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Need some help (Prepar3d v2.4)

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Hello guys :)


I just upgraded my PC  and i was  expecting a huge difference in performance but i'm a little bit disappointed . 


My PC :  Processor :  Intel i7 4790k 4.0 ghz turbo boost 4.4 ghz 
              Graphic card : Nvidia GTX MSI 970 Twin frozer v 

              Ram Memory : Kingston hyper X 16 Gb 1333 mhz 

              SSD :  2x Intel SSD 160 Gb 

              Mother Board : MSI Z87-G45 Gaming

              Water cooling : Cooler Master Seidon v120


My Software :

             Prepar3D v2.4 
            Rex essentials 

            Rex 4 Direct texture 


            Orbx Global , Vector , OpenLC

            Fly Tampa  Vienna , Dubai , Copenhagen , Athens 

            CS 777 p3d 

            Pmdg 737 installed with Estonia Migration tool 


So the problem is when i start Prepar3d v2.4 with high settings not Maxed im getting low fps between 12-22 maximum with heavy aircraft and on payware airport and my terrain is not loading that good i got allot of delay in terrain load i don't know what should i do is there any tweaks for hardware or software i tried Bojote's and allot of another tweaks but nothing helps i'm so disappointed . 


Please i need some serius help . 

Thanks and sorry for my bad English . 

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Hi mate

it really does depend on what settings you have activated in P3d.

You need to say what you have things like water ,shadow and tessellation set at.these three can make a massive difference to performance.

Just as a benchmark.

my water is set at medium ,so is tessellation  and shadows are OFF except in the cockpit which only receives them .Autogen is dense and traffic cars is 10%.

airtraffic is 30% but is controlled by Airtrafficmanager(freeware).

also the Pmdg 737 which i owned in FSX doesn't work properly in P3d.also the CS 777 is a real hog.even if they bring your FPS down 10-15% you would be upto 30fps which is ok.



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Ty mate . I tried to set all to ultra high but it was suicide :D anyway i will try now to put similar settings like yours and i will check if there is any increase in FPS . But i saw allot of people with lower hardware than mine and they are running on ultra high its confusing . 

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First of all - start again with a CLEAN prepar3d.cfg file and add NO tweaks, ESPECIALLY Bojote's tool. The "old" FSX tweaks will cause more problems.


Turn OFF the FPS counter for now and let it stay wherever P3D sets it. Start adjusting your settings for the smoothest operation with the best visuals. Reading thru the forums will quickly identify the things that cause BIG performance hits, like cloud shadows, etc.


When you find one you like - stay with it for a few days, try different flights in different a/c and situations - always looking for smoothness.


Each system will be different - once you get it where it looks good AND is smooth - then look at the FPS. Do NOT play with the FPS first or you will be chasing a moving target. Smooth first then adjust settings to get more FPS but chances are, if you get it smooth, the FPS will not matter. I am sometimes surprised at how smooth P3D can be at LOW, under 20fps, frames. Keep the counter off and you'll see what I mean.



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Vic's right, leave the fps limit off for testing. Don't worry, it's a bit of work getting down to the best settings, but you'll get there. Rather than expect much more fps, instead look for smoothness. Nice PC.

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ok guys i get it , so i deleted now my Prepar3D.cfg and i forced simulator to make a fresh and clean one .  so is there any tweaks that i should put in Prepar3D.cfg like AM , BUFFERPOOLS , Fiber frame time , swap wait timeout . Witch one of these should i put in my cfg . and what settings are the best for water and shadows ? and what about Nvidia Inspector does it helps in Prepar3D v2 ? Last question What about FXAA , MSAA and Texture Filtering ?  

And if you have time check this guy look at his settings how he get 40 - 42 fps with lower PC Hardware'>


I know i'm boring with all this questions but Prepar 3d is confusing :D 

Ty all for helping i appreciate all helps <3

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Link to post tweak in cfg please. If anything, adjustments to NI for AA, but that's about it.


Try these settings...



Check HERE for more info and will need to match MSAA value within P3D also.


Also, I personally set unlimited frames in P3D for best performance.

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SolRayz Ty man i will try tomorrow all these settings to see what is best :) if i don't find something helpfull i will just delete wholo Prepar3d im tired from it :((( 

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Don't give up! You have a monster system...I have 2700K OC @4.6 with a GTX970 with all the same addons you have, and P3D is running impeccably, with most settings max out, more or less, ground, building,cloud shadows.  


I find the biggest killers are autogen buildings, set this to NORMAL. Also AI traffic is a killer as usual, so turn all off until you have everything else set.


And there is nobody here running high frames in overcast, particularly with cloud shadows on, so don't sweat that.

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Ok guys i din't sleep all night i found what was wrong the biggest FPS killer was ORBX im sad to say that but it's true The biggest problem was ORBX Europe OpenLC i removed it and i unchecked ORBX trees , My settings inside Prepar3d are now maxed :D im getting 50-60 frame rates in smaller cities and around 30-40 at Bigger cities. Im Now so happy finaly i'm done :D Many thanks to my friend SteveW and thank you all who helped me . I will Upload later my all settings and what i done exactly maybe some one will find it Help-full . Thanks again guys ! See you all later <3 <3 <3 

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