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RTWR AVSIM On-line Team Practice Session 2 – Saturday January 24 – 18:00 UTC

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RTWR AVSIM On-line Team Practice Session 2 – Saturday January 24 – 18:00 UTC


The second official on-line race practice session is planned for Saturday Jan 24. This practice starts at the North Cape of Norway and will proceed down the coast. The racing challenge of this session will be darkness, weather, and terrain. Careful planning and deliberate approaches are needed to achieve successful legs. Some of the airports are small with short runways but most have good approach lighting.


Skyvector Flight Plan Here


All team members are encouraged to participate in this session. Any new race team members should make an effort to participate, as this session will provide an excellent opportunity to meet your fellow teammates and experience what the race is like. There will be experienced race members who can assist with any configuration changes required for the race, teamspeak, recommended race aircraft, and any other questions that you may have. The practice session will simulate the race environment including the following:


• Duenna validated legs with server tracking enabled

• Teamspeak communications

• Baton and Wingman with posts on the forum.

• Real time baton transfers and handoffs (if needed)

• On-line Multiplayer (FSX Direct Connect or possibly FSHost)


The practice session will start at 18:00 UTC (1 PM EST) and will continue till 21:00 UTC or later if members want to continue beyond that time. Remember to change the event in your Duenna to "avsim 2015 practice"


ENMH-ENHV Mehamn to Valan 36nm

ENHV-ENHF Valan to Hammerfest 49.7nm

ENHF-ENAT Hammerfest to Alta 42.6nm

ENAT-ENSR Alta to Sorkjosen 51.1nm

ENSR-ENTC Sorkjosen to Tromso 42.9nm

ENTC-ENAN Tromso to Andoya 62.8nm

ENAN-ENEV Andoya to Evenes 49.6nm

ENEV-ENSH Evenes to Helle 46.8nm

ENSH-ENBO Helle to Bodo 58.9nm

ENBO-ENST Bodo to Stokka 90.6nm

ENST-ENNM Stokka to Namsos 92nm

ENNM-ENVA Namsos to Vaernes AB 63.3nm

ENVA-ENKB Vaernes AB to Kvernberget 86.1nm

ENKB-ENSD Kvernberget to Anda 90.5nm

ENSD-ENSG Anda to Haukasen 50.1nm

ENSG-ENBR Haukasen to Flesland 76.5nm

ENBR-ENHD Flesland to Karmoy 57nm

ENHD-ENLI Karmoy to Lista 86.6nm

ENLI-ENCN Lista to Kjevik 46.6nm

ENCN-ENTO Kjevik to Torp 89.8nm

ENTO-ENDI Torp to Dagali 90.7nm

ENDI-ENFG Dagali to Leirin 42.5nm

ENFG-ENGM Leirin to Gardermoen 71.9nm

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I'll be there about 1900 today.  Completely unrelated to the fact that Liverpool are playing Bolton on TV..... :Whistle:

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Wingam ENHF to ENAT in the RR Hornet F.1

Wingman crash.  Went to external view to confirm gear and then crash.  

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