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Tom Allensworth

Welcome to the DX-10 Discussion Forum

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There has been a lot of discussion lately about DX-10 and fixes, tweaks and hints and as a result, we thought we would open a forum to cover this area of FSX specifically. Welcome!


We will start moving existing DX-10 messages over to this forum shortly.

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Okay. First time posting . Apologies if this is the wrong place.


Steve's DX fix is bringing me the wonder of DX10. Great.   Minor niggle, see attached image.


Any thoughts on all the blue buildings?  This is maximum Scenery Complexity. Frame rates are great.



PC is  W7 64    i3770 @3.4gz 3.9gz    8gb RAM.  Nvidia 9600 GT  521 mb.







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There was an issue with the PAPI lights, the sun ,moon,runway lights  etc not showing up in real 3D (I mean not having the depth) when FSX was used with NVidia 3D Vision and the 3D glasses . Is there anyone who is using a 3D set up for FSX who can kindly confirm if Steve's DX10 fixer had resolved this issue? (This was not an issue with FS9 and with the vanilla FSX installation but had developed  once the Acceleration pack was installed.) Thanks in advance for a reply.

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No it does not.


Thank you for the reply. Is it that the problem was looked in to and that it was some thing not having a solution or that you did not get a chance to investigate the flaw? It would have been wonderful if that too could be fixed.



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Ok folks. Here is an issues that has got my last nerve on dx10. I have an AMD 8150 8 core processor

Gtx670 4gb

16gb Ram

Needless to say I can run anything. In FSX dx9 runs like a champ. Full screen and windowed. I always play in full screen on 3 monitors. I have a home built simulator so 2 monitors on the so called dash and the large monitor for flying.

I recently started learning about DX10. So I watched a few videos on how to set up Nvidia inspector for DX10. Completed the fsx.cfg tweaks for DX10. Turn fsx on and in windowed mode it's down right amazing. Thanks to flightfx and Rex essentials + overdrive my graphics are life like.

Now here lies the problem. Dx10 in full screen is unplayable. What could be the problem? I've spent hours and hours trying to get this to work. Someone please help. And a few other notes. The dx10 fixer I did purchase and install. Got the 3.2.2 patch. I know it's a simple setting change I just can figure it out. Thanks in advanced for any input on this.

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Information about DX10 using WOAI AI aircraft.  The latest releases of the summer of 2013 seem to be working perfectly in DX10.  I have seen a number of AI aircraft that do show up without textures.  It is hard to find out which AI package has the aircraft that are not compatible. Here is what I did.  In all of the AI aircraft folders they do not have a panel folder.  Create a panel folder with a panel.cfg file, copied from another aircraft folder, and put it into the AI aircraft folder you want to check for offending aircraft. This will let the aircraft show up in the aircraft list inside FSX to choose from. The pictures attached will show how they will show up without textures which means they will also not show up with textures flying as AI aircraft.  Thus you can determine which aircraft you can and can not use with DX10.  I did however find one anomaly which was a 737 AI sitting at the gate with the textures showing perfectly but when the aircraft started pushback and turned around the textures disappeared and the plane became all white.  This is something others will have to explain.  I am not a Aircraft designer or repainter so this is beyond my pay grade.  Maybe others can take it from here. fisheye...

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