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Beech Baron 58 now available

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Hello Flight Friends,good News for all Pilots! Beech Baron 58 Aircraft Addon now available,converted from FS Tester about Toolkit.

Special Thanks for his much work and all other Guy`s who helped him. For install you need the Toolkit first,here are the Links:


       Toolkit 1.1.28:


       Beech Baron 58 Instructions:


       Beech Baron 58 Addon:!AnlX-fSOb3OagW7FkG6GoOLYHO8d



Have Fun,best regards,Steff

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Just a quick thank you to bergspreu69, and to all who helped bring this Beech Baron 58 to Flight!

I downloaded and installed as instructed, and all went as described. I then fired up Flight to take

it for a trial run, it came up selectable for missions and I choose a short hamburger run, and who do I get to go with me,

none other then the lady I refer to as Nervous Nelly. And I am proud to say I aced it. (lol) I then hunted up a clandestine

flight to see how it would go. I took off and went looking for the law. I had a momentary hit to my right in route, so I

banked right and shortly I was intercepted. After 30 minutes he finely got close enough to get me. I have made this my

primary aircraft to fly from now on.

I wish to express again my very highest appreciation and thank you to all for this.

Sincerely: J. R.

P.S. I will continue to lurk.

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I don,t take as many SS as I use to, but this is all I have at this time.

SS#1 Taken 9-5-2016 T took of a screenshot flaw at Bakersfield Ca. I was on a mission to California City.


SS#2 Taken 9-5-2016 Was a little farther o the mission, and I took it to remind me to look it up to see where it was. This is Porterville Ca.



SS#3 Taken 9-6-2016 On amission from Henderson Nv. to Fullerton Ca. Fall screenshot flaws Orange county Ca. Circled in red is Angel Stadium of Anaheim and in blue is Disneyland.


SS#4 Taken About 6.1nm out, again red & blue circles.


SS#5 Was taken on 6-16-2016 Showing screenshot flaw in summer time. Again red & blue circles.



SS#6 taken 6-16-2016 shows a screenshot flaw at Henderson Nv. summer time.



SS#7 Taken 9-6-2016 Taking off from Fullerton (KFUL) on a night mission. Fall screenshot.



SS#8 & 9 Taken 9-7-2016 Departing Las Vegas on a night mission.





SS#10 Taken 9-9-2016 with my GTX 550ti of Hearst Castle and then with my new installed GTX 760 video card, for comparison.




P.S. I hope they get the radios working in the near future.

My best to all.

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Hi Jack,

The radios are working. You have to use the checklists for now. I think it is option 3- "Radio and navigation controls"

When you go into the checklist, you have to control each function by repeatedly pressing/ holding down the 1 button - this will increment the checklist option. Then press 3 (Next Item) to cycle through the remaining options.


Have a play with that when you are on the ground. :wink:


I think it was difficult for FS-Tester to implement this in this model since the screen numbers & knobs weren't animated = no contol via the mouse.




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Thanks Kavinda, I went back into bergspreu69,s post and read the "Beech Baron 58 Instructions" again completely (lol) and sniped the instructions so I would have them close at hand. :blush:

By any chance do you know where I can find the file to edit "Trim: Nose Down, and Trim: Nose Up". I have these mapped to a rocker switch on my Yoke and they over compensate for me?

Thanks again and all my best to you and yours, and to all! :smile:

J. R.

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Hi Jack,


I'm not entirely sure if this should work, but you could try adjusting some values in the standard.xml file.

It should be under the following path:



Try looking for "pitch" in there and adjust some decimal values. Save the file and reboot Flight.

I don't know exactly what value you need to change - you'll need to experiment with it... :unknw:




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These are the different views I have with the Beach Baron 58.


First is Cockpit view tilted down a little.


Switch view.


Right Seat view.


Free look.


Chase view.


Right wheel.


Top down.



And now for a little humor, I came up with a clandestine job from Benton Field (O85) to Red Bluff (KRBL)

It had me taking off on runway 15, but knowing it only 26.+nm to KRBL I knew that LE would probably on me right after takeoff. So I decide to takeoff on in the opposite direction on 33. As I am about to pull on to the runway 33 my co-pilot spots the LE plane, but only lasted a couple of seconds. I takeoff and bank to my right and after a couple of minutes he gets a lock on me. He gets to within .5nm of me, but I manage to extend that to 1.2nm and being he is behind me and it 8nm to the airport I make a run for it and make it. I’m half way down the runway when I see him pass from left to right in front of me very low and it looks like he goes into the trees. These are the SS I took when I turned my plane in that direction to have a look.


Here, I am taxing over the fence to have a closer look. As you can see he just to the right of that big tree.


He is like a pit bull trying to get at me through the fence. As I taxi by his nose, he follows me along the fence.



I taxi to parking.


Mission completed.



I will try to do this again at an airport without a fence to see what will happens.

A good day to all!


This plane is already listed as my favorite plane to fly.

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Hey Tom,

I am curious, The "Top down. " SS above was taken as I departed KLAX 7L and you can see a number of scenery flaws. Do you in see them also when flying in that area?


Wish a good day to you and yours.  J.R.

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Hi J.R.,


Yes indeed.  On approach to LAX, heading 250, there is a large square lake where Hollywood Park used to be, ( in August.)  Flown in September, this "lake" is covered with icebergs.

I noticed several other square lakes to the east also.  Truly Climate Change on a large scale!


Good day to you too J.R.,


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They did some funky stuff with the water classes in Alaska to get the various types of icy water, and I wouldn't be surprised if it had unwanted consequences for the rest of the world.

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Thanks all, just wanted make sure it wasn't my computer, it's getting old like me.

My best to all! :smile:

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