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Wait for occulus rift or get TrackIR 5?

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I was about to get the TrackIR 5 to use with FSX and X-Plane 10, but with the news about the upcoming occulus rift VR glasses, I'm not so sure anymore. What are your opinions on this? The VR glasses sound like it would totally make the flight simming experience very immersive and thats what is sparking my interest the most. Not sure how well it will work with flight sims but it certainly sounds like cool technology to get yourself "inside" the game and actually feel as though you're there.

Aaron Vinci


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I'm not a big fan of wearing "stuff" on me while I'm on my computer (Headset and that's it). So, I recommend TrackIR. Not only because the Pro Clip is small and attaches to your headset, but also because the software is fantastic. You can program any key to center your "head", and to turn off the camera. It also has some presets for MANY games (FSX is there), or you can also use a premade configuration that someone else has made. (I recommend Seth's or Stephen's profile)

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The OcculusRift might be a great device to increase immersion. If it lives up to expectations it might be on of the "must have" hardware add ons.

However, there is one huge problem with this device which makes it (almost) totally useless with serious flightsims: it only works if all you rely on is the in-game cockpit.

You can't see secondary monitors with flightplans/utilities/weathermap, you can't see a tablet next to your desk, you can't see the throttle quadrant or Saitek panels etc. These all must be operated by feel.


Even if you don't use any of that stuff it's problematic: it's great for looking around in the cockpit but actually operating any of the virtual knobs and levers is more difficult. That's also true if you are using TrackIR but at least you can operate a physical keyboard to make things work.

It might be great fun for aircraft like the Piper Cub or a sailplane though.


Allard Sijm

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I read a blog post yesterday where one of the "experimenters" has added a web cam to his OR headset. The downside to that is that it's an "either-or" solution, and still requires keystrokes or a dedicated "button" to switch from one to the other.

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Speaking just for myself, I think a fair compromise might be to build something along the lines of 3d glasses rather than fully enclosed goggles. That would allow the occasional peek under the glasses. It would reduce the immersion somewhat, but still be an improvement. I personally don't use periferals like switch boxes or secondary monitors, so all I'd need is the occasional peek at the keyboard and to be able to find my coffee cup.

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