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I'm torn

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Rekindling my love for P3D after an extended stay over at X-Plane and I'm in the market for a good GPS. 


I'm shying away from the Flight1 GTN750 option because I like to keep my GA instrumentation at least a little believable. Look at a gallery of pictures of GA cockpits and you'll more often than not see a GNS430 or it's larger brother.


I'm also shying away from the Flight1 offering as I often read that it's a dead product. The developer apparently abandoned it long ago (Edit: I may be confused here with the RXP GPS units - still reading!).


I can see there appears to be a/the developer of the Mindstar GNS430/530 fairly active in this forum answering support issues but is it being still developed or is it a mature product that is no longer being improved/bug fixed?

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This forum is for discussion of Mindstar products and support issues. It is not a forum for Flight1 product endorsement.


Regarding the Mindstar 430/530... yes it's constantly under development, it's one package that works across all versions of FSX:MS, FSX:SE, Prepar3D v1, Prepar3D v2, as well as Prepar3D v3. One purchase, one price. It supports an updatable navigation data via RealNav Data that also includes current WAAS/LPV approaches.

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I purchased the G1000 (for FS2004) about three years ago but due to personal reasons, have never used it.  However, I now have the Feelthere Phenom100 which, apart from its very limited functions, is a joy to fly.  


I am wondering if with a little help from your good self, if I could use the Mindstar unit with this product and also incorporating the Mindstar GNS as well.  Is this possible or even feasible?


I feel with the upgraded G1000 and the upgraded GNS it would be an unbelievable aircraft.


I am really just wondering if it is worth while pursuing so would appreciate your advice.




Tony Chilcott 

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It is not possible to run both the G1000 and a GNS unit in the same aircraft panel.


Aside from that... if you create a panel.cfg and it's not working... I'll do my best to help. I do not own the addon aircraft.

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Sorry, it wasn't my intention to endorse another product in your support forums and I'm not quite sure how I did. I was merely outlining my current options and reasoning behind the decisions I have made to date.


Thanks for your input. Is there a changelog I can read online somewhere?

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It wasn't you that was doing the sales pitching. I have removed those posts.


As for a change log... no we don't provide something like that. To be honest, we just really don't have time.

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