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ORBX SCA and add-on hubs?

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Do you really want to install some add-on hubs on top of the existing ones in SCA? I'm just wondering why? ORBX SCA is very detailed and very heavy on FPS already on any machine. So why would you want to deteriorate the problem?  


I'm asking myself in the first place. :smile:


I've got them most and I'm not sure yet.


Thanks for the comments.


(TitanX + 6700k @4.7Ghz)



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install some add-on hubs

What is a hub exactly, are you making a reference to Airline hub`s, if you meant  add-on airports then yes it`s worth it, i have KTNP, waiting on the KPSP P3dv3 installer, i also have John Wayne and Catalina Airport and Latin VFR`s KSAN.... if you turn off all the eye candy in SOCAL it`s very acceptable fps in LA and San Diego for me, depends on your system as always.

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How about KLAX, KLAS?


Sounds good, my system can sustain 30 FPS in ORBX SCA.



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well my first attempt using Orbx Socal was a flight from Tuscon to LAX. Over the CA mountains was fine at 30fps until descent into LAX then it dipped into the single digits. I use FSDT LAX.

According to a post I saw by Rob A, we need to tone down the other factors such as Road Traffic, etc. I had AI traffic off because I was on VATSIM.

It was also sunset so probably cost a couple FPS with that.

I run a lower end system than you (GTX 760, 4790k 4.0ghz)

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All of the addon "hubs" were there before Orbx


It's SCA that makes it worse. I can say this because I finally bought it and it is pretty rough in the metro area.


I've got FSDT LAS/LAX, LVFR SNA/SAN, Shez LGB/ONT (LGB is prerty rough on my fps to be honest), S720 CRQ and KNTP.

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Shez KLGB is pretty nice but yes did notice it has some fps issues but I think it may be the lighting.  Landed once during the day and FPS was fine. 


Shez has a KONT?   i'll be looking to download that ASAP. 


Yeah sorry my post seems like its pointing at FSDT LAX which is not the case since I've flown in and out of there for a couple years with no FPS problems unless AI is turned up too high. 


I'm sure its the LA Autogen in Orbx all trying to load in.  Its like tooling over London you'll definitely see the FPS struggle with all the landmarks and buildings. 

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