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Blue Runway Lighting

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Hi all, I noticed recently that on the ground at FSDT's KLAX (only at night), the PMDG's lights illuminate runways with a blue appearance. The issue doesn't occur on taxiways, nor does it occur during the day. Only at night. 


As recently as 1-2 weeks ago I was having zero issues, however I noticed several days ago that I had unsightly blue textures on my runways. I did a simple test with the Level-D 767 and the issue was gone. This leads me to believe the issue lies with the lighting in the PMDG. Not sure what could be causing the issue, especially considering the fact that the issue was nonexistent as recently as two weeks ago. The only thing that has changed in the meantime is that I've added BluePrint's KMSP scenery. I've read that the problem may lie in the 3D lighting of the PMDG...? I'm not entirely sure.


FWIW, I run FSX in DX10 preview. 


Any help would be much appreciated! 


Here are some photos of the issue:





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Full names in the PMDG forums please.


Nice halogen lighting, I've seen that before but cannot remember the circumstance.  Has something changed your spotlight.bmp file?

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This has come up before and the reason is in my quote below, so I don't have to type it all again.


No need to doubt it, go search the FSDT forum or the PMDG forum and you'll see the question asked and answered by the developers as that being the reason.

It was never really an issue before the NGX came out as only a hand full of addon aircraft were using the so called "lotus style" landing light that are part of the aircraft model. As a result of these types of lights and the way they interact with ground textures is the reason you get that effect at night. As test, switch to a default aircraft that uses the older style spotlight.bmp for the landing lights you won't get the same effect shown in the screen shots.

That's the only real downfall of having the volumetric style landing lights is the way they look on the ground, but the effect can be different from airport to airport depending on how the ground textures are made.

Post edit:

Mike this should remove some of your doubt. Here's a quote from Ryan with PMDG regarding the reason I was explaining.




The effect will never be perfect - remember we're doing something here (3d lights) that FSX isn't even supposed to have. The effect depends a lot on the underlying texture - it's not actually "light", it's a modification of that texture seen through the "lens" of a thin texture above it that's modifying the look. We did the best we could given the limitation of FSX. If the sim supported true dynamic lighting ala other games you wouldn't see problems.

Granted the original poster isn't using the NGX, but any plane that uses 3d style lights will exhibit the same behavior.

Sean Campbell

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