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How Serious Do You Take Your Flight Simulation? :Poll

How seriously do you take flight simulation:poll  

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  1. 1. What Level Do You Take Your Flight Simulation Seriously?

    • Very seriously, all procedures, charts, flight planning, checklists nearly all the time
    • I only take it seriously with the above occasionally and at least more than half
    • Entirely depends on mood and time
    • Almost never. Casual and just a game, out of curiosity or complete missions
    • Its a frustrating hobby and im considering giving up.
  2. 2. Aircraft Criteria

    • Heavy systems and accurate modelling nearly all the time
    • Medium systems and accuracy is satisfactory nearly all the time
    • I have a good mix of both heavy and medium systems and accurate modelling
    • Light systems, and freeware as long as it looks good and flies
    • Any of the above. Price sensitive and developer reputation is deciding factor
  3. 3. How serious do you take weather,ATC,AI ,Scenery and other realism extras into account?

    • Yes all are very important and taken seriously within limitations of simulator
    • Some are important and should be accurate within limitations of simulator
    • Nice to haves and dont pay too much to accuracy. Just enjoy them
    • Anything default is good enough for me

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There is a number of discussions that involve how seriously we take flight simulation or not. More of a game or a simulation. Be it FSX,FS9, XPX, P3D, or any other.

Interested to see how the community is divided up in terms of levels of seriousness. As with any hobby, there is hardcore, mainstream, passing interest and anything in between. I apologize if this similar thread was brought up before but my search didnt find much along the same lines. Demographic survey touches on it, but is not meant to focus on levels of seriousness.

Dave Seminchuk  CYVR LSZH 


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I was looking for a reply option like


"I don't activate the failure mode, but I think it's quite reassuring actually to know that it is implemented!"   :lol:


Seriously, my kind of flying changes every day/with every single flight.

What happened to AVSIM

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Where's the option for "Extremely serious.  I even wear a pilot uniform"? :lol:


I like both lite and complex systems.  Even when I fly complex aircrafts like the NGX, I dont bother with SID or STAR and I use default ATC and flight planner.  So I don't consider myself serious at all.

I just like the feeling of flying and using effects like bloom, weather, etc to add a nice atmosphere.

Maurice Tan    Nature Boy

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I take my simming very VERY seriously.

Each session sees my buttocks clenched, brow furrowed, teeth clenched and eyes fixed steely eyed upon my monitor and distant horizon.




Get that gear down you bugger.


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Enough to spend hundreds of dollars to make it look good then fly around and take pretty screenshots :) Hey at least i'm honest.




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