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New P3D User, Couple of Questions

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Hello everyone,


Yesterday I purchased Prepar3D 2.5 and spent most of last night installing everything and tweaking some settings (thanks Rob for the settings on his website).


So far the experience has been excellent, however I have a couple of questions.


Firstly, I have a problem with ASN that I've never seen before. I get a message about ASN not being able to control the ambient weather conditions and it will now close.

I have ASN installed to C:\Hifi\AS_NextP3D, and I run it as administrator, so I am not sure what is causing this issue to occur.




Secondly, when in the virtual cockpit of the 777 and I look up at the overhead, the screen goes white because I'm looking at the sun, even though I am in the virtual cockpit. What setting should I change to fix this?




Another thing. What settings is recommended for my system specs for P3D? Right now I'm using my own modified version of Robs settings and I get about 20-25 frames in the 777 at flytampa Dubai

My system specs are: Intel 4690k stock speed 3.5Ghz, eVGA GTX 970 Superclocked, 8GB 1866Mhz ram.










Thank you in advance for help!


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The white sun effect is by design, you can try turning off HDR and see if that helps. As far as settings - if you get 25 fps in the 777 you are doing fine.


Each system responds differently - if your flights are smooth and you have the eye candy you like - leave it alone and just enjoy.



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An overclock would help a bunch.  Get that thing up to 4.2GHz for starters... most people end up with 4.4- 4.6Ghz with that cpu

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Thank you for responses they were really helpful. I'm going to leave the settings the way they are since I tried unlocking the frame rate and now I get 30-35 frames and its really smooth.


An overclock would help a bunch.  Get that thing up to 4.2GHz for starters... most people end up with 4.4- 4.6Ghz with that cpu

I am thinking of overclocking my CPU when I get a CPU cooler since right now I only have the stock cooler.



Another question, how do you guys keep the time in P3D the same as real life? In FSX I used the timesync feature in FSinn but now in P3D I've switched to vPilot.


Thanks in advance

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