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Flight1 GTN crashing mid flight ANy ideas

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Never had crash issues with p3d2.5 gtn, but since p3dv3 gtn been crashing about every other flight.


usually either 650 or 750 will crash, but not both.


And before you say to post in flight1 forum, don't go there much and tried today, its a heap of multiple passwords ID, certificate jumbo confusion to get into the support forum for gtn, was already a member but seems you another account for support, too much complexity to get at support.


wil appreciate feedback from any who has had the same issue.



Please help me keep this on topic, cause don't wana debate why I spent nearly 40mins trying to get into support for a product I purchased legally.


cheers for help in advance.


would help if devs don't make it so complicated to get into support forum, considering got a tone of other addons that don't require breaking into Alcatraz to get support.

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I was just on a flight in northern cal in the GTN 750 equipped C182 and midway through the flight the frame rate dropped to around 15-20 and stayed there.   Exited the flight then created another scenario on the ground at KPHX in the Phantom 300 and frame rate was the same.  Then had to reboot the pc to clear it out.  I'm wondering if this may be from a GTN 750 crash and the process was still running causing the FPS drop until rebooting.  As it was happening I didn't think to look at the GTN as I was more concerned over what was going on with FPS/stuttering, but after rebooting and clearing it I thought of the GTN since that is another running process so it could be related.

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If its  the type of gtn crash I have, you will get a popup with GTN saying its crashed in windows , although the device remains sim but inactive.


There is an update 1.13, my plan is to remove all including the trainer and reinstall the latest 1.13 released this month.


For your fps drop, I recommend check task manager when fps slowing to see which processes are near the max  cpu usage.


Better yet get processlaso, create a config for normal windows usage and a config for siming mode.


Then you can knock the hell out of abusing processes, cause any changes you make are  isolated to the sim profile only. Used Lasso for years but only just  discovered using lasso profiles.

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Don't know how you got an earlier GTN release to work in P3D3, but my understanding is that only the 1.13 release is supported.


I strongly suggest you register at the GTN support forum - it is not that hard to do.. as a legit user..

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Thanks for the info, now I feel relleived to hear my current gtn not supported in p3dv3.


Already download the 1.13, hopefully that should be the fix


thanks, just answered my question.


Those of us that run headlong with Estonia migration tool  often forget how we got so far , until something breaks.


I have a long list to uninstall once p3dv3 versions are out.


As for fligh1 support forum, looks like its designed for frequent users of the forum only, too hard to find gtn forum, never mind climbing Everest to get to support forum, Easier to reinstall pc and p3d than logging flight1 with multiple passwords for forum and support..  Besides looks like problem solved.



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There are no multiple passwords. Registering for the support forum takes less than 30 seconds, and needs to be done only once...

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