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FS9 portovers in FSX/DX10 with Steve Fixer

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Yes Steve's Fixer fix portovers in DX10! I can now fly my favourite portovers in FSX! But there is a slight glitch I cannot solve... Help wanted... Glass cockpit is missing, inside or out... Sometimes it's no big deal, sometimes it's a show stopper. Any idea? Here's some screen captures that says it all...


This is Roy Chaffin's RCS B25J. Lots of cockpit glass..., all lost in DX10, and it shows...


Here in DX9




Same in DX10:




Virtual Cockpit in DX9:




VC in DX10




All FS9 portovers seems to be affected. It's not a texture issue, I tried many hacks with the alpha layer, useless...


Here's the Samdim An 30 in DX9...




...and in DX10, must be quite windy inside...




In the "Vitamin" Tu-154M, there is also an issue with the gauges, maybe a semi-transparent layer on top of gauges that doesn't show properly in DX10... so sad...


Here in DX9




... and in DX10...




Any comment or help appreciated!


RCS North American B25-J:

Samdim Antonov An-30 v3: @

Vitamin Tupolev Tu-154M with VC: @

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Basically the same aircraft as the Chaffin B25 - the MAAM version has a fix for the glass, and she works fine in DX10.    I know - that's no help...  :(



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Thanks guys for your feedback... I'm not trying to fix these FS9 aircrafts, these were only some examples. I'd love to fix any FS9 aircraft in DX10... Lots of aircrafts are not yet recompiled with FSX, like the Tu-154M (the Tu-154B-2 was indeed ported to FSX by Kirill Konovalov, but the B2 is not as sleek as the M version, every Tupolev fan will tell you that!). The list of FS9 candidates are endless: Dassault Falcon, Comet, VC10, Caravelle, Trident, Bac 1-11, Convair 880, etc...


I'm suspecting this is not a texture issue, for instance there is no glass texture in the Samdim Antonov, so no alpha layer to play with. The glass opacity is (I think) coded into the MDL file. Steve's Toolbox do access and change the MDL file for the external regular textures (so they don't show white in DX10). What I think is that Steve couldn't find a way -- yet -- to hack the glass opacity inside the MDL file.


My hope is that a fix is possible, and I'm sure if Steve look into it, he'll find it! Maybe MAAM Sim did find the trick and recompiled their MDL file accordingly. So it can done!




Rear view of the Vitamin Tu-154M, she's so sexy...

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Here is a little more feedback.

I had none of the three aircraft installed but your topic

piqued my interest.

The following screenshots are all in Dx10 with the Fixer applied

with all the sliders in their default positions.


The B 25 appears to have been fixed by Mr Chaffin and without modification,

looked like this.





The Samdim AN-30 looked like this




and by applying an alpha channel to the correct part of the relevant texture I was able to make it look like this.




The Tuploev looked like this, I couldn't find a link to the gauges, do you have one?




once again, adding an alpha channel to the correct texture resulted in this.




I don't think, therefore, that your lack of glass textures lies in any kind of problem with the Fixer, rather with the way you may have applied it, the textures and/or the way your PC displays them.

Overall, your PC seems to display glass in a much more transparent way than mine, so transparent perhaps, as to be entirely invisible.


So long as an Fs9 model is compatible with FSX, there is almost always a way to make the textures display correctly, whether by changing their format, adding, modifying or removing an alpha channel or some other means.

MaamSim's DC3 started life in Fs98 and with various modifications by them and others over the years, is still one of the best DC3 models available, even in FSX DX10.

Problems encountered have included solid propeller discs, invisible engine and VC parts and opaque and missing glass textures, all fixed by manipulating the relevant textures.

The one thing that has not changed since the advent of FSX is the aircraft model.


By the way, the Tu 154 B2 I linked to was not "ported to FSX", it is an entirely native FSX model.




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Thanks Nick! So I have to check what is wrong with my setup... maybe a Nvidia setting...  I have an old GTX260M, maybe it's hopeless... but I'll keep trying!


For the Tu-154M try this panel with FSX compatible gauges by Dimitri Danilov: @ avsimrus Then try this in the VC section of the panel.cfg, but you need also some regular PT Tu-154M or B2 gauges... Can't upload my panel, too much copyrights issues...

//--------------------- captain --------------------------


gauge00=XmlEffects!AutoSmoke, 1,1,1,1
gauge02=Kingair!Vsi,  403,629,108,94 // STT_RP_TCAS_V0_19L!IVA_81A_VC
gauge06=154_b2t!IKU-1A,  409,836,101,102
gauge07=154_B2t!2UV-5,  522,627,110,90
gauge08=154_B2t!Agr-72, 529,523,98,89 // es_154b2x_1_0!LS_AGR_72
gauge09=154_b2t!2AUASP,  404,529,106,85 // pnk_154b2x_1_0!AUASP
gauge12=154_b2t!UVO-15,  114,778,98,83
gauge13=es_154b2x_1_0!Pressure1Gauge,  324,956,23,74
gauge14=es_154b2x_1_0!Pressure2Gauge,  347,956,23,74
gauge15=es_154b2x_1_0!Pressure3Gauge,  370,956,23,74
gauge20=154_b2t!UM-1K,  113,872,104,107
gauge21=154_b2t!KUS-730-1100,  2,812,94,82
gauge22=STT_Clock_V2_0!Clock_M_1,  -6,916,105,90
gauge25=154_b2t!ITE1T-3,  924,500,104,94
gauge26=pnk_154b2x_1_0!USH-3,  831,862,172,158
gauge27=pnk_154b2x_1_0!USH_DB,  835,664,162,131
gauge28=154_b2t!Eup-53,  677,657,101,88
gauge29=pnk_154b2x_1_0!Tablo_1,  22,655,80,137
gauge30=pnk_154b2x_1_0!Kontrol_Lamp,  160,994,21,21
gauge31=pnk_154b2x_1_0!Tablo_3,  231,456,152,34
gauge32=pnk_154b2x_1_0!Tablo_2,  124,609,80,60
gauge33=154_b2t!Eng1_Revers,  699,604,85,22
//gauge34=154_b2t!Eng1_Revers,  815,604,85,22 // no reverse on engine 2
gauge35=154_b2t!Eng3_Revers,  935,604,85,22
gauge36=pnk_154b2x_1_0!Tablo_3,  231,543,153,35
gauge37=pnk_154b2x_1_0!Tablo_201,  63,636,40,20
gauge38=pnk_154b2x_1_0!Tablo_Trim_B,  650,853,55,66
gauge39=pnk_154b2x_1_0!Tablo_Trim,  695,851,47,46
gauge40=pnk_154b2x_1_0!Tablo_6a_b,  879,810,41,21
gauge41=es_154b2x_1_0!LowPressureLamp1,  315,928,12,12
gauge42=es_154b2x_1_0!LowPressureLamp2,  342,928,12,12
gauge43=es_154b2x_1_0!LowPressureLamp3,  370,928,12,12
gauge44=pnk_154b2x_1_0!Tablonn_71,  -4,527,85,53
gauge45=pnk_154b2x_1_0!Tablonn_72,  73,511,85,55
gauge46=pnk_154b2x_1_0!Tablonn_73,  149,528,85,53
gauge47=pnk_154b2x_1_0!Tablonn_74,  -6,567,89,50
gauge48=pnk_154b2x_1_0!Tablonn_75,  74,550,84,52

//--------------------- overhead and radar--------------------------


gauge00=groza!ICU,  0,0,324, 350
gauge01=kln90b!Kln90B, 0,868,433,151
gauge03=pnk_154b2x_1_0!AZS_RazvKol,  19,789,20,31
gauge04=NN_pnk_154m_v1_36!AZS_KOLESO,  19,831,19,39
gauge05=NN_pnk_154m_v1_36!AZS_FARY_Kr,  104,795.6,16,32
gauge06=NN_pnk_154m_v1_36!AZS_FARY_F,  135,795.6,16,32
gauge07=NN_pnk_154m_v1_36!AZS_FARY_Pol,  756,14,17,37
gauge08=NN_pnk_154m_v1_36!AZS_LAND_TAXI_F,  135,831.7,16,32
gauge09=NN_pnk_154m_v1_36!AZS_LAND_TAXI_Kr, 102,831.7,16,32
gauge10=pnk_154b2x_1_0!AT_Pult,  432,1,108,209
gauge11=pnk_154b2x_1_0!AZS_Bustery,  324,287,87,49
gauge12=NN_pnk_154m_v1_36!ARK15_1_Pult,  437,815,189,205
gauge13=NN_pnk_154m_v1_36!ARK15_2_Pult,  628,815,189,205
gauge14=NN_pnk_154m_v1_36!KursMP_pult_1,  820,759,201,129
gauge15=NN_pnk_154m_v1_36!KursMP_pult_2,  820,890,201,129
gauge16=NN_pnk_154m_v1_36!COM_1_fr,  1,599,200,91
gauge17=NN_pnk_154m_v1_36!COM_2_fr,  1,692,200,90
gauge18=NN_pnk_154m_v1_36!RSBN_Pult_2,  0,443,197,155 // 1,443,185,152
gauge19=NN_pnk_154m_v1_36!TKS_Pult,  201,468,180
gauge20=NS_TC_154m_25!CO-72M,  202,605,195,176 
gauge21=NN_pnk_154m_v1_36!KursMP_Select,  1,357,200,85
gauge22=STT_RP_TCAS_V0_17L!TCAS_Pult,  542,1,172,174
//gauge02=NN_pnk_154m_v1_36!ABSU_Pult,  323,1,108,282
gauge23=154_b2t!PU-46,  324,145,107,140 // NN_pnk_154m_v1_36!ABSU_Pult
gauge24=154_B2t!PN-5,   323,1,106,140   // NN_pnk_154m_v1_36!ABSU_Pult
//gauge25=154_b2t!Pn-6,  431,0,61,209

//--------------------- copilot --------------------------


gauge00=154_b2t!Pkp-1d,  646,87,159,140
gauge01=154_b2t!2pnp-1,  649,245,150,139
gauge02=154_B2t!US-I-6,  526,119,104,87
gauge03=154_b2t!UVO-15,  527,222,98,83
gauge04=Kingair!VSI, 814,195,105,96 // STT_RP_TCAS_V0_19L!IVA_81A
gauge05=NN_pnk_154m_v1_36!ISD_2, 537,321,80,76
gauge06=STT_VBE_V1_02!VBE_1, 816,298,105,96
gauge07=154_B2t!Ups_2,  90,5,104,88
gauge08=154_B2t!Upz-154,  218,3,104,88
gauge09=pnk_154b2x_1_0!USVP,  23,162,106,109
gauge10=pnk_154b2x_1_0!RSBN_PPDA, 16,272,121,108,
gauge11=STT_Clock_V2_0!Clock_M_1,  21,415,109,96
gauge12=154_B2t!Gear_Ind_2, 350,-2,119,63
gauge13=154_b2t!Predkr,  386,75,41,18 // tu154m!FlapL
gauge14=es_154b2x_1_0!FlapsSpoilersLamps,  233,100,253,20 
gauge15=154_b2t!KUS-730-1100,  528,32,97,79

//--------------------- ADI/HSI --------------------------


gauge00=154_b2t!Pkp-1d,  0,1,256,256 
gauge01=154_b2t!2pnp-1,  1,249,256,256
gauge02=154_b2t!Pkp-1d,  255,1,256,256 
gauge03=154_b2t!2pnp-1,  255,249,256,256

//--------------------- copilot  --------------------------


gauge01=Kingair!VSI,  0,0,451,448  // STT_RP_TCAS_V0_19L!IVA_81A
//gauge02=STT_RP_TCAS_V0_19L!TCAS_Sound_Sys,  1,1,1,1
gauge03=154_b2t!2AUASP,  1168,0,232,232
gauge04=154_B2t!US-I-6,  1759,1283,290,288
gauge05=154_B2t!2UV-5,  1598,0,261,256
gauge06=154_b2t!2AUASP,  1168,0,232,232
gauge07=154_b2t!UVID-FK, 0,449,303,288
gauge08=154_b2t!ITE1T-1,  0,739,191,196 // es_154b2x_1_0!ITE_1T_1_c2
gauge09=154_b2t!ITE1T-2,  0,937,191,196 // es_154b2x_1_0!ITE_1T_2
gauge10=154_b2t!ITE1T-3,  0,1134,191,196 // es_154b2x_1_0!ITE_1T_3
gauge11=154_B2t!Agr-72, 1402,0,192,205
gauge12=pnk_154b2x_1_0!USH-3,  1608,1575,440,473
gauge13=pnk_154b2x_1_0!USH_DB,  0,1331,274,275
gauge14=154_b2t!IKU-1A,  854,0,311,346
gauge15=154_B2t!Ups_2,  1862,195,186,194
gauge16=154_B2t!Upz-154,  1862,0,186,194
gauge17=154_B2t!Gear_Ind_2, 663,1723,327,235
gauge18=154_b2t!UVO-15,  1763,996,285,285
gauge19=NN_pnk_154m_v1_36!ISD_2, 425,1374,145,143
gauge20=NN_pnk_154m_v1_36!ISD_2, 277,1374,145,143
gauge21=pnk_154b2x_1_0!RSBN_PPDA, 992,1738,311,311,
gauge22=STT_Clock_V2_0!Clock_M_1,  1828,789,220,206
gauge23=154_b2t!Predkr,  455,404,90,45 // tu154m!FlapL
gauge24=es_154b2x_1_0!FlapsSpoilersLamps,  455,359,450,45
gauge25=154_b2t!KUS-730-1100,  194,739,193,200
gauge26=es_154b2x_1_0!Pressure1Gauge,  97,1611,34,90
gauge27=es_154b2x_1_0!Pressure2Gauge,  133,1611,34,90
gauge28=es_154b2x_1_0!Pressure3Gauge,  169,1611,34,90
gauge30=154_b2t!UM-1K,  291,1520,370,436
gauge31=154_b2t!Eup-53,  305,449,229,228
gauge32=pnk_154b2x_1_0!Tablonn_71,  663,1644,115,77
gauge33=pnk_154b2x_1_0!Tablonn_72,  780,1644,115,77
gauge34=pnk_154b2x_1_0!Tablonn_73,  898,1644,115,77
gauge35=pnk_154b2x_1_0!Tablonn_74,  1016,1660,115,76
gauge36=pnk_154b2x_1_0!Tablonn_75,  1133,1663,115,73
gauge37=pnk_154b2x_1_0!Tablo_1,  -10,1732,150,315
gauge38=pnk_154b2x_1_0!Kontrol_Lamp,  141,1705,23,22
gauge39=pnk_154b2x_1_0!Tablo_3,  291,1958,300,90
gauge40=pnk_154b2x_1_0!Tablo_2,  137,1913,152,138
gauge41=154_b2t!Eng1_Revers,  1898,650,150,45
gauge42=154_b2t!Eng1_Revers,  1898,697,150,45 // 154_b2t!Eng2_Revers missing
gauge43=154_b2t!Eng3_Revers,  1898,743,150,45
gauge44=pnk_154b2x_1_0!USVP,  1306,1691,300,361
gauge45=pnk_154b2x_1_0!Tablo_Trim_B,  140,1776,90,135
gauge46=pnk_154b2x_1_0!Tablo_Trim,  3,1641,90,90
gauge47=pnk_154b2x_1_0!Tablo_201,  97,1710,40,22
gauge48=es_154b2x_1_0!LowPressureLamp1,  4,1612,26,26
gauge49=es_154b2x_1_0!LowPressureLamp2,  32,1612,26,26
gauge50=es_154b2x_1_0!LowPressureLamp3,  60,1612,26,26
gauge51=154_b2t!UM-1K,  1851,391,197,197

//--------------------- Lights --------------------------


gauge00=pnk_154b2x_1_0!AZS_RazvKol,  19,789,20,31
gauge01=pnk_154b2x_1_0!AZS_KOLESO,  19,831,19,39
gauge02=pnk_154b2x_1_0!AZS_FARY_Kr,  104,795,16,32
gauge03=pnk_154b2x_1_0!AZS_FARY_F,  135,795,16,32
gauge04=pnk_154b2x_1_0!AZS_FARY_Pol,  164,797,17,37
gauge05=pnk_154b2x_1_0!AZS_LAND_TAXI_F,  135,831,16,32
gauge06=pnk_154b2x_1_0!AZS_LAND_TAXI_Kr,  102,831,16,32

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I found my bug! I had modified the "bkg.bmp" file, you know, this is the default background texture located in the FSX root folder. Steve's version was too dark and too big for my taste, but I was very wrong to change it! Now everything works as intended !


Thanks Roy (for updating the B25) Nick (for the clever feedback) and Steve (for the DX10 fixer, it really fix it!).




Even the Tu is ok! Same with the An-30!




A new door just opened for me... endless hours trying my favourites FS9 aircrafts in DX10. This is the late Igor Suprunov Yak-40, ex FS9 payware, now freeware...






Note: a FSX port-over version of the SD Yak-40 was made by Andrey Vinogradov:

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For the Tupolev,



Open it with DxtBmp and create an Alpha template.

Save it as a DXT5 .bmp.


For the AN 30





You will see the six bits of glass about half way down on the right.

Using a "magic wand" select these six shapes and create a new blank image 1024x1024.

Copy and paste them into the new blank page and name it "alpha".


Using DxtBmp again, import your new alpha file and save it as a DXT5 .bmp file.

The windows will now be see through.


Good luck.



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I did this last night using the MAAM-Sim B25 and can confirm this works as Nick has suggested.

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found my bug! I had modified the "bkg.bmp" file, you know, this is the default background texture located in the FSX root folder. Steve's version was too dark and too big for my taste, but I was very wrong to change it! Now everything works as intended !


Yes the bkg.bmp isn't just a simple background  - it is also used to detect when textures are not there.  I could probably make a darker version if you desired in a future release (as an option).

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Color is quite ok, thanks Steve for your proposition.


Maybe a suggestion: I reduced the size and weight of bkg.bmp from 1024x1024 pixels / 3,073 KB to 16x16 pixels / 1 KB. It loads way faster, and works just as fine... well so far...


This is so much fun revisiting all my favourite FS9 portovers in DX10... Post yours too, with ext. and VC pics please!


Here's the David Maltby Bac 1-11...






DM Bac 1-11:

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Ilyushin Il-18 by Bazis, Konovalov, Kravchenko, et. al. ( @ avsimrus)







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I am delighted that you have solved your problem.


You should really try the native FSX Tu154-B2.

It's a payware quality aircraft at a freeware price and a huge challenge to start, never mind fly.







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Yes thanks to Sean from SOH I know how to start the wonderful Kirill Konovalov FSX native PT Tu-154B-2...


But I still believe the old Vitamin FS9 Tu-154M has better textures and details...


FSX Kirill's Tu-154B-2 landing gear




FS9 Vitamin Tu-154M




But this Tu-154M was never completely finished, some textures are missing in the VC, and systems are wrong... too bad... With a lot of efforts I could fix some area in the rear, but what's the point... Kirill version (at least the VC) is wonderful indeed.


Here the FS9 Vitamin Tu-154M VC (rear) with my fixed texture "4vc.bmp" (will try to upload it somewhere... stay tuned!)




To fix the rear cockpit texture, use this link, rename the JPG "4vc", and export as extended 32bits BMP file. Put in texture folder.

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More FS9 portovers to try in FSX DX10 with Steve's Fixer!
Here's an old classic, but still nice, even in DX10: Yannick Lavigne's Dassault Falcon 50:







Now it's your turn to post your favorite portovers, with credits, images and link please...

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Maybe a suggestion: I reduced the size and weight of bkg.bmp from 1024x1024 pixels / 3,073 KB to 16x16 pixels / 1 KB. It loads way faster, and works just as fine... well so far...


mmmm  I wouldn't trust it - there are particular shades of grey used at specific offsets that are tested for at the highest mipmap level.


Nice pictures by the way.

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Yes you're right, I reverted to your bkg.bmp, and looks like my sim is more stable...


Another FS9 classic you can enjoy in DX10 thanks to Steve's fixer, the F-86 Sabre by SectionF8 (





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Another one looking good in DX10 too: The FS2004/FSX Mitsubishi F-2A Type Package by Team FS KBT/ Hiroaki Kubota (Simviation)






I know these fighters dont belong here, but this scenery is so nice: RAF Coningsby by John Young (UKMIL).

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How you doing, I just installed the Falcon 50, bmp8texture the box is checked, but I still have a ghost of Falcon50

i,send a MP

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How you doing, I just installed the Falcon 50, bmp8texture the box is checked, but I still have a ghost of Falcon50



You need to use the DX10 Toolbox program included in Steve package. It's a bit hidden, it's not in the main Fixer interface. In my PC it's here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\DX10SceneryFixer\DX10Toolbox.exe

Make a desktop shortcut since you're going to get addicted to this toolbox!


To convert a FS9 aircraft to FSX, that's another story. But to convert an already FSX-DX9 compatible aircraft to FSX-DX10, here's a few tricks:


Step 1


- Install the aircraft in SimObjects like you usually do

- Open Toolbox / Menu "Aircraft" / option "Tag model as aircraft"

- Select the aircraft you want to convert (select the aircraft folder name, not the cfg or mdl file)

- Click OK. If there is some error detected, no big deal, say OK to each error, that's it


Step 2


You usually need to convert old 8 bits textures to DX10 compatible textures:


Open the toolbox

- Menu "Textures" / option "Convert 8 bits textures"

- Select each texture folder (one for each repaint) and the toolbox will convert only the 8 bits bmp files

- Launch FSX and go for a spin with you old/new toy!


In the main DX10 Fixer interface, you don't need to tick the box "8bit texture fix" since you just fixed them at step 2. This option is only for debugging, don't leave it on.


Here you go! Works fine for quite a lot of FS9 aircrafts. Of course you'll have issues with gauges, propellers and glass, the usual stuff... But some FS9 aircrafts are already FSX DX9 compatible, like the B25J, the Yak-40, the Bell 412 (below) or the Falcon 50, so Steve toolbox works very well.






Hovercontrol Bell 412 FSX portover, now in DX10 too!

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Gents - resurrecting this thread in a hope that you might be able to help me out with a cockpit glass problem I'm having with two aircraft I dug out of the Virtavia Alphasim bone yard. The both have the same issue: The cockpit glass appears perfect when there is terrain or blue sky behind it, but vanishes when there are clouds or autogen trees or buildings behind it. The texture files are DTX 5 with what I think is a correct Alpha channel. I've tried a few formats and tried varying the RBG content and Alpha channel grey shade to see if it's working and it all appears fine, except for this vanishing issue.


I'm using the fixer with one of the aircraft tagged and Legacy shader. (One needs it, the other doesn't.) Both were flagged as having 'Legacy' MDL files by the Fixer toolbox. This is not specifically a DX10 problem as it appears in DX9 mode as well.

Any ideas?

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I believe that this effect is a problem with the model, rather than the texture.

I have seen it often with propellers, which disappear when viewed against a

3D background and also propellers which cut a hole in the 3D object behind


I don't think that there is a solution but if there is, I have a couple of aircraft I

could apply it to.




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I think Nick is correct, and I think it will behave the same in dx9 as well.

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