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Hello! I installed the new " prepar3dv3 " and am very happy with the result. With regard to air traffic, the problem is with navigation lights . All aircraft have " shockwave lights" , but these lights (which in the " Prepar3D v2.5 were perfect ) are now looking like I show in the photo captures. The flashing lights are slow ( not as before in P3D V2.5 ) and when I walked away from the aircraft, the halo becomes larger with a black circle . Could someone help me? what has changed in the exhibition of lights ? I played with the settings of the "HDR " but the result was the same.
Thank you very much to the team of " Prepar3D v3 " for a great product and hope you can help me.

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Could you post some screen shots so we can see better. Thanks.

David Murden.  P3D v5  FSL A321 / A320 / A319 : PMDG NGu / 748PMDG NG / 747-/ 777 : QW 787 :  Maddog MD-80 :Q400 :

DCS: A10C Warthog : AV-8B Harrier :  F-14B Tomcat  : F-16C Viper F/A-18C Hornet 

My FSL Walkthrough PDF From GPU to Parked.      My PMDG NGXu Light Mod      My PMDG NG SpotLight Profile/Mod.  

PC 4790k@4.6 : 1070 : 16GB DDR3 RAM : Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS: Thrustmaster TPR.

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A number of legacy effects do indeed look weird with the new particle system.

The afterburner of my much beloved abandonware F-16 is now just a narrow streak, and model lights, like nav and strobe lights, are very "subdued".

Some updating may be necessary. :smile:

- Jens Peter "Penz" Pedersen

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I guess it is related to the "halo.bmp" which seems to be crap in P3Dv3. I have a similar issue: using the default "halo.bmp", my AI traffic lights work, but they are enormous, far to big. If I replace the "halo.bmp" with the one I was using in FSX, the lights look perfect, but there is a black shade around it, similar to the screenshot in the AIG forum, but squared. If I use some of the numerous "halo.bmp" replacement textures available online, I get either the same huge lights as with the default one or I get no lights at all. And all this irrespective from the fact if I use the shockwave lights on a certain addon or not. So, I am still looking for a solution as well, if I find one, I will let you know...

Greetings, Chris

Intel i7-8700K@5.0GHz, 2x16GB 3200MHz CL14 RAM, Gigabyte AORUS 1080Ti, Windows 10 Home 64bit, Prepar3D 4.5

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The only lighting issue that I would like to fix in P3D v3 is the size of the short "strobe" lights that are at the end of the approach lights at a handful of airports in the UK. They look far too prominent at a significant distance from my aircraft.

Christopher Low

UK2000 Beta Tester


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