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  1. No glut of 3080's...The Dallas Metroplex area Best Buy stores have been out of 3080's for several months and the few they receive in stock sell immediately and at Amazon they are way over priced.
  2. This is from the Carenado Facebook page: Version 1.1 CARENADO PC12 MSFS RELEASED -Fixed bug that causes battery draining. -Fixed weight and balance default loading configuration. -Fixed GPS approach capability with GP using GTNxi. -Fixed fuel pumps initial condition. -Improved IAS indication, corrected for temperature. -Improved electrical system logic. -Improved FPS performance. -Implemented new EHSI display features. -Implemented fully functional GPU. -Other minor bug fixes.
  3. I often fly 1-2 hour flights with the PC12 and have never encountered this bug. I do power off the Avidyne system before each flight so perhaps that is the reason. I also start my flight on the runway with the engine running.
  4. DX11 and DLSS (Quality) with the new game ready driver. My RTX3070 temp dropped 20 degrees.
  5. Have you found any solution for the VFR map zoom in & out problem using the mouse scroll?
  6. For some reason after installing Sim Update 10 I can no longer zoom in or out of the VFR map...it's stuck at 5nm. I loaded MSFS with an empty community folder so it's not any of the mods that are causing it and I'm still using DX11 with the 516.94 drivers. I've always used the mouse scroll wheel before with the pointer inside the map box but it no longer works.
  7. I have also noticed a lot of those battery drain reports at the MSFS official forum but haven't had any myself so am wondering what I'm doing differently then those folks. Just finished a 2hr+ flight and the voltage never dropped from the takeoff reading of 24.4V. Now I always start on the RW with my engine running not cold and dark so wondering if that has any thing to do with it?
  8. Is it just me or are the AP Up/Down vertical speed buttons not working?
  9. Bought it for FSX & XP11 so will go for the trifecta...it's my favorite aircraft. When SWS comes out with the glass cockpit version guess I'll buy that too.
  10. Carenado posted an update today: Dear friends, we are very happy to inform you that the PC12 project was finished and handed over to Microsoft to be uploaded to the simulator marketplace, Microsoft recently told us that this will happen in the first days of September, we appreciate all the shows of support and understanding setbacks in the development of this project, thank you all very much and we hope you have fun with this wonderful plane!
  11. The PC12 has advanced from "soon" to very close! https://www.facebook.com/Carenado/
  12. A few missing mid-size USA airports: KMDT, KABQ, KSAT & KSMF.
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