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  1. Well, to be honest, staring at a computer monitor is the ultimate immersion killer. But what are you gonna do?
  2. Yet who knew that you would've been able to get a refund had you purchased?!
  3. I still don't think it can get worse than ICE671.
  4. Better yet, how about people actually try it first. Oh, and get this: if you don't like it, get your money back. Try that with a lot of software...
  5. There sure is but I think that there's little appetite--and rightfully so--of people clowning around over something they don't even have yet. p.s. Can't believe I just fed the troll.
  6. I was messing around with the X-Plane trial this past weekend (not sure why, exactly) with a keen eye on VAS. Sure enough, I rarely saw it move above 4gb. A few times, sure, but not often. So, by using one other example, I think it's a great stride to make sure that P3D is tip-top in terms of VAS management before just plowing into the 64-bit realm. All of that to say that I agree with you.
  7. I noticed at least one line item in the change log that mentioned something being off-loaded from the CPU to the GPU so every little bit helps. I seem to gather that any stuttering is from core 0 trying to synchronize everything.
  8. You can also find plenty of youtube videos of his music performances. Very interesting guy indeed.
  9. How is your ultra-cheap, ultra-efficient, awesome flightsim platform coming along?
  10. I was pretty OCD about my testing methodolgy. I ran an Intel Extreme Tuning Utility stress test before and after the delid process. The ambient temperature was the same and both runs were preempted by a 5 minute "warm up." At 4.8Ghz, my 3770k cooled off 9.5*C on average across all cores. The average maximums decrease was 10.75*C. Full data here: Before Delid (4.8Ghz HyperThreading On / 25*C Ambient / 5 minute warm up) Core 0 Core 1 Core 2 Core 3 Average: Average 79.80 83.46 82.77 78.76 81.20 Max 85 92 90 86 88.25 After Delid (4.8Ghz HyperThreading On / 25*C Ambient / 5 minute warm up) Core 0 Core 1 Core 2 Core 3 Average: Average 74.54 69.75 74.61 67.85 71.69 Max 79 76 81 74 77.5 I too have read about CLU drying but it seems like that happens over the course of years, not weeks. I really don't think that's what happened. To be honest, I have no idea what happened but, as the common definition of "insanity" goes, I just reapplied the CLU and am hoping for the same thing not to happen again. Just to reiterate, I applied it on the die--again--but also on the inside of the IHS in case the CLU decides to shift or move around (it really seems to resemble solder and with a melting point of 8*C (found in the MSDS), it is a little viscous at room temperature), there should be more coverage. It's also worthy to note that when you start to clamp the socket brace over the IHS, the IHS will get shoved downward a tad. I wonder if that had anything to do with anything...
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