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ConcordeX Install Problem

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Dont know if anyone with extensive FSX experience can help with any advice please......


I have a high end 64 bit PC with 3.5GH i7-3770K processor running Win7, 16GB installed RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680, Samsung 250MG SSD plus 1.8TB HD. I am running FSX Acceleration on triple displays. I have been using this system for two years without problems.


I have previously installed PMDGs J41, NGX, 747, MD11, 777, Aerosofts latest Airbus 318 - 320 range, MD80 Mad Dog, Majestic Dash Q400, Corenado C172 aircraft, all of which are working just fine with frame rates of typically 20 – 30 and typical CPU Usage 2,500,000 – 3,250,000 subject to background  scenery loaded etc etc’


I have purchased and installed ConcordeX and am getting terrible problems.


When loaded at a default FSX airport with no add-on background scenery etc, I’m getting Frame Rates of 0 – 3 (Zero to three frames) as measured by Fraps and immediately on loading ConcordeX, CPU usage of 3,700.000 typically as measured by Procexp.


Consequently I cannot do anything. The package appeared to be constantly trying to finish downloading graphics (not surprisingly!) with a permanent circular mouse cursor on screen.


I have installed and uninstalled three times without achieving any improvement – same behaviour each time. As mentioned above, none of the other ‘heavy graphics’ models from the like of PMDG etc are having this effect on my PC which is most certainly ‘top end’.


Clearly something is very wrong with the way the ConcordeX package is operating on my PC for some reason.


I write in hope that someone will be able to solve this for me as I desperately want to fly this simulation. I have of course posted a similar call for help on the Flightsimlabs forum.


I would be most grateful if you could advise what you think might be happening here please?


Thanks for your help and support in anticipation


Andrew Pharoah


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I have a comparable system (but only with a single monitor) and bought the Concorde X only a week or two ago and it is running fine (good frame rates). However, I did notice that I have to wait whenever I open a 2D panel for the first time (which, unfortunately, cannot be avoided). It is my impression that FSX gets overwhelmed with too many internal windows opened unless you have applied the following fix,




If you haven't applied it yet, do so, it is one of the few universal FSX tweaks.




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hi Peter & Paul (expecting Mary on in a minute?)


Many thanks for responding.Peter, I have UIAutomationCore.dll, but Paul, I didnt know about an update patch? Just off to look for it. I have stumbled across a solution to the Frame Rate problem 5th posting down here:  http://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/4737-strange-install-problem-fsx-win-7-professional-sp1-64bit/


but still struggling to stay below the dreaded OOM threshold after loading. Looking for a solution to that now, possibly here:




Thanks for taking the trouble to respond - very much appreciated.



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