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Pilot2ATC on Networked Machine

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I use P3d on my main machine with pilot2atc on my network machine. Using the PTT button on your yoke connected to the main machine is possible. After hunting over the net I found this solution that works beautifully with pilot2ATC. I have to thank VPilot for the information here as it is wrttien for their software but it also works for our situation here. If you use the pdf file on the link below you will be able to use your PTT button as you hope to using Peter Dowson's registered versions of FSCUIP and FSCUIP Wide.




Sorry for the double post



I hope this helps.

Ken B)

Any way to config for X-Plane 11????







I have my head phones connected to the main computer running p3d. I use a program called Multiplicity that enables the use of one mose and keyboard over networked computers. In fact when Multiplicity is connected you cannot tell most of the time that you are on networked machines. You simply move your mouse over to the screen and your mouse is automatically connected. This program also has an audio to it that allows the sound from my second machine to be played through my main computer. By getting my main computer to send this input to my headphones I can use the headphones normally for P3d on the main computer while also using my heaphones with networked programs like Pilot2ATC and FSFlyingSchool which are both networked at the same time. So you only use 1 set of headphones, 1 mouse and 1 keyboard all plugged into the main computer. This gives P3d through main speakers and ATC through headphones.

I almost forgot, my microphone is connected to the networked machine for the verbal inputs.

I hope this can help someone.



can you, please, post the link to multiplicity ??





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I'd like to keep this thread up to date with anyone else who is trying to attempt to send a keystroke from X-Plane to a remote PC for PTT.  I mean - how hard could this actually be?  I really want to keep Pilot2Atc on my remote laptop.




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Hi Tony,

I am sending CH Yoke joystick buttons for PTT and SayIt to a networked PC with P2ATC. It works perfectly. I am using X-Plane.


In short:
I installed a freeware virtual joystick (vJoy) on the P2ATC machine that c0nnex (SPAD.neXt author) quickly wrote a “feeder” for, this will be called the SPAD.neXt Remote Tool once he gets it finalized. You run SPAD.neXt on the  X Plane machine and configure your joystick buttons to send remote “Press” and “Release” actions. On the remote P2ATC machine you run vJoy, then run the tool and add the IP of the X Plane machine and connect it. Then go into P2ATC and configure the buttons normally. And of course P2ATC talks to X plane through the XPUIPC/WideXP client.

Check out this thread I started at SPADneXt. 





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The tool is not available, I tryed to click it to download, but all I get is message, that I´m not allowed to do that. So how can I do the connection

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The Pilot2ATC User's Guide has a write-up of how to connect using SPAD.neXt and Multiplicity that does not require the VJoy tool, which I was never able to find either.


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In case anyone else is looking for this.

C0nnex at spadnext.com has 2 forums, a public one and a registered one. If I remember correctly I had to message C0nnex to get a login for the registered forum.  The remote joystick tool is located in the Forum / SPAD.neXt / Registered / Complete Edition / Remote Joystick Beta thread.

I also have the Complete Edition of SPAD.neXt which allows the Remote Joystick Beta tool to work by default, other editions may require a licence to get it to connect.


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I thought so, I only have a X-Plane SPAD.neXt. So you have to have a complete edition, if you wan´t to use this tool.

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C0nnex was going to set the tool up so you could get a license, for a small fee, with other editions. Probably not a big enough demand to remind him to make it happen. I'm sure he would if someone asked. He didn't even have a tool when I asked if it was possible to use SPAD.neXt in a remote joystick application. He said he might write one at a later date, 6 hours later I had a working tool LOL.

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I have just completed setting up two Windows 10 PC's, one running x-plane 11, the other running pilot2atc It's a great setup, I love it.  There are a few challenges to overcome.  I'll write them up here to help everyone else.There are several sections in this post.  First is XUIPC, downloadable from:


This Zip file contains both XPUIPC and XPWideClient described below.  The software is "DonationWare", so you can download it free and make a donation if you want to, but it's not mandatory.

As Dynamo Dave said, Wideclient is required on the P2A PC.  XPUIPC on the XP PC.  Both are very simple to set up and documented in this forum.  To save you searching, here's their setup:

Step One XP to P2A comms

X-plane PC - unzip the XPUIPC file into (Your Drive Letter):\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins

edit the XPUIPC.ini file with notepad and put your PC's IP address in as Server Address =

P2A PCUNzip and copy the XPWideClient folder onto the desktop (for easy access)

You can test this by running x-plane and checking that XPUIPC is in the plugins drop down. No other setup required for XPUIPC.  Then open the XPWideClient folder and edit XPwideclient config with notepad.  In [Network Settings] put the server as the x-plane PC's IP address and THIS PC as the P2ATC PC.

(If you don't know the IP addresses of your Windows 10 PC's, do this:

Hold the WINDOWS key and press R

In the box type CMD

Press enter

A black box opens with a DOS command prompt

Type ipconfig

press enter

There will be a bit of guff floated up the screen. Your IP address is near the top and probably starts with 192.168 and some other digits.  Write this down for each PC.

Note:  Most routers will allocate IP addresses to devices on the network for a period of time known as a "lease".  This means that they can change from time to time.  If, after a few days of working properly, your PC's don't communicate, check out their IP addresses again.  This can be permanently fixed by allocating fixed IP addresses, but I will stick to x-plane in this post.

Step Two Setting up Pilot2ATC

The main process is exactly the same as on a standalone PC. The "gotcha" is exporting a Flight Plan to x-plane.

For some reason known only to Microsoft, Pilot2ATC is unable to see a networked drive.  Even mapping a folder on the x-plane PC to a drive does not show up in P2ATC when you try to select the flight plan folder on the other PC.

What does work, is a networked share.  Although there are many methods of achieving shared folders, this one is the safest and most reliable:

On your X-plane PC, navigate to your main xplane directory and double click Output

In this folder is FMS plans

Right click this folder and scroll down to Properties

Click the Sharing TAB at the top

Then click the Share... button

The next window has the cursor in an empty box.  (Assuming your network is private)  Type Everyone

Make sure you select Read/Write to give P2ATC full access.

Now move to the Pilot2ATC PC

You will have to manually edit the config files to put the network share in them.  We users are not supposed to edit these files (Dave smacks trev on the head!) so make a backup first!

The file is (usually) located in


It is called Settings.xml

Use notepad (you DID make a backup, didn't you?) to open it.

Use CTRL-F to seatch for XPlaneFltPlanPath

Between the two <Value> enter your share file name. It will be something like:

\\MYPC\fms plans

Where MYPC is the network name of your x-plane PC (It can be found in Control Panel System). Your entry should look like this:

<Value>\MYPC\fms plans<Value>

Do exactly the same with FlightPlanFolder, which should be close by.

You can test this setup by running pilot2atc (while the x-plane PC is switched on, you don't need x-plane running for this).

Go into P2ATC's Config, choose the Flt Pln tab and you should see your two entries. Now create and save a flight plan. 

Go to the x-plane pc's xplane\resources\output\fms plans folder and the plan should be there.

Now you can export a flight plan over the network to x-plane's GPS :)



Where you go to next is a matter of personal taste. I use the second PC right mouse button as PTT, some use a remote method. It's up to you.  The networked setup is great as my x-plane PC is dedicated to the sim, while my other PC runs P2ATC without hindrance.

A postnote on sound.  Again this is personal preference and there are a dozen combinations.  You can use a 3.5 mm jacked cable to connect output of one(P2A) PC to the input of the (x-plane) other, mess with the levels a bit and you have all the sound coming out together. You mike stays in the P2A PC, of course.

I'm a musician for a living, so I have dozens of sound systems. I am using a rather "tinny" set of speakers for the radio (From the P2A PC), while my x-plane PC thumps out through a HUGE professional PA.  No ButtKickers needed here, the walls shake!

I hope this is helpful to someone. I recognize that other people will have different methods than mine (So don't Flame me!), I just wanted to share my solution so that it might help someone.

And.... many thanks to Dynamo Dave for his instant help when anyone asks - what a pro -he really makes a great product outstanding!  He must have 36 hours in his days....

(Dave - if this is to long, or you want to change it - go ahead!)




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typos - oops!
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I'm in the process of purchasing and installing P2A primarily for XP11. I have just purchased Multiplicity per the XP11 network setup instructions. The question is could I simply install P2A on the Server (XP11/P3D) PC and drag the P2A UI Window to the Client PC using Multiplicity? If the answer is yes, I guess it wouldn't be necessary to purchase SPAD-Next. 

My primary objective is to place the P2A Window on a different PC from the XP11/P3D PC. 

Many thanks. 

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That would be nice, but that won't work. 

You must install P2A on the networked PC.  Multiplicity is then used to share the sound from the SIM to the networked PC so you can plug your headset into the P2A PC for ATC interaction and chatter.

If you can find a way to fire a key combination when pressing the Joystick button, then you could do without SPAD-Next.  Multiplicity is the one that lets that keystroke combination get to P2A.

Let us know what you come up with.


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