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  1. pegger74

    Problem with taxiway/runway textures

    Could be the texture set for each surface. I don't know how they apply their textures, but FSX by default will show very abrupt lines where texture types change (eg, asphalt to concrete). I've done a few modifications on my own with ADEx and this is quite common where the taxiways intersect aprons and runways, and often they take on weird geometries to fill them selves in with no regard to what I hoped it would look like. Maybe ask the maker of the addon if it is supposed to look like that. Any chance you could put up a screen shot to show what you mean?
  2. I leave it ALL ALL ALL I find too often the meta tags for the aircraft themselves are not proper, so the sorting is kind of sloppy at best. The easiest way to keep my hanger organized is to get rid of junk that I do not use or fly. And my inventory does not change dramatically so it's easy to find the plane I want relatively quickly, since it's always in the same place.
  3. pegger74

    Experience X. Get it.

    Shot 2 has very blank city blocks (no ligths in the interiors of the blocks). Shot 3 has a few light blips scattered here and there through out the city blocks. Shot 1 (ExpX - roads only) is very plain. Not overly impressive is it? Thank you for the comparison! As for the rest of the nonsence above...too bad the thread went this no fault of the OP. Facinating observation about EnvX in that statement! Is it the tone of the lighting? or the colour tone of the monitor/screen?