the FSX sounds using "Q". Unfortunately I have not been able to locate a payware or freeware soundpack for a C-130 anywhere, minus one payware soundpack from Turboprop Simulations, which is the same soundpack. If anyone does make it this far into reading this mini-book I've so far written and can suggest a good C-130 soundpack for FSX, please let me know!!! I would owe you big time! :wink2: I will admit I have a bias in regards to the VC's of addon aircraft, which is not helped by being spoiled by the likes of addons like the NGX, Aerosoft Airbus X and now Airbus X Extended, Cera Sim helicopters, A2A, Nemeth, and a few others. As for scenery, I can honestly say I have no regrets that come to mind. I'm very cautious when it comes to scenery as that can tend to be the most taxing on a system. Out of probably 30-40 scenery addons I have, the largest I've gone would be UK2000's Gatwick, FSDT LAX and HNL, and Aerosoft's Mega Airport CDG, all of which I was very pleasantly surprised with barely any loss of smoothness or FPS. The only one that comes close to the ouch factor I've found is FlyTampa's KTPA. Tampa hits my system pretty hard, and I definitely can't take the NGX there. But, that scenery is so great I don't mind and do not really regret the purchase, as I can take other, less taxing aircraft there. Everything they come out with is beyond top-notch (TNCM and Dubai are ridiculously amazing in every aspect). That's my two cents worth.
  9. asdf Once you start to type in the reply box, click the "More Reply Options" here: Then click "Choose Files..." here: Once it loads, click "Add to Post", next to the uploaded file! Other than that, you can use http://imageshack.us/ and upload pictures, and select the "forum" link. Just a simple copy and paste of that link! Thanks for doing that livery! Instant download for me!!! Hope this helps!
  10. Very cool! Looking forward to seeing it!
  11. Thank you!!! Looking forward to them!!!
  12. Very nice, as per the usual! One thing that caught my eye was the vertical stabilizer on the first picture, it literally looks like a real photo, I toss it up to the camerawork/paintjob/and model, but either way, wow.
  13. With Steve"s new paint and the expected release of Aerosoft's Fairbanks X next week I'd have to say I'm definitely heading back up that way too!
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