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my old pc which has xp op system,which is no longer supported by MS.Has forced me to purchase a new games machine with win 7 op system.

I have moved fsx onto new machine,and whish to transfer my JS41 over to this NEW machine.

i have no twitter or face book account and dont intend to get either,so i could only contact pmdg via email,twice,but as yet no reply,and product support link does not except my PMDG account email/password,hence this request here.

also when i tried to do a repaint of this aircraft,my psp said it did not support some parts of the paint kit,could you please let me know which paint program is required for fsx repaints.

thanks in advance. alan cottrill

Alan Cottrill.



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Facebook and Twitter will not help you anyway. The only solution for you is to get a new password for the PMDG support portal and then get their support. If you have the original JS41 installer it should not be a problem anyway. If not you can purchase the extended download service for a few dollars and download a new installer. Then back it up. Always back up the download.


You may need photoshop to use the PMDG paint kit but it is not cheap. Gimp is a free download application which should also work too.


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The support portal (support.precisionmanuals.com) does NOT use the same Login/Password combination the store uses.

You need to make a new account for the Support Portal, and file a ticket with the problem (and of course your details + the order number).

Name available upon request



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Hi KriVa.

Thankyou for letting me know why i could not get into PMDG support to raise a ticket,and thankyou PMDG for giveing permission to transfer the JS41 to my new pc.

It works fine,and scanning the vc,is a lot smoother than old pc,and i can now fly this aircraft the way it should be flown,without any jerkiness,

On the old pc i had the recommend weather radar,but that kept giving error messages,and after i changed from zone alarm to avast,zone alarm corrupted the registration of this product,which resulted in fsx ctd,on some occasions,with the JS41 when weather radar was used.I am not sure if they still do the recommended weather radar anymore,so i was thinking of using captain sims weather radar instead,unless anyone knows of a better one.

regards alan cottrill

Alan Cottrill.



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I'd wait and see, for now. With ASN and now, apparently Opus, outputing the proper data, there might be some movement even in standalone WXR gauges.

--Peter Fabian 

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Captain sim weather Radar, quite surprisingly is an excellent add on, easy to install with 1 click and does exactly what it says and depicts my OPUS data as it should. I was a bit dubious about buying anything Capt sim considering a lot of their stuff is only partly complete but this one is okay



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