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I heard that gamespy is down, so there aren't any lobbys anymore so i have to know the direct IP. So how do i connect without gamespy? (i know this is VERY old news but i haven't got on FSX for months)


So is there any server that would take me under their wing? (pun intended)


I would like to find a server where i can fly aircraft preferably in a group. Any tips?


(i don't currently have a mic but i will be getting one ASAP)

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Most of the sessions are now listed here.




The majority of these also link to their own web site from this list so you should be able to judge for yourself which one is best for you. 


I'm afraid the only sessions people tend to recommend are those that they run themselves so it's hard to get impartial advice. Try a few and see how you get on would be my advice.

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As some folks have seen I have posted the occasional 'shamless self-promotion' - and am about to do so again.  I agree that the FSOpen and similar sessions are relatively specific to the group  Not to say that can't be a good thing - I have flown many times with the EasternHops Cessna Sunday group (although the 'dive bombing, pattern jumping 12 year-olds' can be a bit annoying).  None the less you might want to consider somthing along the lines where our group flies - see below.  In reality we once had a very active group of pilots that enjoyed doing hops and special events together but we have lost that cohesive group over the past few months and I would like to try to revitalize that.  But, you do not need to join us or have any involvement whatsoever with us to use the VATME server - as explained below.
And now, time out for an unpaid commercial announcement :rolleyes:  

Come Fly with Us at VFR Prop Hops and IFR Jet Hops




Why …

  • A place where you can fly with your friends, with us – whoever.  Our primary server is the VATME server (www.vatmegroup.com) …
    • Wide open – very few pilots, rare ATC.  Allows you to fly where you want, with who you want and when you want without concern for controlled airspace or busy skies
    • Use your flight sim software the way MS ACES or your software designer intended, even when in Multi-Player mode:
      • Full flexibility to change planes, weather, realism settings – you can do anything while connected to the server that you can do in ‘Free Flight’ mode in FSX (or the equivalent in the software you are using)
      • Does not lock you into a specific aircraft or flight sim setting like ‘GameSpy-like’ servers such as FSOpen do.
    • Supports various versions of Microsoft flight sim software and X-Plane
  • We organize events and provide flight plans for hops and IFR routes.  We will organize hops and events at your request if we can – or let you host your own thing!
  • We can help you expand your flying skills if you would like …
    • Learn pilotage, dead reckoning, VOR and NDB navigation and other skills used by general aviation pilots
    • Learn instrument approaches, use of IFR flight plans including SIDs and STARs and airways navigation as done in the commercial transport world
    • Learn general aviation / VFR radio skills for uncontrolled airports and proper radio procedures for controlled airspace without the crowded servers and high pressure ATC environment.
    • We’ll hold practice sessions at your request to help you improve your flying skills, expand to new aircraft and practice your radio communication and ATC communication skills.
  • We can help you transition to busier environments like VATSIM (www.vatsim.net) with confidence and will fly there with you.  We will provide you access to our library of flight plans pre-programmed for FSX and FlightSim Commander (other formats provided on request, if we can).  No need to fear the busy environments and miss out on flying with a great group of folks like those at VATSIM.
  • We have our own TeamSpeak 3 channel and if you join VATME you will also have access to their TeamSpeak 3 system (which includes a subchannel for VFR Prop Hops and IFR Jet Hops).
  • We can help you set up Multi-Player server and TeamSpeak connections, solve problems with controllers and other peripherals, tweak aircraft and FSX performance and point you to helpful resources, free maps and flight planners and other great stuff.






Windows 8, i7 3770 3.9 GHz, 12 GB DDR3 RAM, NVIDIA GT630 with 2 GB memory to a 42" 1080p widescreen / FSX with Acceleration / TrackIR-5

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Have a look and see what you think. Regular events on their own server using the same technology as Vatsim but without the rules, if you know up from down your qualified to fly with them. More about the social interaction and a bit of fun than anything else.


Proud supporter of the best social network on the web!

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A little late to the party, but what the heck...

Go look at www.fsxbeyondgamespy.com


You will find many of the servers you may have been accustomed to flying with before gamespy got turned off. And maybe many more. They all list their basic focus, and provide the direct connect link, along with a website if they have one. There is everything from hardcore VA groups, to pro ATC servers, to casual fun fly groups.


Like another posted said above, don't jump on the first server that shamelessly plugs itself here. Try some out, and find one or more you like, then get in there and have some fun. There is something for everyone out there.

Do not judge people until you've walked a mile in their shoes. Then at least you are a mile ahead of them when you ###### them off...

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So eventually, gamespy going bust.. only made it better. :D

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