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Black flashes in high level clouds

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Hello dear community,


I have issues using FSX in DX10 mode together with REX4 textures and Active Sky Next (newest version).

Sometimes if I pan around in the cockpit or outside of the aircraft,

there are some black flashes instead of a cloud especially in high altitudes.


I tried to make a video with my iPad, but I don´t know if the problem is noticable in the video:



Also here are two screenshots where the problem occurs:

foto1tpkpw.png foto2cujty.png


Here is the software that I use, my config and my system specs:


DX10SF (newest version)

REX4 textures (DXT5 1024)

ActiveSky Next (newest hotfix)

sweetFX 1.5.1


FSX.cfg: https://db.tt/87pLLCmm

nvinspector settings: https://db.tt/DU4POkWs


Haswell 4770K @4,5GHz cpu

8GB DDR3-1600 memory

evga gtx780 ti graphics card

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

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From your .cfg:








Could be a sign that you are pushing the DX10 limits with the terrain entry, try backing off a little.  I run DX10 as well and have almost eliminated the black flashes.  My settings are a little different:



Bufferpools=0   ..... You have UsePools which I think is the same.


AffinityMask=84   .... I take it that you have HyperThreading active otherwise it would be =14


MESH_RESOLUTION=25   ..... Try to reduce this a little say down to =23


It could even be that your LOD=5.5 may be pushing the limits.

\Robert Hamlich/


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I noticed this too... I also use REX4, ASN and DX10 with the fixer and high clouds seem to momentarily flash black-grey rectangles when panning around, like they are reloading/refreshing themselves.


I remember seeing this issue on REX OD high level clouds as well - when using ASN.


This does not occur if I run FSX without ASN. I can pan around and the high level clouds display normally. So I think the issue is with Active Sky Next (ASN) and the way the weather program controls the high level clouds.


Note: Still an issue with Hotfix 3.


Hopefully the ASN devs will fix this issue in the upcoming Service Pack!



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I tested now a few options:


1. using ASN with changed settings in the fsx.cfg like HUSSAR recommended.

-> flashes still occur


2. using FS Global Real Weather with my original fsx.cfg

-> no flashes


3. using OpusFSX with my original fsx.cfg

-> no flashes.


It seems really like it is a ASN-related issue :(

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Try setting 2x Sparse Grid SS in the Inspector and 2X AA in the Fixer.. This seems to cure the high level cloud black flashes using Active Sky Next (at least on my system).


I also have the High-mid level cloud resolution set to 1024 in REX4... and CDD min & max in ASN at the default 90 miles.

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You should post at the Asn (HiFi Sim) forum and submit a ticket.

\Robert Hamlich/


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Here´s another little problem I found:



This smoke is following the aircraft. What can I do against?


I was getting this and I'll bet you took off from a wet runway. It's actually a spray or wash. I cured it with one of these in your aircraft.cfg file under the [Effects] section. For some reason it didn't happen on every aircraft. The one that fixed it was the SnowEngineWash=false item, even though it was just rain. I am not at the computer so add these one by one to your aircraft.cfg and check the results. Your results may be different than mine so give them a try










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Hello Hussar:


It was the one of the ASN devs that was helping FsInMotion and myself with the issue that suggested lowering AA and I replied back that it worked.

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Hi sfm48, great, I saw the post at HIFI.  Hopefully the issue will be resolved but as Kostas says it is the way that FSX draws the clouds.  The DX10 SF does have the option to discard the shader cache, simply uninstall and reinstall the libraries and the cache will be rebuilt the next time FSX starts up.

\Robert Hamlich/


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I am not sure of the need to rebuild the cache but you don't need to uninstall/install to do it - just go into any dialog e.g general, no need to change anything just select OK and all the DX10 shaders will be rebuilt the next time FSX runs.

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I bumped SGSS back up to 4x in the Nvidia Inspector (scenery too jittery looking at SGSS 2x) and 4x AA in the DX10 Fixer - then ticked the cloud cull option in the Fixer cloud shader.


Now, I don't see as much black flashes in the upper clouds using Active Sky Next!


FsInMotion, Try ticking the cloud cull option in the cloud shader, also make sure everything else is ticked in the cloud shader and see if the upper level cloud black flashing is reduced on your system.

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Just a note:


This problem is NOT fixed in ASN v3.  It is really annoying.  Large black flashes in the sky if you rotate your view.


Without ASN it goes away.


For people saying only use x2 AA - that is ridiculous.  FS looks terrible at those setting.  It needs x4 minimum.  I actually use x8.


HiFi need to fix this soon as possible, but as it has been years now, I hold out little hope.  The large black flashes spoil the program completely.  I am on the weeks trial for v3 and I am thinking of ditching it.  Honestly, I love the features of ASN, but other weather programs don't display this issue at all.

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