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Which default airports to disable ...

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... when adding Payware Airport Sceneries?


'Evening Gentlemen .... A tad late to the party granted - but - I have finally discovered the delights of Payware Airports. Way back in the heady days of FSX I seem to recall having to disable some .bgl's in order to successfully run UK2000 Manchester. Do the same principles still apply or can I assume that if I give said Airports a higher priority in the Scenery Order then all wil be well?


I am not sure if this is pertinent to the question but I have (FTX) Global, Vector, Europe and all 4 UK (plus Ireland) regions and also use MT6?


I do understand that this topic has probably been discussed ad nauseum in the past but - when you can't find your glasses, then how are you supposed to find this topic in the Fora? [it's an age thing].


As always.... brickbats, abuse and verbal hooliganism will be viewed through the bottom of a Rosé-tinted glass.  ;)



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It depends on the developer. What payware are you using? If done properly with should sit over the defaults. Then just run the vector elevation correction tool and that's that. When using older third party ones I have on a couple of occasions had to remove the orbx England ones but generally everything works.




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Thanks for that Chris. I am looking at the Aerosoft Airports and wondered if there would be any problems or workarounds needed to have them running properly. Obviously not. Cheers mate. 

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You don't need to disable any default airports, for any of the Aerosoft airport (or actually, any other addon airport that I've come across).


The scenery library protocol means that addons always sit above default airports, and only the highest entry would display.

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i would agree that generally you can just install them and if the scenery order is right, then there usually isn't trouble.


i have had a few exceptions, at aerosoft LPMA i had to manually disable the orbx vector file as both the corrected and uncorrected elevations it installs don't play nice with the custom mesh for that place.


there was also one airport where i had to remove the mytraffic6 stuff for that airport.. i cannot remember which one at the moment.. generally it's pretty rare and unless you see something obviously wrong you probably don't have to worry about it



-andy crosby

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there was also one airport where i had to remove the mytraffic6 stuff for that airport.. i cannot remember which one at the moment..


I'm going to guess it was KIAD.  If you have the Flightbeam version, and don't disable the MyTraffic 6 KIAD bgls, you'll get default airport buildings bleeding through the Flightbeam ones.

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