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P3D Poor Performance - Please Help!

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First of all, I'm sorry to ask this because I know this has been asked so many times before.


When using P3D v3, with the aerosoft airbus or pmdg 737, I will get around 15fps at best, never above 20 in any situation.


My computer is running an AMD FX-8350 and an ASUS HD7870 graphics card.


I have tried practically every solution I have found and am getting quite desperate now. I will post my .cfg tomorrow, but I just reset it as per a different fix.


I bought a trackir just recently and am so dissapointed that I cant use it well with my sim.


Any help would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance.

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I know nothing about AMD processors so I don't know how good/bad it is. I know FSX doesn't like AMD but I'm not sure about P3D. First 2 questions I would ask you, are A: how far to the right to you have your sliders and B: have you changed anything in your prepar3d.cfg file?

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Well, your biggest problem is that AMD setup. AMD is notoriously bad for the ESP platform and X-Plane too, as their OpenGL drivers are pretty rubbish.


In any case, just make sure you don't use the internal frame rate limiter as that will absolutely kill your FPS, especially in larger planes. 

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Shame about the AMD, it was maibnly because of price. I am not using the internal limiter, but locked to 30 using the AMD crimson software which does help. My sliders are all around the half way mark, but I do find that they make little or no difference.


I didn't know about x plane and amd, was also wondering why that did'nt work but that's not an issue because x plane was only a susbtitute for P3D at the moment...

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