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Let's have another world tour/plans for -300ER thread

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So I just figured, to kill some time, lets make plans for where I'm gonna fly to with our soon to be acquired -300ER.

Because lets be honest, the B777-300ER is a magnificent aircraft both inside and outside. It deserves a proper world tour, as a tribute to its awesomeness.


So chime in, take some time to figure out your own schedule, and share with this community.


I have been keeping myself occupied with a world tour utilizing the even so magnificent B777-200LR version. Starting out at London Heathrow, I have found my way across the globe (a couple of times) in the last few months. Just a few days before the FIFA World Cup commenced, I parked the much loved 200LR on the tarmac of Sao Paulo intl airport for a much deserved rest.

For the moment the 200LR will only be used for a 30min hop to Rio de Janeiro, which is were my world tour will switch aircraft, and continue the world tour as soon as the 300ER is released.


My main concerns for designing the legs, were:

- All the larger real-life B777 operators should be included;

   suggested source:

- Real-life operated B777-200 flights only. And from now on, only real-life -300ER flights;

- Preference for high demand routes;

- Real-life callsigns;, Plenty of online sources to choose from.

- Preference for airports with good quality airport add-on scenery (the ones I own, or am willing to invest in);

- Minimize revisiting the same airport. Although some airport sceneries and/or tripple operators deserved a double visit;

- NO fast forwarding for me. Just not my thing.

This of course is just fyi. Of course it's up to you to make up your own rules for your world tour/flight routes.


So, surprise, surprise. This leaves me with a LOT of options still. So there was still a lot of choices to be made.

I ended up with a few revisits, and a few airports that I would have liked to add, but it just can't all be fit perfectly into one consecutive schedule.


Here is what I came up with. Part I is the 200LR part which has kept me busy the last few months. Part II starts off as soon as the 300ER is downloaded and time allows.


PART 1 - B777-200LR

UAL931    EGLL-KSFO   London Heatrow to San Francisco
AAL24      KSFO-KJFK   San Francisco to New York JFK
CPA831    KJFK-VHHH   New York JFK to Hong Kong
ANZ80      VHHH-NZAA   Hong Kong to Auckland
ANZ2        NZAA-KLAX   Auckland to Los Angeles
DAL1754  KLAX-KATL   Los Angeles to Atlanta
DAL200    KATL-FAOR  Atlanta to Johannesburg
SIA479     FAOR-WSSS Johannesburg to Singapore
JAL712    WSSS-RJAA   Singapore to Tokyo Narita
ACA4       RJAA-CYVR   Tokyo Narita to Vancouver
UAL490   CYVR-KDEN   Vancouver to Denver
UAL495   KDEN-KIAD    Denver to Washington
UAL861   KIAD-SBGR    Washington to Sao Paulo
UAL861   SBGR-SBGL  Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro
Which gives the following overview for part I:
Map courtesy of



Now comes the even crazier part in terms of time this will take me to finish. Oh well, gotta set goals, right?


PART II - B777-300ER
UAE248   SBGL-OMDB   Rio de Janeiro to Dubai
UAE121   OMDB-LTBA    Dubai to Istanbul
THY9       LTBA-KLAX      Istanbul to Los Angeles
VOZ24     KLAX-YMML    Los Angeles to Melbourne
THA462   YMML-VTBS    Melbourne to Bangkok
CPA750   VTBS-VHHH    Bangkok to Hong Kong
CPA890   VHHH-KEWR   Hong Kong to Newark
AIC144    KEWR-VABB   Newark to Mumbai
SIA423    VABB-WSSS    Mumbai to Singapore
SIA806    WSSS-ZBAA    Singapore to Beijing
CCA993  ZBAA-LFPG     Beijing to Paris
AFR682   LFPG-KATL    Paris to Atlanta
KAL36     KATL-RKSI      Atlanta to Seoul
KAL705   RKSI-RJAA      Seoul to Tokyo Narita
BAW6      RJAA-EGLL    Tokyo Narita to London Heathrow



Map courtesy of


Hopefully I have inspired a few fellow lunatics to come up with some your own over-the-top world tour plans.

But even if this isn't your thing and you're not going to participate, atleast I've kept you reading until this far, so: Congratulations, you're a couple of seconds less away from the highly anticipated release of SP1/300ER :).


Thanks for creating this awesome piece of flightsim-goodie PMDG-team!

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My very first flight would probably be SQ423, because I have flown that route constantly over the last few years (in real life..)

Post that, I'll probably go nuts with SQ, doing WSSS-VHHH-KSFO, some flights to OZ, some flights to NZ, followed by EU operations.. (All SQ, of course.. :D)

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What about a competition to see who is the first to fly around the world in which you have to visit at least one airport from every continent excluding Anatarctica (unless you want to include a flight around Mount Erebus). For example, YBBN-WSSS-OMDB-EGLL-SVFM-KLAX-YBBN. (Australia-Asia-Africa-Europe-South America-North America-Australia)


Andrew Barnett

MSFS4 onwards

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AAL, ANZ: LAX-LHR               













Return legs:














Edited by NMahinK

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I'll probably go nuts with SQ.


Good luck with that. I know that Singapore livery looks brilliant on the 777-300ER. Lucky me, they started operating a 300ER out of Amsterdam (instead of a 200ER) a little while ago.

It's such a beautiful bird!





Wow I didn't realize until now that LAX offers such a wide variety of airlines and destinations which are operated with 777's. Good luck with completing all those flights :).



What about a competition to see who is the first to fly around the world  YBBN-WSSS-OMDB-EGLL-SVFM-KLAX-YBBN.


That sounds like an awesome plan. I hope we can inspire a good bunch of people to join in on this. I think that route is great for most of the simmers out here, so lets keep that as suggested.


I guess we'd get the most fun out of this when people report their progress, experiences and a screenshot here and there in this thread.

Also to make it as interactive as possible, it would be fun to have everyone perform their flights on a online network.


I myself have been on VATSIM for many years, tools such as vataware are an excellent way of showing off your progress and all other relevant flight-details.

Hopefully then, we could even be flying the same segments on the same time.

If you're not on VATSIM but you are on another online network, I'd say, as long as there is a way to proof your flight segments actually happened, please join in.


Of course, because of the competitive nature of this, it goes without saying that your flights should not involve time acceleration of any kind.


So, if you'd like to join in, reply to this topic to announce a callsign just to keep things simple, traceable and reckonizable.

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Still operated by the 77W, and with Fligtbeam KIAD and Wing Creation Narita, you are in for quite a ride.

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There are so many people on VATSIM currently flying the 77W :).


Well, i guess people kind of prefer to do their own thing with this new aircraft, above competing right away in a competition of some sort.

I'm off on UAE248 Rio de Janeiro to Dubai today, see you all in the vatsim skies!

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Doing EK216 (LAX-DXB which was a 77W now a A380) then following Mr. Vannelli's lead with EK flights. I personally have flown JFK-DXB-CMB and the return many times so I think CMB is the next stop.  

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