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  1. SouthPawPaul

    Great weather site

    For a good visual of the weather I find this quite useful too,
  2. SouthPawPaul

    Cessna 172SP Performance

    I'm not sure if what you experienced was airframe icing too. I'm not sure if the X-Plane 11 C172SP models icing, but I'd consider that. I'd also consider reading up on leaning the engine using the CHT guage. There's some great articles out there on how to get the best performance out of the engine whilst still treating the engine well. There's quite a good article here (if a little involved)
  3. SouthPawPaul

    Strange shaking when starting to taxi

    Whenever that happens to me (not in this instance though) I choose the turbulence tab from the camera page and see which of the turbulence settings are being read.
  4. SouthPawPaul

    Push/Pull TPM Throttle

    Thanks. I'd never considered the GoFlight option. I didn't know that Logitech are now controlling Saitek. It'll be interesting to see if things change for the better. Fingers crossed!
  5. SouthPawPaul

    Push/Pull TPM Throttle

    Anyone? Is the problem that I'm cheaping out and I need to spend WAY more money to get what I want?
  6. I know that Saitek have in their catalog a push/pull tpm throttle unit but it seems to be out of stock permanently everywhere I've found so far. I fly 99% light Aircraft. I currently have the standard saitek throttle This works, but I'd love to get a more "authentic" throttle control for light aircraft. Does anyone know of a company that sells such a beast at around the £100 mark?
  7. SouthPawPaul

    Beta 6 is out

    Is that last sentence in your crash screenshot...... "You can prevent this in the future by flying more..........." ".........and attempting to land less"
  8. SouthPawPaul

    My take on voice activated checklists

    Please feel free. It's not the prettiest code
  9. SouthPawPaul

    My take on voice activated checklists

    This project is no longer maintained by me. I've uploaded a zip file of the complete source archive to my Google Drive. Please feel free to downloaded it and upload what you need to the GitHub repository. The application can be downloaded from here and the sample A2A C172 checklist and example audio files can be downloaded here
  10. SouthPawPaul

    What a nightmare!

    The reason there's a real lack of free scenery to download is the huge cost of hosting the massive files. Simheaven used to host a lot of files, but due to the costs of server space and bandwidth he stopped it. This is also the reason why the site uses an ugly java plugin to stop folks from hammering the bandwidth into the ground with download managers.
  11. I don't use either of those planes you've listed, but usually if the plane vendor has used the standard X-Plane GNS unit then you should get a 2D pop out when clicking on the "Glass" of the GPS unit. As far as airports not being as visible, I'm sure I read somewhere that in real life airports aren't normally anywhere near as easy to spot as they are in FSX/P3D.
  12. Holy smokes. That's a work of art!
  13. You guys know that this thread is nearly 4 years old? I'd imagine they've got the answers they were after or have moved on.
  14. anyone know what dataref it's playing with?
  15. AirfoilLabs Cessna 172 Ortho4XP photo scenery World2XPlane GBPro