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  1. It happened to me today on approach to a regional airport (SKLM) in Columbia.
  2. I believe honanhal is talking about Offline traffic using flight plans not Online traffic. I have the same problem with Offline after the last update that he does.
  3. Thanks but when I switch "isAirTraffic = 1 to 0" I get zero traffic both Online & Offline.
  4. Using AIFP to convert AIG flight plans to MSFS and substituting the aircraft that's listed with one of the over 200 A320 neo liveries and 10 B747-8 cargo liveries I've downloaded I had a decent working offline AI system going UNTIL yesterday's update broke something. Now instead of getting the correct planes like Delta & Southwest at KATL I now get a mishmash of airlines like it's just grabbing anything instead of using the icao airline code located in the aircraft.cfg. With Life traffic I still get the correct airline. NOTE - AIG...I have not and will not share or post any of your flight plans online.
  5. You might try making contact with that other author (if you haven't already) so you could each work on different areas which would double your effort and not waste time on duplicates. DISREGARD - I see you've already reached out to him.
  6. Please correct me if I'm wrong but I assume that downloading and using those flight plans privately isn't a problem as long as they aren't included without permission with a published free or for profit program.
  7. That mod was removed because the author apparently used AIG flightplans without obtaining permission.
  8. KBDL is missing a terminal so has stand alone jetways.
  9. I assume this is not necessary if you leave the default sharpening setting at OFF in the Nvidia Control panel?
  10. Looks interesting Martyn. Hopefully Traffic Global for XP will have an automated system for creating ground/taxi routes. Now if JF could just talk Slopey into creating an Air Hauler 2 for XP I would be one very happy camper!
  11. Found this in another Carenado forum and it worked for me Try adding this to your dll.xml file <Launch.Addon> <Name>carenavigraph</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Path>.\carenavigraph.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon>
  12. The databases are located in the Name/AppData/Roaming/Flight One Software/Ultimate Traffic 2 folder and all your repaints are included in the UT2Daily_Official.db & UT2Weekly_Official.db files. If you have only assigned paints to UT2 aircraft then follow fracair's suggestion "copy all the ai aircraft to another folder or another drive, re-install UT2, delete the ai aircraft UT2 installs, copy back your copy of the ai aircraft back to the original folder" I had to reassign my repaints because I had upgraded from a 2014 to a 2016 schedule so that shouldn't affect you. You will still need to make copies of and save the following files before uninstalling: UT2Daily_Official.db Name/AppData/Roaming/Flight One Software/Ultimate Traffic 2 /Databases UT2Weekly_Official.db Name/AppData/Roaming/Flight One Software/Ultimate Traffic 2/Databases UT2interface.db Name/AppData/Roaming/Flight One Software/Ultimate Traffic 2 (This file gets updated every time you use UT2) UT2 Aircraft FSX/SimObjects/
  13. It's been several years since I had to install UT2 on a new computer but to save all my repaints I had to go to my Name/AppData/Roaming/Flight One Software/Ultimate Traffic 2 folder and copy & save the UT2interface.db file along with all my Databases then reinstall UT2 and move all those files back to their original folders. Note: this will only work as long as you keep the same UT2 flight schedule. I recently updated to their latest 2016 schedule and had to reassign most of my repaints.
  14. Is there an updated AFCAN file available for this scenery? I noticed that I have no AI traffic movement at TFFF so ran a check with ADE which found multiple errors using it's fault finder utility.
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