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Australian Tour 4: Hutchies Place to Tony's Place

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Australian Tour 4: Hutchies Place to Tony's Place.

Departing from Hutchies Place (YZHP) the route features ten airstrips along the way with dirt, grass, & tarmac surfaces and finishes at Tonys Place (YZTP).  Hutchies Place airstrip is dedicated to the memory of Will Hutchinson, a prominent member of Ozx, who lost his life six years ago when still in his teens. The airstrip was made by his friend jaykae.   Read full tribute on Ozx forum - (hutchies hatch).  Tonys Place airstrip is dedicated to Tony M, another prominent member of Ozx.

ICAO        Destination               NM         HDG°


YYZHP     Hutchies Place           0           000°
YZWY      Wyreema                   20          108°
YZLL        Allora Farm                25          156°
YZEV       Elbow Valley              20          168°
YZCG      Cherry Gully                5           210°
YSPE      Stanthorpe                 13           205°
YZDR      Drake                         28          117°
YBYL       Baryulgil                    22          150°
YGFN      Grafton                      39          146°
YSCH      Coffs Harbour           34          160°
YZTP      Tony's Place             38           215°


Pilots should have OZx (updated through v3.4) installed as well as OZx libraries (v1.0 and v1.1). You can get all the OZx sceneries here. In addition, you probably should install Anthony Lynch's freeware Aussie Airports, a package of 33 airports. You can get Anthony Lynch's freeware sceneries here.

For flying in Australia, the textures of Orbx Global will do nicely. But owners of Orbx Australia will want that installed because it provides more varied textures and also better landclass and autogen.

 Total distance for this route is 243nm, and at an average cruise speed of 120 about 2 hours flying time, add an hour or so for takeoff/landings.  Bring your favorite GA aircraft.  I will be flying the Cessna 182.  (Note to Ron, Set server time 3hrs before sunset)




Time: Saturday April 25, 2015. 18:00 UTC
(Note change in time to accommodate Daylight/Summer Time.)
Where: AVSIM RTWR Teamspeak - Casual Flights Channel
Teamspeak Server Address:
Multiplayer FSX Multiplayer (IP will be provided on Teamspeak)
The digital flightplan (in FSX format) and is available from the DropBox location here.
Please post your aircraft details in the MP spreadsheet so that we can see you in your true colors.



Posted on behalf of Roger Brooke

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I've searched and I've searched but all in vain. Nowhere could I find YZHP Hutchie's Place nor YZTP Tony's Place (Tony's Place in NZ but I don't think we're going that far...Are we?) What's the skinny on this? I can envisage mayhem on the spawning front!


EDIT: Belay that. It seems they are included somewhere on my SSD. Blowed if I could find them though. :rolleyes:

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For what it is worth, the Coffs Harbour scenery includes a rendition of the "Big Banana", built in 1964 and sometimes claimed to be the first "Big Thing" in Australia. The tourist complex includes a banana-themed souvenir shop and tours of the surrounding plantation. (Coffs Harbour was originally a banana town.) It lies on the western side of the Pacific Coast Highway, just on the northern edge of Coffs Harbour. Those who want to photograph another Big Thing (as it seems, many of our Aussie friends do), you can find it marked as waypoint BANAN that is added to Roger's original flightplan. The augmented flightplan is located here.

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I'll restrain myself because it'll only get me in trouble if I post what I'd like to post! :o

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Sorry guys - will not be able to make todays session. :Waiting: Have a great flight! :p0504:  

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many thanks for your company in  yesterdays flight (aus 4 ), chaos @ the end, & have had message

from "tony" thanking us for the scrap metal we left  behind. ( probably take a month to clear all wreckage.)



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I've had the Aussie air crash investigators round for a few words after I left southern Queensland littered with bent C185s on Saturday :Worried:


The gist seems to be that the "incidents" were the result of a combination of factors:


1. Pilot tinkering wiith his aircraft just hours before the flights in question

2. Pilot inexperienced in the tinkered-with aircraft (.... I hadn't tested it in enough different conditions)

3. Excessive "bouncing" behaviour on landing. Subsequent literature searches have revealed that the aircraft modifications applied in point 1. above were known for resulting in this behaviour.  Suggested remedial actions were included in those reports and have been carried out forthwith.  The aircraft has now been successfully tested in conditions replicating those of last Satuday (meaning I spent Sunday afternoon flying the route again with historical weather)

4. The situation was exacerbated by the prevailing landing conditions (crosswind, unprepared runways) at the time of the incidents (it worked when I tested earlier, but on prepared runways and in low wind conditions!).


So a slap on the wrist for me - however, mild in comparison with the withering (but completely justified!) assessment of my night's flying by one of my compatriots! :P


A thoroughly enjoyable flight though (even if my landings weren't....), thanks Roger for the flight plan :good:


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