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Are there airports of good quality? Looking at ft Meyers and key west.

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I find their reputation may exceed the actual quality of the products they make but, nonetheless, they're ok. I have San Juan, Orange County, Roatan, Key West and SW Florida.


Their modeling is pretty good but they use a lot of photoscenery, much of which doesn't blend all that well with surrounding landclass and textures, FTX Global or default (I have no experience with the other ground products out there).


San Juan is probably my favorite but a lot of their products seem to have compatibility issues with P3D. They can't seem to get their custom night lighting to work correctly so you're typically left with default lighting. I've noticed a lot of z-fighting at KEYW (I've yet to contact them about this) as well. They also can't seem to fix an issue with a drainage ditch model at Roatan so an otherwise nice rendition looks pretty awkward. No night lighting there either.


If you want some screenshots or more detail, just let me know. I may be one of the few folks here that gives them less than a B rating but I figure that's ok. Again, I apparently can't resist their stuff since I keep buying more scenery but I think that's come to end with Key West (it just looks sloppy overall).

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I have at least 25 of the Latin VFR airports.


When it comes to airport quality, I don't regard myself as either technically proficient or a purist but the quality of the products has been good/satisfactory enough for me to continue buying them. That said, there are clearly other airports by other developers which are, in my view, of better quality but that is usually reflected in their price.


There is one of their airports where I have sometimes experienced OOMs when landing. I can't remember which one except that it was an island one and not one on the US mainland.and not one of the two mentioned in post #1.



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They're pretty good but typically the runway and approach lights are unrealistic. Over done and super bright - the ones at SNA were a lime green color. I've switched them to default now


SAN is the same way


Their airports seem to have highly over saturated ground textures, especially around the airports.


Fps wise ok, VAS-wise not great.

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