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P3DV2.1 stutter or no stutter

P3DV2.1 Stutters Yes or No  

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  1. 1. Are you getting stutters in P3DV2.1?

  2. 2. What OS are you running?

  3. 3. Do you use controllers (yokes, joysticks, rudders)?

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I was using the latest Nvidia driver for my GTX780 and using NVidia Inspector.  Flying the Alaebo Cutlass, the white outlines around each piece of radio gear was slightly jagged and pixelating.  My friend MartyB suggested I go back to the 332.21 drivers and just use the profile tool in the Nvidia Control Panel.


I did that (as well as delete the shaders so P3D would rebuild them) and the results have been much better for me.  So for the time being, I'm staying at the 332.21 driver and not using Nvidia Inspector.  Stutters were never an issue for me.  I've been tweaking for clarity and visual aspects versus fps and no stutters.

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I am sure it is. At least, that's clearly the case on my PC. Without NI enhancements (and crappy AA in P3D ^_^ ) performance is great, clouds or no clouds: I really don't notice a difference. But with NI's enhancements (and great AA!) performance is ok (though overall lower than without those settings) but when I fly into clouds, performance very obviously drops. Those NI settings don't play well at ALL with clouds. It's one of the reasons why I usually fly with only some high cirrus. ^_^ Other reasons are that I don't feel like buying REX4 for cloud textures only AND I am not too happy with the rotating clouds 'feature'. I am sure though that one day I'll be sick and tired of flying with a blue sky but maybe by then we'll have another patch or another PC. :P


With my PC its the combo of 5760x1080 and SGSS that would kill performance with clouds.. So i settled for "Override" and either AA_MODE_METHOD_SUPERSAMPLE_4X_BIAS or AA_MODE_METHOD_SUPERVCAA_64X_4v12 for Antialiasing setting.. and for Transparency, instead of SGSS I use off/multisampling.. and set in P3d to either 4 or 8 samples.


SGSS is just too much at my resolution.. if not in a region like NYCX or Aerosoft San Fran.. even with thick cloud cover things hold up well fps wise.. with thick clouds say 18-24 fps all depending.  Of course with NYCX i really cant get above 18 fps close up to the city no matter what the sky is set to.  For instance, near KSEA with a heavy thunderstorm, rain, the whole works, in a c90 aircraft with a pretty hidef cockpit, frames hold in the mid 20s for me (no SGSS but with 64X_4v12, FTXG only, hybrid unchecked, 4096 textures via Rex4).


My 780ti doesnt really hit ram max during tests.. but does on GPU at times.. i'd love to try another 780ti in SLI mode and see how these numbers change, once SLI works.


I dont use in app or in NI FXAA either.. too blurry, but as a result more flashing objects though.

MSI z690-a Unify; 1000 watt evga SuperNova Platinum; 12900kf at 1.255 adaptive LLC6, auto avx, auto Pcore, E-4.0ghz, Ring-4.1ghz, PL 241watt (Cine96c, games 83c case side On); DDR5 Gskill F5-6400J3239G16GA2-TZ5RS  at 6400mhz autovolt, Kraken x73 360mm; Thermaltake v51 Case; Gigabyte 4090 OC;  VR-Varjo Aero;  AstronomicallySpeaking:

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