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As usual, engine is Outerra.

It's been a while since I haven't posted here. A few days ago, user Langdon posted a plugin in Outerra's forums. Using the engine API, this little tool downloads METAR data from the NOAA for the entire world as the engine loads. Then, it grabs the three closest stations from player position and interpolates values to change weather and clouds properties.
It's important to note a few things: first, it's not REX. It's a very basic plugin. Second, Outerra's clouds are still in a very early state, and most importantly there could be only one layer of clouds currently. Yet, it's a really interesting thing, providing a lot more variety in the world. I shared a few pictures in the Outerra AVSIM's sub forum and wolke85 suggested I should post these here. Rather than that, I did some new screenshots from all around the world in a single session. Time of day is not accurate, I was randomly changing the hour to have a better light. Hope you'll enjoy the journey.

Starting in Alaska, in my Talkeetna scenery. First time I see nice conditions here with the weather Plugin




Far away south, Colorado's canyons under a blue sky




Somewhere in Venezuela, clouds are lower, taking over the high forests.




Same location, a Volcano in the background.




Pakistan/India. An Himalayan peak under the first stars (side note: didn't noticed the tile in the left wasn't completely refined).



Most famous Australian rock.




Mt Fuji - Japan.



Norwegian Fjords. Not lying, this one has a fantastic lightning.




Thanks for watching, hope you liked it (same location).


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